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  1. Congratulations - Cliff.

    It is about time trial by media was banned. Apart from possibly reporting what could turn out to be false accusations,any reports could prejudice any resulting court proceedings. Only this week vigilante gangs have been criticised for stinging paedophiles in case any revelations mean the case cannot go to court. The law & the rule of law should be preserved.
  2. Donald's visit -

    Unfortunately, since MacMillan first grovelled to De Gaulle in the 60s to join the Common Market, every bit of business we have done with the club has meant the UK being at a disadvantage. What started as a trading partnership quickly became a community ,then a political entity & involved much of our industrial & utility infrastructure being taken over by European companies. Luckily we dodged the Euro ,but have succumbed to the jurisdiction of European courts & legal directives ,& thankfully have dodged the final act of treachery ,full European integration.
  3. Brexit

    I hope that the EU laugh this proposal out of their parliament then we can walk away without a deal.
  4. Donald's visit -

    You see, i don't see the point of these childish protests against Trump. Love him or hate him ,he is passionate about the success & security of the USA . He is controversial, abrasive & is prone to telling other politicians what they need to hear but don't particularly want to.
  5. World Cup

    Exactly, & it's a pretty sad reflection on the English game when a country that came into being only 20 years & is only a fraction of the size of its parent country,the former Yugoslavia, knocks us out of the World Cup.
  6. World Cup

    There can be no arguments ,the best team won. I think the game changed in Croatia's favour when England started involving Pickford in many of their passing moves & Croatia began to dominate the play with a structured & patient attack.
  7. Liebour sell out -

    I wonder if the plan is for the Europeans to laugh the deal into obscurity then we can walk away & plan to use WTO rules while leaving the rejection ball in the EU court.
  8. World cup

    I just hope England can get away from passing the ball back to the goal keeper. In the last couple of games they have been lucky on 3 or 4 occasions not to lose possession. It's the England equivalent of our very own Stef Ratchford carrying the ball in one hand.
  9. NHS again -

    Wasn't income tax only brought in as a short term measure to finance the Napoleonic wars ?
  10. Transport cafes

    I don't know if it is still there ,but there used to be a good old transport cafe on the A30 near Launceston , an ideal breakfast stop for holiday makers travelling overnight to Cornwall.
  11. Transport cafes

    BP & their truckstops did for a lot of greasy spoons & the fact that many towns decided they didn't want lorries parked overnight in their towns, even though townsfolk were quick to complain if the shops were short of stock. As a result most parking areas for lorries are now near to motorways & the need for transport cafes has declined. The regionalisation of most distribution networks has also reduced the need for roadside stops by drivers.
  12. World Cup

    If Columbia had left their spoiling tactics in the dressing room & played football from the start they would have won that game easily in the 90 minutes. Too much negative play from England ,passing back to the goal keeper & lucky Columbia didn't poach a couple of scoring opportunities.
  13. Transport cafes

    I think the Hollies on the A5 at Cannock might still be there , but big business has done for most of them.
  14. Winter Hill Fire

    Bill, don't the army have tanks that are used for laying temporary tracks to move other vehicles along ? I think the technology is already there to lay a smother blanket.
  15. Heatwave -

    Dizzy, i always remember my mother saying that butter was good for removing tar.