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  1. Davy51

    Which side are you on

    What does differentiate the scribblings of a child from some similar works by artists on canvas that are said to be worth mega bucks ? I will be decorating this weekend & accidentally stepping in the paint tray could make me the creator of a masterpiece & hideously wealthy or just the clown who made a mess on the floor.
  2. Davy51

    Getting dafter -

    And people wonder why some people become racist . These people need to be dragged ,kicking & screaming ,into the real world that is offering them free,comprehensive healthcare.
  3. Davy51

    May to go -

    The best indicator of support for the type of Brexit will be given by the Euro elections .Get plenty of seats for the leave parties & a mandate is provided for a swift exit. These elections should completely remove the need for remainers to harp on about another referendum .
  4. Davy51

    Examining the entrails -

    But the whole European elections will be a very good indicator of what the voters actually want ,depending on turnout of course. The more Brexit leaning MPs after the election should mean the majority of voters want a clean split from the EU with negotiations to proceed accordingly. We know local or mid term domestic elections are no barometer for voter preference,as shown by the protest votes giving credence to fringe parties , however if those minority parties turned out to produce a majority of UK MEPs would Brexit then be a dead duck ?
  5. Davy51

    Examining the entrails -

    The obvious thing for the politicians to try to do is get as many voters out as possible for the Euro elections .If there is a leave majority of MPs follow a leave agenda. If Remain wins the day ,stay in the whole sorry shambles. No good throwing more good money after bad to provide funds for another increasingly likely referendum.
  6. Davy51

    Examining the entrails -

    I think the Euro elections have been worked towards as setting a benchmark for upcoming procedure towards exiting the club. I think lack of Brexit leaning MPs will result in a quick referendum with a view to staying in.
  7. Davy51

    Examining the entrails -

    It's like all this hand wringing over the people's vote. We had a referendum 3 years ago that the politicians haven't been able to deal with so what problems would another one cause ? We look like being in a perpetual state of transition where all sorts of ills are inflicted on the populace under the cloak of Brexit.
  8. Davy51

    Green energy

    I can't help thinking ,with these renewed outbursts over climate change & pollution , that the HS2 money would be better spent giving every household a brand new eco friendly hybrid car.
  9. Davy51

    Trumps visit

    I think his D Day event may be dependent on the amount of rain & the stiffness of the breeze !
  10. Davy51

    Tip of the iceberg?

    I think the whole football league must be a massive bundle of debt. Even successful clubs have debt & it must be like Christmas for them when a wealthy suitor comes along with a no questions asked offer for the club.
  11. Davy51

    IndyRef II

    Is there a Krankie fan club in Brussels ?
  12. Davy51

    Trumps visit

    Trump is passionate about his country & wants to run it like a profitable business while taking no sh** off anybody.
  13. Davy51

    IndyRef II

    Give them a quick independence referendum & we will lose most of the remoaners ,then we can crack on with a prosperous Brexit.
  14. Davy51

    Thomas Francis Mitchell

    Also John ,you could try the Newton-le-Willows facebook page. I should think there will be some ex Vulcan employees on it.
  15. Davy51

    Super glue -

    Have the villains been given amnesty to make room in the cells for the protesters ?