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  1. Grid lock -

    You're better on foot these days or get one of the scooters that all the kids are using . Maybe even a skateboard !
  2. For sale

    The ultimate eco friendly recycling machine.
  3. Dizzy, you need to find newts in the area or enlist some of the fracking protesters from Preston.
  4. MPs walking the tightrope -

    Exactly so, the "working man" has provided the perfect stepping for opportunistic socialists to rise from assumed idealism to a champagne lifestyle.
  5. Nutters -

    Official forms are an eye opener, why should there be upwards of a dozen boxes to choose from to tick your particular orientation just to apply for benefits or to do any other business with officialdom ? Why should anyone's particular deviance be deemed necessary ,surely that is private to the every individual. And the way the initials of the group that follow the rainbow flag are growing they will soon have the name of a Welsh village. This women's underwear is killing me.
  6. MPs walking the tightrope -

    It amazes me how many of these Labour MPs & the party faithful are pro European. Seeing as they are the party of the working man ,bruvver, you would expect these champions of jobs for all to be fighting tooth & nail to get as many jobs back to Blighty as possible to supply good jobs for the working man pre & post Brexit.
  7. Nutters -

    I just hope these people never visit my house ,i seem to upset everybody these days ! No doubt the equivalent of these ambulance chasing law firms will be fighting their corner for compo for offended dignity.
  8. Egg on faces ?

    I should say so ....
  9. Egg on faces ?

    Juncker seems to be relishing his Chaplinesque role by talking in the European Parliament of greater integration, expanding more into the Balkans, greater influence of the Euro while negotiating better trade deals further afield & extolling the virtues of the Schengen borders. The Great Dictator is alive & well .
  10. Stephen Hawkings challenge ?

    It will need to be a mighty large space ship Obs.
  11. Stephen Hawkings challenge ?

    Famine is a great controller of populations, as is war ,but i am sure that the solutions to our problems lie on this planet too provided the powers that be focus their attentions away from profit margins. Following Brexit our farmers could thrive with exports to third world countries if the will to do so is there.
  12. Stephen Hawkings challenge ?

    I am surprised Professor Hawking has not stated the obvious ,start to turn the various deserts & other barren tracts of land into granaries & orchards to feed the world instead of just looking at them as oil producing opportunities. A global problem needs a global solution & travelling to the stars won't provide that. We have condensation systems that can provide adequate irrigation for crops & it may even give us a chance to save the bee.
  13. Specs Average Speed Cameras.

    Algy's picture even has a cannabis leaf on the gantry....that must be to encourage drivers to chill & slow down .
  14. Charging for roadworks

    I worked on WBC 40 years ago & was involved quite a lot with the tarmac gangs, driving & doing some on site labouring too & it was amazing how many times we would get the footpaths resurfaced only for the various utilities to follow on & dig them up again. Six months later time & money had to be spent reinstating the footpaths where utility work had been done. I believe there has been a suggestion made ,not before time ,that interested parties should get their heads together before doing any work & overlapping where possible to reduce disruption & costs. I remember the gang discussing that very idea 40 years ago & to think the bosses of these companies/utilities are paid mega bucks for supposedly being super intelligent.
  15. Charging for roadworks

    They've nearly finished road works on a crossroads near us Bill. I bet it isn't 5 or 6 years since the junction was resurfaced with lovely new kerbs & islands for pedestrians & new traffic lights. This time all the islands & lights have been ripped up & replaced with new in exactly the same locations ,complete waste of time & money & the road has been closed for 3 weeks. No different whatsoever apart from a 100 yard stretch of footpath been resurfaced.
  16. Harvey

    Perhaps in high risk areas & in times of the exceptional rains seen lately pontoons could be an integral part of garden furniture.
  17. Brexit's losers -

    Let us also not forget that we once had thriving farming & fishing industries that can be re-awakened once we leave the EU & in a few years our farmers will become exporters to Europe & countries further afield.
  18. Brexit's losers -

    As a major player ,stakeholder & benefactor of this organisation Britain should take the high ground & give these Euro meisters a take it or leave it offer. Like pulling a tooth ,a short sharp remedy is the best option & any hurt will soon begin to fade as the UK makes its way in the big wide world once more.
  19. Brexit's losers -

    Not to forget that any such moves would leave any future Labour government with an easy route back to full membership with seats on the gravy train & possibly mandatory membership of the Euro as a condition of rejoining.
  20. Driverless HGVs ?

    I know there is a shortage of HGV drivers by many thousands so you would think the first move would be to bring the government training boards back & get people off unemployment benefit & out of part time jobs & into full time well paid work. The long term aim of driverless vehicles is obviously to reduce the need for HGV drivers thereby creating even more unemployment & living off the state with less tax & NI paid into the system.
  21. Driverless HGVs ?

    Well the first report i heard suggested that one driver would be controlling 3 vehicles then a later report said each vehicle would still need its own driver for steering purposes. It still won't stop cars causing accidents by cutting other vehicles up & by going straight from 3rd lane to slip road across traffic.
  22. Green Belt homes plan is madness

    We keep hearing murmurings of seeking city status & needing to expand the town in order to qualify but there a quite a few cities with smaller populations than Warrington so is all the house building really necessary ? Is this city status wanted to provide ,i wonder, more remuneration for the good burghers who run the joint or is the idea a noble one to give the town more clout in fighting off the future prospect of being devoured by Manchester or Liverpool ? An aid to preserving the town's identity perhaps ?
  23. The end is nigh ?

    What is the time scale Obs, is it worth maxing my credit card ? I'm sure Trump will be able to call on his troops to save the world & maybe Who Flung Dung in the DPRK will take care of nuking the haemorrhoid .
  24. Green Belt homes plan is madness

    Surely any release of green belt has to be influenced by the agricultural needs of the UK post Brexit. In my opinion,every effort should be made by the government of the day to reinstate, where ever possible, agriculture & domestic food production to levels comparable to before the farming industry had to surrender to the CAP. The days of efficient & productive British farms.
  25. Green Belt homes plan is madness

    I can't help thinking that it would be better to develop the town centre as a liveable entity before using any green belt land.Living & leisure in the town centre would put more people in touch with public transport links in & out of town too. That would stop the town becoming a giant polo mint with nothing in the centre. With the advent of home shopping hitting larger store needs Golden Square could even make a space for a supermarket to serve the needs of town centre dwellers.