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  1. Peace in our time ?

    I think it is frightening that we have two such crack pots with their fingers on the nuclear trigger.
  2. A perspective on immigration

    I have said this before Asp. There must be enough good will & technology in the world to make many ,if not all ,of these basket case countries prosperous & viable trading partners. On the other hand ,maybe it is a ploy of certain governments to keep other countries poor in order to exploit desperate migrants & employ them for a pittance. Perhaps the term "economic migration" is favoured more by big business than the migrants themselves.
  3. Can't get the staff -

    British working class society has been pushed on the scrap heap for getting on for 40 years. Every government has dodged the issue of rising unemployment & the need to get people back into work & contributing to the national purse. One of the biggest scams, in the name of reducing dole figures, has been to move people off job seekers & onto another benefit ,whether long term sickness or 16 hours a week work + top up benefits. The short sightedness of all recent governments has left a massive hole in the skills market & an idle workforce that is unemployable while leaving a wide open door for employers to bring labour in from abroad at lower rates.
  4. £10k for millenials ?

    3 of our five kids are more than happy to live off benefits,have done for years & are now entering middle age & i can't see them ever working, they are just not interested unless the benefit stops for some reason. On the other hand ,the grand kids are all card carrying members of society & in full time jobs.
  5. Manx Arms

    The developer has planning permission to build a 10 bedroom multi occupancy house apparently. I suppose there are a few uses a building like that could be put to. Perhaps a hostel or a knocking shop even.
  6. Can't get the staff -

    No doubt these firms are also hoping to pay substandard wages or there wouldn't be a problem.
  7. £10k for millenials ?

    Wouldn't that be better achieved by scrapping tuition fees? That would also encourage more people back into further education & improve their career prospects. The powers that be are suggesting it could be paid for by NI contributions being paid by working pensioners. No doubt, in time, that will also stretch to recipients of company or private pensions to finance the windfall.
  8. EU bribe ?

    Is that for the gravy train as well ?
  9. It always baffles me that a seafaring nation should have to rely on a charitably funded organisation to save & preserve life at sea & around our coasts. The RNLI should be part of ,or at least funded by, either HM Coastguard or the Border Agency.
  10. Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    3 or 4 bookies & i forgot charity shops.
  11. Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    Near to me in Newton they have pedestrianised Market Street & the only times it gets busy are after 4pm during the week & all day Sunday when it is open to traffic. As a result most underused shops are open for hours on end with few customers because people can't or won't walk from the town car park. There are plenty of betting shops, hairdressers ,cafes & dog groomers though.
  12. According to certain allegations ,a certain US president has allegedly submitted his own appraisal of his own health on his application to be Mr Pres. I think we have to admire his front for being Mr Pushy.
  13. Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    My my ,what a shock. I walked through part of the town centre earlier today for the first time in a year & what a mess the place is. Apart from the Golden Square there is nothing to attract prospective customers into the town's former main streets. Warrington town centre needs to be wheeled into intensive care straight away if the patient is to survive.
  14. Windrush -

    The Corbynista shock & horror is nothing to do with the immigration policy ,it is just a stick to bring down the Tories in the hope that Corbyn & his gang can be the next HM Gov.
  15. Facebook

    Don't forget to tell them when you will be away on holiday Asp.
  16. Brexit

    I must say ,i find all this sabre rattling by the EU very confusing. They didn't want anything to do with the border issue when some unscrupulous citizens of non member Eire were exploiting the lax border to claim millions of pounds in grants for cattle that had literally been recycled through the border many times & they didn't seem to do much towards solving the "troubles".
  17. What time is it ?

    My mobile phone does what i want. Wrist watches annoy me & i haven't owned one for years...the last one i had finished up being carried round in a tobacco tin in my pocket. When i was working ,the tachograph clock told me all i needed about time.
  18. Windrush -

    30 million votes for the referendum, which allegedly had a good turn out ,& 2 general elections doesn't seem to have been a lot of votes cast. Britain is more likely to suffer from voter apathy than electoral fraud. I think one of the biggest attempts to skew the election result was when ,whichever government it was, decided to lower the voting age to get the benefit of 18 to 21 year olds & their preferences.
  19. Windrush -

    Considering many of the Windrush brigade were invited by the government of the day to come over & help to rebuild the country after WW2 & replenish the depleted workforce you would have thought that permanent citizenship/residency entitlement was a given provided none of them became criminals. Their situation of living in the the West Indies may or may not have been a result of the slave trade in which Britain played a major part. I wonder how the situation will affect the thousands of Ugandan Asians who were offered refuge from Idi Amin & the Vietnamese boat people & the like who were offered a new start in Britain ?
  20. Windrush -

    Strange that the politicos who don't want ID would happily fly the flag for communist & socialist states that are propped up by having tightly run police states.
  21. The House of geriatrics -

    Yes . I see i replied to the wrong topic !
  22. The House of geriatrics -

    I see. What i find strange with the Windrush saga is the length of time these people have been in the UK before they were found to be "undesirable". These people had ancestors who fought & died for freedom in the world wars & only found themselves in the Caribbean as a result of ancestors being transported there as slaves probably to benefit Britain. Absolute scandal.
  23. Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    Perhaps a lot of these profit warnings & dire predictions are just a good opportunity for High Street "names" to transfer their main business to online retailing while getting shut of staff & expensive to run stores.
  24. Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    Excellent idea Obs & it seems that failing town centres are a nationwide problem. Many big name firms are upset because profits are less than expected.
  25. The House of geriatrics -

    Just to digress a little ,i noticed on the news footage of the Commonwealth Leaders conference that the woman who took the government to court over the referendum result was on the stage. Now ,even though she is from a Caribbean country, she isn't a political leader so what was that all about ?