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  1. Happy birthday Dizzy

    Happy Birthday Dizarella !
  2. Labour shortage ?

    Considering,in our lifetimes ,so many labour intensive jobs have disappeared i find it hard to believe that ,within our population , there are not ample able bodied people currently surfing the benefit wave to provide for most if not all of our employment needs without there ever needing to be a labour shortage as we "catastrophically " fall off the Brexit cliff.
  3. BoJo !

    The great tragedy of all these conflicting religions is that they are really just variations on the one religion that was allegedly handed down to & by Abraham. If there was a modernist appreciation of religion in general ,many of its still medieval interpretations could possibly be overcome. At one time ,in the dim & distant past ,religion was used to control the people & was hijacked for the convenience of various rulers who always acted with God on their side & used religion as a carte blanche to slaughter & maim their conquered victims.. Perhaps ,once & for all, religion & politics should be separated.
  4. Labour shortage ?

    I see the CBI have been calling for immigration to be relaxed to allow their members to recruit cheap labour but it's great to hear Ian Duncan Smith talking about the more important need being to get more of our own people into these jobs. We need to get more of our people off supplementary benefits & back into full time work, on a living wage .
  5. Efficient or stupid

    Shouldn't the young couple have checked this possibility first ,before declaring the nanny as a nanny ? A bit of subterfuge ,calling the nanny a family friend perhaps, could have saved them hanging about for hours.
  6. BoJo !

    Well said Obs, & if these people want to live in a medieval ,oppressive regime that imposes complete covering in its religion then maybe they would be more comfortable living in a stricter country. I am surprised that our so called women's libbers & the #me too brigade have not lumped this outdated practice together with gender equality & abuse towards women. but they are strangely silent on the matter. In these secularly enlightened times ,state security should be the watchword & should be prominent over religious matters.
  7. Manchester Airport Terminal 3

    I think the fact that you are being monitored would be enough to produce sweating ,raised heartbeat etc. ,& let's not forget the mother & 2 daughters just sent down for being a terrorist family unit.
  8. BoJo !

    Maybe BoJo could form a double act with HRH the Duke of Edinburgh. As BoJo & Phil they would go down a storm at public meetings & functions for the well connected. Garden parties for foreign ambassadors catered for too.

    I trust you decamped pdq ,Bill .
  10. Interest rates ?

    I do indeed. Just wondering if it will allow them to pay 0.25% better return.
  11. Interest rates ?

    I suppose it will benefit company & private pension recipients.
  12. Brexit

    All governments since Thatcher's first term as PM have resulted in our industries being stripped back or systematically being taken over by overseas companies ,decimating the workforce & using the money to woo the voters with low taxation. Mass unemployment was created but was spirited away by "long term sick " coming into play & by splitting jobs into low hour ,part time jobs that could mop up 2 or 3 workers who could then be supported by benefits that were not called "dole".
  13. The Jewish revolt

    As i pointed out before the last election, St Theresa muddied the waters by assuming that the leave voting working classes would also embrace Tory policy. Whether her since moved on "advisers" were a couple of "Remain" stooges we will probably never know ,but it left the Tories with a propped up working majority in Parliament & breathed new life into Corbyn & his cohorts.Sadly, Labour is now infested with a new Militant Tendency called Momentum.
  14. The Jewish revolt

    I think it is fair to say that the view of Hamas can be understood ,considering the state of Israel has been imposed on their countries & ,for 70 years, has been allowed to spread its wings. The west & the UN has a lot to answer for in imposing this situation on the world & allowing it to fester for so long.
  15. Manchester Airport Terminal 3

    Isn't the airport due to take on many more direct flights to/from China with a business enterprise zone financed by the Chinese ?
  16. Manchester Airport Terminal 3

    It isn't really the security system or its officers that hold people up ,it is because so many people are not yet up to spec with what has to be taken off & displayed in the tray & put through the scanner. Items omitted mean the person being searched & causing a hold up. It is the same with electrical items ,medication in liquid or aerosol form ,lighters & wallets & belts. I think we should be more worried about airports in our overseas holiday destinations being less thorough in searches for our return flights.
  17. It could be too late even if one villain fails the "test ". What next day release bank jobs for fraudsters ?
  18. Need Help

    So should the keys have gone to one of your near neighbours ,Bill , or was it a distance from your house ? Facebook etc is ideal for posting holiday snaps online to make family & friends at home envious ,but anyone dodgy can also see them & social media is an ideal information tool for thieves. Any of our pictures that go on faceache only do so when we are back home.
  19. Need Help

    Hope the local burglars missed the info handed to them on a plate .
  20. Human Rights ?

    Perhaps a short sharp shock of one or both of these murderers being executed would focus the minds of their compadres to respect the human rights of their erstwhile victims. Failing that ,to avoid making martyrs out of these scrotes, let them be subjected to the full extent of an American life sentence.
  21. Top Four - End of Regular Season

    Much better than we could have hoped for really, a bit more consistency with goal kicking & we could have been second. Price has done well with no pre season & having only a small squad.
  22. Brexit

    Some people are talking about a super Canada deal ,Obs ,what does that entail & is it a good or bad outcome ?
  23. Brexit

    Varadkar would be better giving his Fenian chums a history lesson that Henry 8th & Cromwell are long gone & that the English no longer burn dissenters at the stake. The mindset of some Irish is no further on than Islamic terrorists....medieval. He could do worse than unite his beloved Ireland by throwing his lot in with us as part of the UK. He might realise this when Eire becomes the rump of Europe & the primary route of back door entry to the UK.
  24. Brexit

    You know ,my memory may be failing me ,but i don't remember all this Euro concern over the Irish border , during the troubles, when it was arguably the most dangerous piece of real estate in Europe.
  25. Brexit

    It is interesting that there wasn't all this dithering & hand wringing when we divorced our Commonwealth trading partners to begin our descent into oblivion.