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  1. ... and you have that largely because of your proximity to the big green space that's in danger of some unsympathetic shrinking.
  2. @AdrianR To be fair to culedude, you took this discussion to the personal level by introducing the 'nimby' term. I have nothing to do with this action group, mainly because I agree with you that everything should be out in the big wide world and not confined to facebook. The action group has done this to an extent, but IMHO any information and discussion on facebook is losing some of its value before it hits the screen. I live far enough from Gullivers World to be neither a nimby nor likely to be affected by any predicted house price drop as a result of the development. Am fully aware of the gap in the roundabout for the projected new road and its long history. Am aware too of our existing traffic problems and fail to see how boosting the usage of GW will improve flow one jot while the existing bottlenecks on Cromwell Avenue continue in place. From a regular park user's point of view, the development stinks. You don't appear to like the park in its current form. Plenty of us can see it's an amenity that doesn't need to be managed to within an inch of its life. Nor does that amenity and its current paths need to be handed over mostly for the benefit of a commercial outfit with little regard for the opinion of the existing users. There is no doubt this project arrived at this point by stealth relative to its importance. WBC has form in carefully posed consultations to as few people as it can get away with. You could perhaps check the aerial view of the park on google maps, the projected footprint of the development, then zoom out until you see the whole of Warrington. It affects a huge proportion of the woodland and usable green space within the borough, and consequently would be a loss to those of us who appreciate such things. To lose that and all it means for the sake of some profit to GW brought in by mostly daytrippers who are unlikely to make use of much of the rest of the town is a disgrace.
  3. This gives an idea of the scale of the thing: http://www.savesankeyvalleypark.com/?page_id=88
  4. Shame this topic hasn't aroused that much interest on these boards. You'd expect it to matter to a large proportion of the people living in north and west Warrington. And for those not directly affected it would at least be illuminating in the way the council does things. Stealthy development, arm's length as much as possible, fingerprints of the usual suspects all over it (check Warrington and Co.) Sorry to rant on first post, just seems an opportunity missed in the discussion above...
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