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  1. The Despot is dead -

    No wonder Ian Smith declared independence in 1965 ,he must have had a good idea of what was in store for the future of Rhodesia.
  2. Thinking it through ?

    Seeing as all your details are linked by computer you would expect the job of catching tax, insurance & MOT dodgers to be a piece of cake. Maybe the knowledge is there but there aren't enough troops on the ground to deal with the matter.
  3. To complement the new car park ,dear boy !
  4. I would think a short stay car park with ANPR cameras in the town centre would really fleece the motorists , err sorry,be an excellent business opportunity & a great use of the land.
  5. Travel ?

    Apparently, tramadol is the current recreational drug in Egypt. I remember a case a few years ago where a British woman was arrested for taking Ibuprofen into Egypt.
  6. PC out of control ?

    If you choose to believe so, take your pick . I will ,however, be lying in the sun for the next couple of weeks . ttfn !
  7. PC out of control ?

    It wasn't actually a suggestion ,it was meant more as an observation of the situation that seems to be arising lately in the seedy world of social media where particularly unpleasant types can inflict mental anguish on their victims by technical wizardry. Cyber bullying can involve matters of sex, race ,sexual orientation ,the list being seemingly endless. I could even make a non pc comment about mixed working environments but as that would not be pc i will refrain from doing so.
  8. PC out of control ?

    Are you the local bulldog that latches on to the next available cause. What has religion & segregation of different religions got to do with a topic that is/was about sexual harassment ?
  9. PC out of control ?

    Just a suggestion Sid .
  10. PC out of control ?

    Yes ,& when you think about the matter temptation is a two headed monster with it being just as easy for a "victim" to post a load of rubbish on social media then having to follow allegations up with lies & deceit & even police involvement to save face. Think about it....it could save a lot of trouble.
  11. 54 years later & the world in general is still no wiser about who did for JFK. My money is on an inside job. The cold war bargaining chips of the USSR were generally British business men & U2 pilots to try & discredit espionage attempts by the west. The Cuban missile crisis seemed to be the zenith of Russia 's cold war overseas aggression & i can't believe if they had got a line on the President that they would clumsily silence the perpetrator of their international gambit. I think such a coup would be something to shout from the rooftops of the Kremlin.
  12. PC out of control ?

    Perhaps we are entering the age of gender neutrality Obs where offence will not be given or taken. It will soon be revealed why all applications forms start with seemingly intrusive but irrelevant questions about ethnicity & sexual orientation.
  13. PC out of control ?

    There was an article the other day about a banker who had put doctored photos on facebook of a former colleague & the object of his desires who had spurned his advances. It makes you wonder if maybe temptation in these cases could be removed by having male & female staff in different parts of an office building to avoid awkward situations. Obviously it would be more suitable in larger companies with more office space.
  14. Brexit's losers -

    It seems the desperation stakes are now taking an even bigger twist with Tusk talking about the referendum result being reversible & the UK being welcome to stay. We have arch warmonger ex PM calling for another referendum & just to add publicity to their cause Gina Miller has been voted most influential black person. For our own salvation the UK needs to just walk away & watch the whole sorry mess implode.
  15. Homage to Catalonia -

    Perhaps Ms Sturgeon will try & get some SNP candidates registered for the next elections.
  16. Universal Benefit ?

    The main problem seems to be that claimants lose all benefits from day one of their Universal claim & have to survive for up to six weeks on fresh air unless they have savings.
  17. Universal Benefit ?

    Universal benefit is an evil in society & i am basically a Tory. Any benefit which deprives individuals or families of up to six weeks in payments can't be good for society. I am one of the first to say that the lame ,lazy & workshy should be put back into work but this Universal Credit is, in my mind, more likely to lead to debt,reliance on loan sharks & criminal activity,especially leading up to Christmas. Six weeks pay is a lot to lose & i find it hard to believe that 250,000 jobs will be filled by the introduction of this tax on living. What next,the workhouse ?
  18. Training Shoe Referbishment

    Inserts are also available on prescription for plantar fasciitis that support the feet in the required places .
  19. Training Shoe Referbishment

    You could probably find a replacement pair cheap enough of even have a look in Tesco recycling bins for a replacement.
  20. Brexit's losers -

    Even the OECD is now sticking it oar in suggesting a refendum to reverse the "leave " vote would be a good idea.
  21. Training Shoe Referbishment

    I used to just get a floor tile ,cut it to shape & push it inside the shoe ,job done.
  22. Brexit's losers -

    I don't know if anyone saw the last programme in the Simon Reeve series on Russia...there was an interesting statement made by a Russian farmer about the sanctions imposed by the EU over the Crimea. He said that although prices had risen the sanctions have given Russian farming & food production a shot in the arm.
  23. ONS.

    Indeed !
  24. ONS.

    The system needs reform if possible. We need to get as many as possible of our 16 hour a week plus benefits people back into full time hours of work & the companies that are relying on the cheap labour of these immigrants need to get real by getting some Brits back into work on proper contracts for proper wages. Every unnecessary benefit paid out is a drain on the prosperity & resources of this country & any immigrants who are not benefitting the UK should be got rid of tout de suite. Time to get these hangers on out of the UK & let the benificent EU look after its own under its socialist umbrella as our negotiators tell them what to do with their "deal" .
  25. Police priorities ?

    And who will even consider suing the members of the Asian paedophile gangs who have been operating in northern towns ? Most likely a case of "no chance,no claim". A sniff of filthy lucre in these cases really is a great driver.