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  1. Not at warrington-worldwide we don't - the cover of our January issue is testimony to that and we always enjoy reporting on the good things teenagers do. Haha absolutely! Tom is a close friend, I was really happy for him!
  2. Baz J A lot of what you said in that post was true and your youth club sounded great, but as a teenager I object to such a sweeping generalisation. So many teenagers would and do have that kind of respect for elders but are never given the chance because in the media and in forums like this we are stereoptyped as hoodied ASBOs. If adults contuinually pigeon hole teenagers like this resentment between the old and young will escalate, incidentally, this leads back to Toms original point-It is youth workers that many teenagers respect, often they come from similar backgrounds, similar social situations and never make judgements on the youth that they work with. I know it is a familiar point that I am making but pick up a newspaper and see for yourselves: if a 21 year old does something good, they are called man or woman, if a 21 year old does something bad they are known as a youth.
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