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  1. Windrush -

    Strange that the politicos who don't want ID would happily fly the flag for communist & socialist states that are propped up by having tightly run police states.
  2. The House of geriatrics -

    Yes . I see i replied to the wrong topic !
  3. The House of geriatrics -

    I see. What i find strange with the Windrush saga is the length of time these people have been in the UK before they were found to be "undesirable". These people had ancestors who fought & died for freedom in the world wars & only found themselves in the Caribbean as a result of ancestors being transported there as slaves probably to benefit Britain. Absolute scandal.
  4. Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    Perhaps a lot of these profit warnings & dire predictions are just a good opportunity for High Street "names" to transfer their main business to online retailing while getting shut of staff & expensive to run stores.
  5. Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    Excellent idea Obs & it seems that failing town centres are a nationwide problem. Many big name firms are upset because profits are less than expected.
  6. The House of geriatrics -

    Just to digress a little ,i noticed on the news footage of the Commonwealth Leaders conference that the woman who took the government to court over the referendum result was on the stage. Now ,even though she is from a Caribbean country, she isn't a political leader so what was that all about ?
  7. Playing with fire ?

    Macron is after a France/US special relationship ,probably for long term trade when the EU comes crashing down .
  8. Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    Well if there is no custom ,whatever business there is will fail. What harm would it do to run buses to at least help what businesses are left in Buttermarket ,Bridge & Horsemarket streets ? We are good at sneering at the lack of local businesses & i would think anything that encourages local traders must be a good thing.
  9. Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    Would a revolutionary idea be to run buses & taxis through the town centre streets once more so passengers can get as close as possible to where they want to shop or take refreshment.Many people are reluctant to or are unable walk more than a few steps & probably venture no further than from the bus station to Golden Square or the Hop Pole & back to the bus.
  10. Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    I think Warrington is shining example of why the planners shouldn't turn an old established town with an established road network into a new town. Warrington was congested enough before it's population explosion ,being a major crossing on the Mersey & having 4 major trunk roads meeting in the town. The close proximity of the country's main motorways has also played a very important part in Warrington's success. However, trying to build out of town shopping centres is always going to drag people away from a traditional town centre when the town is host to so many traffic problems. Contrast Warrington with the other new towns. Milton Keynes,Washington & Skelmersdale were built around a village with bespoke highways ,shopping centres & housing developments built from scratch to serve the new town. Runcorn was a smaller town than Warrington & its new town was built outside the old Runcorn complete with new town centre & snazzy ,if confusing, new road network to match.
  11. Playing with fire ?

    Get a few vaporised rag heads dispatched by allied fire & the Isis flag will soon be attracting numbers again. Not the wealthy backers of the so called Islamic State but the misguided, idealistic ,young jihadis who believe they are doing the right thing. It amazes me how this Isis mob have all the top weaponry,drive the best 4x4s & can pump & refine oil to keep their war effort funded . As for the Ruskies, apparently their interest in Syria is to base a Mediterranean fleet there.
  12. Playing with fire ?

    That's why i think this is something that the Arab states need to sort out . All the combatants ,apart from mercenaries ,are Muslim so why should countries with other religions get involved in their affairs. As we know destabilising countries only makes matters worse.
  13. Playing with fire ?

    Right minded leaders know the devastation of nuclear strikes & know that nukes have their real value in deterrence. I think Putin has his head screwed on firmly & we should worry more about our agent in Washington.with the itchy trigger finger.
  14. Playing with fire ?

    Really speaking,what we are seeing with the strikes against Assad are completely at odds with what was stated 7 years ago by the allies. They were hesitating which side to pick when they realised that the rebels were alligned with AL Qaeda factions ,which gave birth to Isis, so the west decided to sit on the fence.
  15. Playing with fire ?

    You know Obs , you rightly point out the illegality of chemical weapons but surely it should also be illegal for world powers to stage proxy wars using states who are least equipped & can ill afford them. It is quite amazing too that Syria isn't much more than a desert while the surrounding oil rich states keep a safe distance.