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  1. Of course, i forgot the massive windfall of tax that would jingle in the chancellor's pockets.
  2. There is a suggestion now that Ken Clark & Harriet Harman could lead a unity government ,eagerly supported by the publicity hungry Ms Swinson.
  3. I think another way of looking at softening attitudes towards drugs is that decriminalisation will eventually lead to the end of criminal gang involvement. How much crime is drug related ?
  4. Jezza really does wear a coat of many colours. Whichever gets him closer to number 10 ,the man appears to have no principles.
  5. Davy51


    I must say ,i had a clear out a few days ago. I started with reorganising my wardrobe & drawer space & managed to find a small piece of cardboard packaging to get rid of ,the clothes will get further use . Mrs Davy was amazed !
  6. Davy51

    Papas Chip Shop

    Had some lovely sit down fish & chips at the Dolphin chipper in Southport yesterday ,Sunday .
  7. What is amazing is that all these climate change facts are "proved" from records that only go back about 200 years when the earth has been around for billions of years. I should imagine the earth's cyclic changing tilt on it's axis will affect the climate periodically. Maybe we are just travelling through earth's natural cycle over which we have & never will have control.
  8. I think i would be one of the first to the humane killer.
  9. We seem to be in the jaws of a full frontal assault on animal farming & meat consumption from the vegetarian & save the planet brigade. Apparently ,meat consumption leads to global warming & eventual destruction of the planet. Surely ,there is plenty of arid land in the world that could be irrigated ,even by desalinated water to provide this shortfall in vegetation. It must be within the capabilities of world powers to find a solution which would also make many countries self sufficient in food & less reliant on charitable payments ,at the same time giving them a place on world markets. If ,as we are told ,sea levels are rising due to global warming ,what better way to use that water than by reclaiming some of the world's deserts for food production & reforestation to combat the effects of global warming ?
  10. Cold callers ....just start asking them security questions & they soon get off the line.
  11. Davy51

    Glasses Repair

    An old favourite of my dads was insulation tape ,but i think most opticians will replace a screw.
  12. Davy51


    Women are not like us . We can get many years out our favourite jumper .
  13. I had a prior engagement on cup final day but ,what the heck ,all arranged now. Come on you Mighty Wire !
  14. Car parking spaces aren't big enough. I struggle with a Fiesta because i need to open my door fully to get in & out. Impossible if there is a Chelsea tractor in the next space.
  15. It would be interesting to know if modern warfare is subject to H &S legislation. All warring parties given safe systems of work.
  16. The Falklands should have been the only lesson we ever needed .
  17. I suppose i could be classed as being in negative equity . I am with esure & pay about £27 / month which is, ironically, more than my old Ford is worth.
  18. I have kept following the cheapest quotes over the last few years & changing accordingly & ,ironically ,it is sometimes cheaper to get fully comp than third party f&t. I don't know whether it is a spin off of cheaper quotes but your policy will not always cover "any vehicle" just any car so if you borrow your mate's van you won't be insured.
  19. Apparently overtaken drink related deaths.
  20. There are 2 more episode to that Obs .
  21. Cows are meant to munch grass ,not more digestible food stuff. Surprised they are not working on robotic cows that don't eat or produce meat but give loads of milk.
  22. One near York as well ,i believe . There certainly must enough roof space available in Warrington to avoid a green field site.
  23. Davy51


    The bloke would be more credible if he didn't hide behind at least one assumed name.
  24. Wouldn't the DWP doctor be more concerned about stopping the benefits of the person whose gender was on official records & would address the person accordingly.
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