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  1. Has SHa left the building ?????????

  2. I've quoted some of the adverse comments (2012) regarding the happenings related to the Bewsey Old Hall development. At the time I thought that Urban Splash were the White Knight to save the Old Hall and criticism was a bit over the top,harsh even. However events since then have laid bare what the reality is aided and abetted by a uselessly out manoeuvred planning enforcement regime at Warrington Borough Council. The Planning Inspectorate approved the development with specific conditions related to bat protection and wild life concerns, as the enabling development of 48 apartments was to be built in thriving woodland. The Planning Inspector was concerned that Urban Splash, the appellant, would build the 48 apartments,which were to finance the renovation and save the Old Hall , so stipulated that the renovation and the enabling build would proceed concurrently. This has not happened 10 years on the enabling site has only recently been fenced off, completely blocking a right of way which has existed since 1976, but no building is likely to commence and the planning permission has been passed to another company,"The Next Big Thing". . It's probable that a completely different application will be submitted for an entirely different build. Other conditions applied to the approval were the establishment of a heritage trail to give access to local people,replacing the Ranger Station which was burned out(along with the bats) The Heritage Trail and Ranger station have not been provided(conditional before occupation of the Old Hall) . In fact the Old Hall is now a gated residence accessed by electronic gates and other accesses to the moated area have been locked off. Until recently the Ranger Station was still signposted to the Old Hall but the Land Trust recently removed all sign post to it and also other features which used to exist within Sankey Valley Park. These questions have been raised with Parish Councillors/Planning Enforcement without satisfactory outcome.Urban Splash have managed to wriggle out of the sweeteners offered in order to get the approval and have banked a prestige development before passing on the enabling development which they didn't really want.
  3. Charles Bluck is the footpath czar gathering names of users who may be asked to provide statements at a later date cbluck@warrington.gov.uk
  4. It's a long time since I was on here and I'd like to say that it was easy to pitch up again but found it very difficult to get to grips with the format upgrade since last I was here. The Urban Splash 48 apartment enabling development related to the Bewsey Old Hall has been ongoing since 2005 but only gained final approval by Government Inspector in 2009. Since then the site has been a shambles but latest activity has resulted in a local footpath described in the approval as a public right of way has been closed. The footpath is a continuation of Bewsey Farm Close, that's adjacent to the Maltings, and gives access to Bewsey Park and also to Ladies Walk Wood. It was highlighted on Warrington World Wide on Tuesday. Charles Bluck is gathering witness statements fron people who can say that they used the footpath regularly so it can be included in the WBC inventoryof footpaths. Urban Splash were the original developer but this changed ? I hope that forumeers will support this foot path, which was laid by Warrington New Town in the 70's and has been in continuous use ever since, by contacting Mr Bluk as listed below. Needless to say the longer and more often you have used it the better.you have used it the better. Contact is: cbluk@warrington.gov.uk
  5. During the week letter boxes in Orford were stuffed with leaflets advising the a waste disposal site is to be opened up on the old gas works site off the A49 The site will take black bin and green bin waste. no further information. Can't be true surely? Fake News perhaps?
  6. Looks as if its full stink ahead as planning application to fence off the area has been approved yesterday
  7. During the week letter boxes in Orford were stuffed with leaflets advising the a waste disposal site is to be opened up on the old gas works site off the A49 The site will take black bin and green bin waste. no further information. Can't be true surely? Fake News perhaps?
  8. Light pollution from domestic premises can be a "statutory nuisance" (act 2005) covered by Environmental Services street lighting was exempted from the act. Complainants have to rely on lack of best practise by council to gain any satisfaction.
  9. The lighting project is completed in Old Hal and the "light trespass" from light spill/back light is horrendous across my garden and bedrooms . Is anyone else experiencing this problem like this?
  10. This guy's face appears whenever fiscal wizadry hits the front page of local rags or WBC once again pass out the begging bowl to squeeze more cash for less from the rate payers.
  11. I see that both Warrington MP's have expressed concern at the prospect of WBC's intentions of speculating in a private bank. Further reading of their proposal reveals that there will not be a boardroom position for WBC as they have no one who meets the qualifications required. This begs the question of why Mr Russ Bowden has been able to push this proposal through the council exec ???? There is no guarantee that the MSE's who might benefit will be in Warrington, so any job opportunitied might likely be somewhere else in the country. This decision to go ahead with the inveetment stinks. Perhaps someone with the know how could "crowd fund" a legal challenge to this scary idea
  12. I read in Warrington Worlwide that WBC are enthusiastically engaged in becoming a part owner of a private bank which will require an investment of 30 million pounds. Why ??????????? If they have a cool ten million pounds a year to speculate I suggest it would be better invested in maintaining services to the community which are becoming less and more expensive year on year. How come they can find such amounts of money when they are always moaning about cuts of funding from central government. Boris 1066
  13. Can someone illuminate me as to why perfectly satisfactory street lights are being replaced in Callands and Old Hall ??
  14. I've still restrained myself from reading previous posts. I'm sick of the EU, I don't care what a lame duck American President, whose achieved very little, apart from his golf handicap, has to say on a matter that has got absolutely nothing to do with the USA. Vote OUT and get our country back from a bunch of unelected officials.
  15. I haven't read any of the previous postings but really anoyed at the scary stuff the Government shoved through my door this morning. I consider it junk mail but on this occasion I have an address I can send back to. Joanna George, FREEPOST RSB-XRZT-ZTXE The Consevative Party Foundation, 30 Millbank, London SW1 4DP
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