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    The UK

    Salmond wants Scotland, as an independent nation, to adopt the disaster currency (the Euro), and still be part of the EU.
  2. Im not too keen on nuclear power, as it produces waste with hideous half lifes. What would be better is to restart the coal industry, and generate power via coal (the technology is there to scrub out the nasties, carbon dioxide is nothing more than plant food) there is alot of talk on Thorium reactors (no harmful waste), who knows http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thorium#Thorium_as_a_nuclear_fuel
  3. I believe Electric vehicles are a fantastic idea, and WBC is on the ball with this one, but I wonder.... Currently our energy policy is hell bent on replacing reliable energy sources with useless windmills. So useless that it is not economically viable for energy companies to build and operate wind turbines under normal market conditions, so have to have Government grants of ?300,000 per turbine to build, and to artifically add extra costs onto energy bills. Bearing this in mind, since capacity is dropping, and demand increasing, electric vehicles will be a commonplace in a few years time, but there will be no electricity to keep them running! Revenue from fuel duty runs into the billions per annum for the treasury, once nearly everyone abandons conventional engines for electric, the cynic in me tells me that the government will recoup the money somehow, so they will probably introduce "road" tax for electric vehicles, and add a duty for electricity used for road use. so my estimation is that electricity wont be there half the time, and the other half it will be very expensive, sorry to be the b**tard on this subject, but once a great idea becomes popular, the government will try to cash in on it.
  4. Does that include the service sector? There is definitley a decline in "heavy Industry" (i.e making cars, manufacturing steel, etc) but a increase in the service sector (call centres, office based stuff, etc) If there was a massive decline in all types of industry then I darnt stroll around town in my work uniform as I would get lynched
  5. Indeed, why "paki" is considered racist I will never know, like why describing someones skin colour as brown is "racist", while describing a negro as "black" is perfectly acceptable I must admit I darnt describe someone as "paki" (Pakistani) or "brown skined" for being branded a "racist", its newspeak at work! the idiot who shouted at you and your cousin probably wanted to offend you, but ofcourse you took it as a compliment, which is the best way
  6. The origin of regional assemblies (9 in England, 3 in Scotland, Wales, and N. Ireland) came from the real government in the EU. Northwest, Northeast, etc are Euro regions, Ofcourse Britain has been regionalised for many years with counties, I asked an EU employee in strasbourg why regionlise our country when there are counties, he diddnt give a satisfactory answer but thats for another topic. I personally believe in a devolved system, I think there should be "english only days" in westminster (no multi millions needed to build an english parl) simply to discuss english only issues, the other "kingdoms" have it, so why not England? the power given should be more than council level, but less than national level, if scotland wants to govern themselves then ofcourse it should be decided in a free and fair referendum, But Alex Salmond and the SNP want at the same time to be subservient to the EU, and to adopt the failed Euro, is that really independence?
  7. Ricky

    Thank you

    Yes the tories were very pleased with us
  8. Ricky

    Apathy Rules

    local services (bin collections, waste, busses), potholes, broken lamp posts, traffic planning, that sort of thing. Basically all the small, niggly stuff central government wont bother with. Basically people dont bother because to the masses, "Politician" is synominous with "expenses" . "your all the same" is not an uncommon saying as well. I disagree with compulsory voting simply because it is hypocritical to force someone to vote. If people dont want to vote/cant be arsed then thats completely up to them.
  9. Probably, the Pension liabilities take the debt to 4 trillion according to the tax payers alliance. changing the pensions to be inline with private sector pensions, while keeping the old system for existing employees is the best way to go IMO.
  10. Probably, they will have to kiss bye bye to all this wonderful stuff such as free care for the elderly, free prescriptions, and free university (funded by the English, which get none of these). If the Scots want it then let them have it, the people have spoke! At least it will end the West lothian Question and the Barnet formula.
  11. Ricky

    Apathy Rules

    I believe the USSR used to do that with vodka, since there was only 1 party ever standing, whats the point of voting? so they gave free vodka to any voter. If your not happy with any of the candidates, then in my opinion it is better to spoil the paper/post a blank paper, than not turn up. The candidates get to see the spoilt/blank paper. If several hundered spoilt/blank papers turn up per ward instead of the usual 20-odd then it should make the candidates think
  12. Ricky

    Near miss!

    He got everything wrong, in my short 22 years on this planet ive survived several "Nostradamus scares". I even remember watching a Nostradamus night special on channel 4 when the world was going to end in 1998 If a collision is immiment, as soon as its discovered it would be kept top secret, simply for this reason, If the government did manage to send Bruce Willis up there, and alter its course (no nukes, the resultant pieces will be radioactive, and kill us that way) then there will be simply no economy left, and many would die from riots and violence if they announced it a year before. Right now they could be sending a mission to an astroid thats due to strike next week
  13. Thank you all who have voted for either myself, James, or Derek (UKIP). This was the first locals for us (and first ever election for me), and it wont be the last (although im sure some wish it was ) Again, thanks, your support was much appreciated.
  14. Right, I spoke to James on count night, Stated the concern of the leaflet, and more or less said it was an error of judgement. I 100% agree with yourself PJ, the claims was false, and you were very correct in raising the issue with myself and Derek. If wild claims are distributed next election, then I will certainly argue the toss with my collegues. Honisty is most certainly the best policy in my books, and I would hate to see UKIP decend into regularly distributing lies and spin. Cheers.
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