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  1. Now wash your hands -

    We are quite happy with self catering most of which we do ourselves. You know what you're getting then.
  2. Wire v Hull

    The self destruct button is pushed in every game at some point ,15 to 20 minutes of indecision & panic.
  3. Choosy migrants.

    Do mutual red arrows constitute fisticuffs on the forum ?
  4. Widow ?

    Married or civil partnership are the key words .Gay & lesbian couples are covered providing they are married or in a civil partnership. The other one i hate is like the story last week about the young man who couldn't get any help off the government to bury his granddad who was his only living relative. My grandson had the same problem when his mother died ,but luckily we could step in & help him out. The government website is something that everybody needs to keep up with regularly. All information is on there & laws,especially concerning benefits, can change overnight & without general media announcements being made.
  5. Wonga no longer !

    They ,along with a few other companies,tried to give loan sharking a cloak of respectability.
  6. Challenge Cup Final

    Hear ,hear !
  7. Choosy migrants.

    You 2 should get a room ....preferably a padded one .
  8. Q. RL history ?

    They did play in Barcelona against Warrington a few years ago & got about 18000 specs ,i believe, but not at camp nou.
  9. The Jewish revolt

    Recently on BBC 4 there has been a documentary about the city of Jerusalem & how all the main religions regard it as their Holy City. It has changed hands umpteen times in its long history & the last episode sheds some light on the recent (20th century) problems in the middle east. It should be available on the iplayer .
  10. Q. RL history ?

    There was a time when France had a highly competitive & entertaining RL team. Hopefully, the knock on effect of Catalans winning the Challenge Cup & the improvement of Toulouse will stoke the passions of the French supporters of the game.
  11. Challenge Cup Final

    I was surprised that Hicks did us for the 2 forward passes which didn't look forward when i watched it again. We may have had at least one try. He completely disregarded Catalans moving off the mark at least 8 times that i noticed . However ,good to see a different name on the cup,well done Catalans.
  12. BoJo !

    There really is no need for these terrorists to wear masks , we see the pin up jihadi boys swathed in scarves posing menacingly before they behead some unfortunate helpless victim who can offer no resistance &, as with the cowardly bomber ,their goal is to meet Allah & cavort with umpteen virgins in heaven. So if their ideal is to die in the service of Allah ,they have nothing to fear from having the bottle not to wear a mask.
  13. BoJo !

    Perhaps the fear comes from the promo pin ups that we see of the male terrorists that can't even man up & show their faces to their potential victims . In fact who is to say that a man isn't lurking behind the veil & pretending to be a woman?
  14. BoJo !

    I remember a friend telling me a while ago that he had ventured into a muslim strip joint while on a stag do. Apparently , the regulars were vigorously urging the gyrating ,statuesque dancer to " get her face out for the lads ! "
  15. BoJo !

    Luckily ,terrorism is just a figment of our collective psyche ,then ?