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  1. Is this deal anything like the ones for Canada & Norway ?
  2. You know, they could make a new game show out of the shenanigans ,just like a re hash of Jeux san frontieres ,Boris could take over the Eddie Waring compere role with Chairman Jezza doing the Stuart Hall part.
  3. .....aurieolas sounds like a good word.
  4. Apparently, matters are getting fraught , angry commuters dragging anarchists from underground train roofs because they want to get to work etc. Perhaps these nerds should head off to the sub continent where they can travel on the roofs of rail carriages all day long.
  5. Surely, if Boris gets a deal which is then vetoed by the enemies of the state he will still have complied with the court ruling & can be free to walk away with an unratified deal in place.
  6. Apparently, they are taking legal action because their civil liberties to protest are being disrupted by the police. They don't seem bothered about infringing the rights of the public to go about their lives unhindered.
  7. Even as far as car engines go then ? Should be good for that.
  8. Surely, the best form of propulsion then should be Hydrogen ,available in every drop of water ,clean & needs no dirty polluting fossil fuels or dirty power stations to produce the electricity to power the transport.
  9. I walked through there quite a few times as a kid ,with my Mum & Dad ,when we used to go on cheap day excursions from Bank Quay. They were like the lucky dip of the railway world.
  10. Davy51


    Your photos were very memory jogging ,Algy ,& i think most people on here appreciated your efforts.
  11. We went to Croatia a few years after the war had finished & i must say the news reports on the war showed some very picturesque places which is what prompted us to give it a try.
  12. The Kurds have been in the frontline of the west's war against Isis & deserve at least some protection against the Turks . Don't forget Turkey is also at loggerheads with Greece over Cyprus. Apart from being terrorist, i'm sure that the Kurds were also regarded as freedom fighters in the dark days of Isis.
  13. It is disgraceful of Trump to have abandoned the Kurds after they have done much of the west's dirty work against Isis.
  14. Yes , i think they were based in either Forster St or Dudley St.
  15. When you consider that Bojo was exposed to the workings of the courts for proroguing Parliament ,his interruption to the Parliamentary business schedule is nothing compared to the business lost because of the spoiling tactics of Remain MPs delaying the implementation of a democratic vote in favour of leaving the EU.
  16. Did she get a selfie as she sizzled i wonder ?
  17. Davy51

    Bus Company

    Warrington buses are much more inviting than their Arriva counterparts . The town really does deserve a comprehensive evening & late night bus service though, but the damage was done to public transport with deregulation during the nineties which made the goal of bus companies profits instead of service providers to all.
  18. He used to push it most of the time Dizzy ,round Orford.
  19. Irrespective of leave or remain, when it comes to a general election Labour could stick red rosettes on a field of cabbages & dyed in the wool Labour supporters would vote them into Parliament . We could finish up with Jezza by the back door route into No 10.
  20. Obviously a well kept access route for what should be a piece Warrington history !?
  21. We got back from Fuertaventura late last night & there were TC hotels shut down there. The locals were bemoaning the lack of customers , but we did manage to see a newly liveried ,post bail out Thomas Cook plane back on the tarmac in F/ventura as we were boarding our flight. I think this whole episode could well be a ploy to slim down the company into its profitable parts & probably re emerge as an internet only outfit. You would really expect the good burghers of Brussels to be all over failing travel companies when much of the financial health of EU sunshine states depends on tourism.
  22. I am surprised the British government is being asked for a bail out ,it is a German owned company now. No doubt it will come back as an internet booking company with no High St shops & solar electric aircraft.
  23. I was reading a news article a couple of weeks ago about a shrinking glacier in Alaska. Alarming maybe, but it also stated that this glacier has been disappearing since 1750. There certainly would have been no man made causes about then .
  24. Too true Asp . What next ,the beatification of Ms Thunberg ?
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