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  1. There are 2 more episode to that Obs .
  2. Cows are meant to munch grass ,not more digestible food stuff. Surprised they are not working on robotic cows that don't eat or produce meat but give loads of milk.
  3. One near York as well ,i believe . There certainly must enough roof space available in Warrington to avoid a green field site.
  4. Davy51


    The bloke would be more credible if he didn't hide behind at least one assumed name.
  5. Wouldn't the DWP doctor be more concerned about stopping the benefits of the person whose gender was on official records & would address the person accordingly.
  6. Wouldn't they fart more than the cows ? I am surprised some entrepreneur hasn't come up with a way of using the excess gas off cattle as a power source. Our MPs seem to do very well off bullsh!=.
  7. One of the multitude of BBC Washington correspondents was saying yesterday that the special relation was only talked about when it suits. It seems to me that it is just another one of Trump's outbursts of bufoonery that will be forgotten about in a week's time. Very strange though that a country obsessed with homeland security should sling sensitive diplomatic mud on twitter.
  8. I wonder if these statistics take into account the car washes & the people being exploited in the less than statutory minimum wage economy ? How have the powers that be reached these figures ? Have they taken into account people who earn big money for a few hours work ,such as Chinese business men , & contrasted it with zero hours workers ?
  9. They twist & turn like a big twisty turny thing Mr Blackadder . How can anyone believe a word the Parliamentary Labour Party says ? They are making themselves unelectable with their constant switching sides.
  10. Davy51


    Isn't the crux of the matter that his actions could prejudice or influence any court proceedings & allow a good defence barrister to let these people escape justice.
  11. Luckily ,it is just a thought that crossed my mind , you don't have to buy into it. However, should n't success have to be within the parameters of your environment & success has never really been achieved to such a degree as to test its limits. The human race has expanded over time & has no remorse about ruining anything to keep expanding. Where will it end ? As for the natural resources ,they have been there all the time but it is only humans that have a capacity to do anything with them & to manufacture anything . The rest of the wildlife kingdom is stuck in its own environment & does no more than hunt or forage for food.
  12. Which is my point ,that we are too successful compared to the rest of the natural world.
  13. I think as far as wildlife is concerned & taking humans out of the equation , everything on the planet had a means of sustenance ,everything on the planet developed its bodily functions to fit the environment it found itself in & many animals had the migratory instinct to follow food & water & even the seasonal weather they were designed for. The naked ape came along & gradually gained the knowledge & skill to provide for & shelter his family from the elements. Humans learned to make clothes & fire ,build structures & grow crops without having to forage for food. This gave them an advantage over the rest of the animal kingdom ,great at the time but have we developed too much, to the extent we are over populated & are forever dependent on elements that we know are bad for Planet Earth ?
  14. It seems to me that the only problem with our planet today is the human race. Whether we are some form of aberration as far a nature is concerned we will probably never know. Whereas every other species on earth has been given the capacity to adapt to the environment it finds itself in ,we have been given the capacity to change our environment & lifestyles & life expectancy to suit ourselves which in no way reflects the rest of nature. As far as the planet is concerned, our superior intelligence ,compared to pond life ,is surely only going to end one way ,a barren ,uninhabitable wasteland until nature can begin its cycle again X million years into the future. Are we,the human race, really better than everything else we share the planet with or just an accidental occurrence that has disturbed earth's natural balance irreparably ?
  15. Well Sid, having heard about cattle being blamed for causing the hole in the ozone layer maybe veganism should be outlawed. And drinking in pubs that sell bad ale.
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