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    TV ?

    Bradley Hardacre. Brass was like a send up of all the Dicken's & C.Cookson classics that were being shown on tv. The future "Don Brennan" ,Corrie's limping taxi driver was in it' Sam was another strange production with Mark McManus with a dodgy Yorkshire accent.
  2. I must say, i find the reason for a trip to Barnard Castle to test his eyesight implausible. 30 miles down a quieter than normal A1 would have served the same purpose. Why did DC talk about threats received to his London home ,was that fall out from still smarting Remainers ?
  3. Davy51

    TV ?

    What i find amazing with the likes of Corrie & Eastenders is they are all on the breadline but manage to be in the pub everyday & when somebody gets a "few hours" at the local shop they are buying a villa in Spain within weeks. Nobody is ever ill....the only time there has been illness is when they opened a doctor's surgery in Weatherfield ,once it was shut down everybody was A1 again. Perhaps that shows that doctor's surgeries are the main source of illness.
  4. Davy51

    TV ?

    Corrie was good when it was on twice a week but there are only so many plots & storylines & the more often a programme is shown the more the stories are diluted. It used to be one of the best tv comedies too & was a springboard for many rising actors. Comedy ,imagine showing Love thy neighbour, Brothers McGregor or Till Death Us Do Part in this day & age ?
  5. I think what doesn't help Britain is that because of the Commonwealth we have a lot of people with British passports, but with roots in many varied countries, passing through all the major airport hubs ,to & from family visits. The Chinese new year didn't help either. All those people needed to be repatriated.
  6. What happened to the Wirral process where incoming passengers were transported in coaches to hospital for complete lockdown ? It was like what was deemed the way to do it is now being ignored. There was even a report on ITN saying that restaurant owners are suggesting implementing a i metre distancing rule to squeeze more customers in when they get the green light to open again. That would would even make a difference to aircraft efficiency. Apparently,1 metre is the minimum WHO recommended distance & 2 metres the extreme.
  7. Well ,i was reading a news article the other day that suggested Nissan were favouring UK production over a plant in Spain. I think with Brexit negotiations a lot depends on who blinks first ,being more intransigent than the arch intransigents of the EU. Obviously ,the best outcome is a shed full of mutually beneficial agreements that protect our interests & sovereignty. There is no need to create any trade animosity between the EU & UK. A good deal all round would benefit all parties & ensure the best footing to fire up economies again.
  8. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but with foresight we would be unstoppable. Alas , we don't have a crystal ball. It's like this Piers Morgan grilling politicians to raise his own profile as a crusading journalist & interviewer , i would be more impressed to see him grilling the Chinese leader about why his country has infected the world & its economies.
  9. I'm glad i haven't got one then or i would be getting adverts from some strange sites.
  10. ....on his way to the Wire on a 12 month deal. Hopefully,he is still a superstar & performs accordingly.
  11. We were talking to our next door neighbour the other day ,socially distanced, & she has an Alexa. Her & her partner had been talking about camping equipment in the privacy of their own home. Next time our neighbour went on t'internet she was bombarded with camping adverts. Spooky ,sinister or what ?
  12. Davy51

    TV ?

    I've been watching some episodes of a series i recorded on BBC last year about the Irish troubles with input from all sides .Spotlight it is called & was on BBC. So far though.i haven't heard any mention of the M62 coach bomb .
  13. As long as you don't reply they can't trick you out of your bank details. Just phone your own bank if you are worried a payment has been taken.
  14. If schooling over here is such a big issue we have holidays coming up of approximately 8 weeks. Lump Whit & summer holidays together & get the kids back say end of July to finish the current year's classwork then go straight into the next year's grade without the usual break in between . Give the kids & teacher plenty of time off to become covid free.
  15. Scrapping HS2 should free up a good chunk of cash to put to shut down costs. The new & enlightened approach to internet business & politics has pulled the rug from under HS2.
  16. Thanks to all the different bus companies that used to operate, adding colour to Warrington & all other towns. It is amazing how many butchers ,poultry & fish stalls there used to be in the market ,all of which has long disappeared into the freezers of supermarkets.
  17. I was talking to a relative in Cornwall earlier today & he said they were having trouble with second home owners wanting to invade their lockdown. The local outbreaks have been kept very low down there.
  18. Don't we export a lot of veal on the hoof too ,or is that illegal these days ?
  19. Right on there ,Obs ,just getting with the modern parlance ,but as you rightly say ,i mean cheap. 😀
  20. We do cost effective flights & cost effective self catering apartments & manage to squeeze in about 3 x 10 day jaunts/year. You're a long time pushing up the daisies & having fun while you still can is important. Tried a 3 day taster cruise once & 3 days was enough.
  21. Unfortunately, our European neighbours have economies based on sun soaked holidays attracting mass tourism & are desperate to get us back in numbers. Some of them will promise the earth in terms of health standards & precautions concerning covid19 just to get their visitors back. Belief is in the mind of the beholder,
  22. So ,in that case,how can HMG stipulate quarantine for UK citizens returning from EU holidays & 14 day quarantine when arriving in holiday destinations being imposed by destination EU countries?
  23. As with the antibiotically polluted watercourses of UK farming areas feeding our reservoirs, does antibiotically treated meat allow antibiotics to infest our bodies to excess ?
  24. It is good to see the local council has started roadworks again on what for some is the first day back at work. I wouldn't have thought a tarmac gang would have to be in close formation to do their job anyway.
  25. They don't seem to understand why rush hour is called rush hour ,when everybody wants to travel. London & most major cities would grind to a halt if everyone travelled to work by car.
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