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  1. A doctor was being sound bitten on the radio news this morning where he was saying that ,although we have covid19, instances of commom cold ,flu & quite a few other illnesses have declined since early this year. Perhaps less people have being going to the doctors for one of 2 possible reasons a) You can't get a doctors appointment ,or b) People have been furloughed so don't need the odd couple of weeks off afforded by a visit to the doctors for a sick note. Common sense really &, if all these scientists are gifted with the same gift as the doctor ,no wonder the public don't know if they are coming or going.
  2. You also hear tales of people having long lasting symptoms . Perhaps this virus can lie dormant for a while on an asymptomatic victim then burst through with an infection which would give the impression of a new infection.
  3. Davy51

    Rum do -

    Beware marauding Vikings & sassenach tourists.
  4. There must be plenty of office/warehouse space where temporary classrooms can be opened up to provide necessary social distancing for pupils & teachers to operate safely. HMG managed to get moving on providing pop up hospitals for the viral surge. Even portakabins in the playground. A bit of thought & application would go a long way.
  5. I think ,in all fairness, no government in the world actually expected that the time had come for virus X to arrive with such ferocity. It is perhaps with hindsight that scientists can now say they were expecting virus X at more or less some time in the future. All governments can do is follow the science but perhaps it's a case of too many scientists muddying the test tube.
  6. I watched a channel 4 programme about this virus last night & apparently a disease X has been expected for some time by scientists worldwide. A virus than can transmit from animals to humans & is a very aggressive strain of corona virus.
  7. Speaking of the BBC ,i have just finished watching a documentary on the iplayer called "Once upon a time in Iraq". Well worth a watch ,it gives a perspective from different sides of the people who were on the ground.
  8. Davy51

    GP's ?

    For a first line defence against illness & possibly major health problems a telephone appointment is an abysmal response to patient needs. How many life threatening illnesses are likely to be undiagnosed due to lack of hands on contact or simply because many people won't bother phoning the doctor in the first place ?
  9. Along with the mutually assured destruction of nuclear weapons , i would think that spying has helped to prevent world wars for the last 75 years.
  10. Well the voters were obviously happy enough to give Boris an 80 seat GE victory. Perhaps the Ruskies were hoping to give a boost to Red Jezza & his like minded chums.
  11. So Obs, we either get on with life as we used to know it or world economies will be heading for a doomsday scenario which will have even worse consequences for humanity.
  12. Great photos & good to hear from Malcolm again. Hope you are keeping safe in Wigan .
  13. I remember trying to persuade my Dad to let me have a bigger motorbike when i was about 17. The compromise was a combo so my Dad could jump in the sidecar.I remember one summer's evening i finished up with 7 people ,including myself on board the old AJS , which performed brilliantly round the lanes of Burtonwood ,Latchford & Walton. The only hitch was when the chair tyre blew out on Warrington Bridge & the passengers had to bail out & make their own ways back to various parts of Orford. I think it could have been the extra weight.
  14. I see there are now discrepancies being identified in the Covid19 death figures. Apparently, PHE have classed any death where anyone who has tested positive at some stage as a covid death, completely ignoring that they may have actually recovered from covid & died of something else.
  15. I don't mind saying Golly was one of my best mates as a kid ,along with Teddy & a nattily dressed cuddly wabbit .
  16. Let's hope no one champions green bottles. Maybe even Chinese objecting to Yellow submarine.
  17. Als,don't forget,the eco benefit of not travelling to work as much could make ms Thunberg irrelevant.
  18. Unfortunately, these illegal unfortunates have probably paid a fortune to better their grim lives & those of their families. For many parts of the EU these providers of cheap almost slave labour are ripe to be exploited by unscrupulous businesses ,many with the same ethnic origins as the migrants. Compared to the Eastern bloc & beyond, the EU is a utopia with the UK the ultimate goal for many. The best way of stopping this migration is to bring the standard of living of these countries in line with those of the prosperous western world. However, i doubt that would fit in with the aims of the big multinationals who see cheap labour as increased profits. I should think what we are seeing now is the jettisoning by our Euro neighbours of their great unwanted before Brexit is finalised,they will be desperate not to become dumping grounds for Europe's unwanted. But ,we do need robust borders with draconian consequences such as immediate deportation for undesirables entering our country. Incidentally,i wonder if the much trumpeted French fishing fleet plays a part in delivering boat loads of immigrants?
  19. I must say ,all this talk of warmer weather killing off the virus seems to have been debunked when mega temperatures in the US don't seem to be killing it off. All this elbow bumping seems to be more of a hazard than shaking hands & involves closer facial contact & more discharge of breath to carry out.
  20. Nobody seems to have had "just a cold" this year.
  21. Chinese ,especially the intellectuals & entrepreneurs from Hong Kong should be very welcome in this country as they are proven wealth generators. And don't forget the illegals manning the car washes.
  22. Good pic,. Is that Stretton Air Station (Black Cap) or a different one ?
  23. We left it till last night (Sunday) before going out & there were only about a dozen of us in our local. I noticed they had a sign up with a 65 customer limit which i would think is a total for all rooms in the pub.
  24. Apparently, a footballer called Blacklivesmatter is now this season's top goalscorer.
  25. Managing this covid crisis is a real balancing act for any political leader. Great to pay the workforce to stay at home & keep safe but a basket case economy could cause bigger problems in terms of supplying populations with the basic necessities to survive & could lead to widespread panic & social mayhem. The hard truth is that one day the economy must restart with or without the virus.
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