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  1. A newly married young couple were very keen to become members of an obscure church. They were interviewed by the pastor, who was impressed by their sincerity, but went on to describe one final test to confirm their acceptance. "In order to prove that you are prepared to put the church above all else, you must refrain from any sort of sexual liaison for the next month. Are you both sure you can do this?" "It won't be easy" they replied, "but we are sure we can do it". "In that case" said the pastor, "come back and see me in a month and we can bestow full membership on you both".
  2. Terruta


    Thanks to everyone for responding. The photos of the factory just before demolition are quite sad, probably because I remember it when it was in it's heyday and thriving. Thanks also Evil Sid for the photos of personnel etc. I'm afraid I don't recognize anyone in them. I think they may have been taken before my time there. I do remember Charlie Harris. He had a permanent smile and you're right about the cigars, although I had forgotten that until I read your posting. I heard a long time ago that Greenings were taken over by Johnson & Firth Brown (who have also long since ceased t
  3. Terruta


    I used to work at Greenings from 1960 to 1972, mostly in the offices. I've been out of touch for 40 years, and I don't really know what exactly happened to Greenings. I assume they went bust one way or the other, but for some reason there appears to be very little information online. I used to know Frank Fearnley, Joe Bramhall, Dave Griffiths, Neil Thomas, Ted Pester, Norman Borst, to name just a few. I also remember some of the bosses, eg John Ivill, John Davey and so on. I've lived in Nottingham for the past 40 odd years and very little information percolates over here from Warrin
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