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  1. Well,Stallard , there were certainly enough to vote him into power.
  2. OK then,the type of politician that would appeal to many Americans.
  3. I remember thinking ,early on in Trump's last electoral campaign ,that here is a politician who will appeal to millions of dysfunctional Americans. And he did.
  4. We are booked for the Costa del sol in October ,hope it is safe to travel. We booked it before all this pandemic kicked off. One thing we all have to be mindful of is that many European countries are tourism dependent & when travelling abroad we have to weigh up whether or not these desperate destinations are completely honest with the Covid19 state of play in their countries. I fully expect European countries to extend their seasons this year to try & recoup their losses.
  5. Davy51

    BLM -

    Lo & behold, 2 BLM t shirt wearing young ladies surfaced on Countryfile tonight extolling the virtues of their cause. Also ,a black gentleman bemoaning the fact that BAME people feel cut off from society in general in matters such as socialising & visiting public places. This disconnection can only be self imposed ; unlike America we have never had signs proclaiming an apartheid system in operation.
  6. She used to serve me top quality ale in the Irish club in Earlestown.
  7. Apparently .they own quite a few shopping centres ,Sid. Fair bit of real estate & pension funds probably affected. The retail sector has taken a massive hit apart from online trade.
  8. I feel quite left out to be honest. I am unable to find anything to be offended over. I am an outcast.
  9. I would really like to know what relevance a bloke's opinions have to him losing his job. Providing he didn't make this banner in work ,what has it got to do with his employer ? The UK is supposed to be a champion of free speech, but now the greater good is being preached at by various militant minority factions.
  10. Only went to Gaskell's once. Working for the WBC & stood in for the driver on the septic tank tanker & we went to Gaskell's to empty the blood & guts pit.Everything was ok till my oppo stirred the contents up with his big ladle & disturbed the crust. The smell was disgusting & you could even taste the vile stuff. Wasn't there also the bone works in the vicinity that you could smell all over town when the wind was in the wrong direction ?
  11. I think i will not bother for a few weeks ,let the initial confusion & pandemonium die down. Beer at home is tasting just as good ,at a fraction of the price.
  12. Surely.it would be racist to prosecute whoever organised the banner. White lives matter too ,would probably been better wording on the banner.
  13. Too many years of "lessons learned" & not enough action to end terrorism.
  14. Thin end of the wedge that was Obs. The Race Relations act should be abolished ,the majority of every ethnicity in the UK are happy with their lot & are content to live side by side with their neighbours. Extremism on all sides is the problem ,whether colour or religion ,& should easily be ironed out with mixed classes. Kids have no prejudice.
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