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  1. Hey all, As you can probably tell by the name i am from foreign descent. Well to be honest im Pakistani. I am in England studying whilst staying at relatives. I am in the town with a cousin and someone shouted Paki at me... i waved and shouted thank you .. big mistake ...... the person who shouted at me suddenly went mad .. swearing and calling .... my cousin was even worse calling them racists as well as swearing at them as well as me... VERY CONFUSED !! When i have been to different countries i am a Paki ( Short for Pakistan ) . The country before i came here was Australia , in the news it refers to the Pakistani cricket team as " The Pakis " Am i offended ? No , for a number of reasons In my language " Paki " means beautiful Pakistan or Pakistanis are not a race ... Negros, Caucasians, Latinos, Asians, Arabs.....these are races Surely for something to deemed "racist" has to be linked to the route word "race" Why apologise for using abbreviated words such as "Paki" for Pakistani? According to dictionaries online (in this case - the Merriam-Webster Dictionary).....racist is termed as..... - "Racial prejudice or discrimination" How is calling someone "beautiful" in their own language being prejudiced or discriminatory? It further confuses me when i hear other terms in the media as well as daily life such as Afghans, Ruskis, Serbs , Croats, Poles, Scots ... which are acceptable. I have come to my own conclusion that it is British Pakistanis which deem this offensive as well as governments ,media and people trying to look cool because they are diverse..... England has a lot going for it but sometimes she loves to shoot herself in the foot. A bit long winded i know. Just something i find weird.
  2. Are you an immigrant Lt Kije ?
  3. Surely you do not think that there will not be civilian deaths ? Aerial bombing? There will always be civilian deaths, on both sides. A lot has to do with media. As in that the rebels go in shooting , ah romantic freedom fighters, but when the rebels get killed they become all of a sudden " civilians " How many civilian deaths does it take to get rid of a dictator ?
  4. I am not taking sides here. I do believe USA took the right stance and blew him to bits. Reading a lot of posts on this and other forums seems a lot of people are against the americans. Maybe right maybe wrong ... but at least they go and kill their terrorists rather than invite them to sit in government on taxpayers money , even though they bluntly refused to swear allegiance.
  5. Malik

    Apathy Rules

    I am one of the unwashed .. although i do not drink lol In my ward it was either lab,lib or con. I have never met any of them, none of them bothered to knock on my door. If they do not bother why should i? Same motorway different cars
  6. Ah ok .... So am i right in thinking St.George is not a " real " patron saint ? Or is it that the English do not want one ?
  7. Hi all, My name is Malik and i have joined today. On joining your site i had to electronically sign a declaration that i am 13 yrs or older. If that is the case it must mean that children can join. Do the moderators have to have a check on them as they may be dealing with children or vunerable people? If not do you think they should? Only wondering as it coincides with my studies
  8. Why does your birth country not celebrate its patrons?
  9. We always say never trust a stranger if he doesnt trust you
  10. Havent actually had one , due to my religion , but i do believe each rib contains 26g of fat and are 500 calories each ... Hope you did not eat the 6 in one go lol
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