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  1. RoyceC


    That is closer to reality than we realize. I thought "1984" was bad. The ads that show up on your phone geared to your recent activities... "something" is watching
  2. I remember the "wire"... used to walk to the games back in the day when walking was fun. Whenever I visit now more and more of the old Warrington is gone.
  3. That sounds right on. It's still a higher percentage than my lottery picks.
  4. Once again they have shown that predicting the weather is more a game of chance than a science. Predicted 17" with the storm lasting from 6am yesterday to 4am this morning. Actually snowed from noonish yesterday till around10pm or so...total around 10". Took a pic but can't import it.
  5. Every time I start to print from my laptop I get a box saying "not ready". The document joins the queue. I have unplugged...plugged...rebooted....changed the ink...prayed to Buddha....Do I need a new printer??
  6. Cold I guess...put it on and you're warmer...take it off and you get arrested.
  7. Too old for the sledding bit now. Will be indoors all day. Will try the pics if I can figure it out.
  8. If we get the foot and a half tmrw...it will make 4 feet this winter.
  9. As a postscript we are expecting 17" of snow tmrw.
  10. The weather here is very confusing. Snow one day...Sun and. 70 Fahrenheit the next...followed by 4 days of rain. Memory ?? Try getting from the living room into the kitchen and forgetting why you did it.
  11. Hi all....I have not been on this site for ages. I don't know if anyone will remember me from when I was on before. My name is Royce Coe...Warrington born and raised. Living now in Connecticut, USA. After several medical issues I hope to become more active. Nice to be back.
  12. A friend asked me how many fingers I had on both hands put together and told me to count my thumbs. I said "10" Duh .... He said no ... you have 11 Of course I said ?????????????? My friend said ... You say 10? ... Let's use 10 and count down. Using his left hand he counted down,,,, 19 - 9 - 8 - 7 - 6 and 5 on your right hand make 11.
  13. Well, well, my fingers will tire before I am done, but ... Drivers who turn without indicators. texting and talking on phones. using the car as a beauty salon while driving. drivers who sit behind me honking their horn because I am obeying the "no turn on red" sign, That will do for now.
  14. I got my GCEs from Lymm in 1962. I am looking for (2) classmates who would have left Lymm either in 1962/1963. They are "Harvey Thornton" and "Peter Maddock", the latters' family once owned the Maddock funeral home in Stockton Heath. Can anyone put me in touch with them?
  15. Addictions, like drinking, are never cured, they are merely put on hold until the individual decides to drink again. In a case like this, revoke the privilege of driving for life and lock the offender away (with no option for early release), for as long as it takes for a "panel" to agree that he/she have "changed their ways". This is not a cure either, but with Justice systems being what they are, it is probably the best that can be done. We have had instances of "drunk drivers" being back on the road and still licensed and killing again, Is this the "addicted's) problem or the systems?
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