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  1. I may be way off the mark here ,but i firmly believe that the way to win trophies in Rugby League is to have the ability to play the ref. We see repeatedly ,especially in the end of season play offs, where many rules are allowed to be stretched to the nth degree ,otherwise there would be too many stoppages in games, & it seems to be the best exponents of bending the rules who win. Instead of watching videos of other teams ,watch videos of the match ref & pick up on his likes & dislikes.
  2. I suppose we have to ask if Price told the lads to try & play champagne rugby in the mud bath semi final or if the team took that upon themselves. That game was set up for Plan B rugby but do we have the personnel for up the middle stuff ? We have said many times that it is alarming how teams can make so much ground against our defence & leave us turning the ball over in the wrong part of the pitch. I thought Danny Houghton joining the fray was when Kilroy wrote on our wall.& everything started to happen for Hull from that point.
  3. I suppose modernisation has become a major obstacle to solving this problem. In the old days of local people doing local jobs in moderately sized towns with effective ,reliable & economically priced public transport & even walking to work ,the shops & schools traffic would only need to be a small problem. Various governments with their town planning & shopping centres & separate industrial areas have created a need for car usership as the norm & also reaped the benefit of massive tax revenues. Would a backward step to times & community use like the less reliant on c
  4. Perhaps we have already seen the eco future of car travel predicted in the Flintstones. 😀
  5. Is it possible the powers that be could come up with a piece of machinery within a car that could produce hydrogen from a tank full of water ? I have no idea how big such a piece of plant would have to be but, you never know, it could happen.
  6. Exactly, Obs. It will be interesting how much potential energy has to be generated to recharge transport standard batteries per 12 or 24 hour period.
  7. As you say Sid ,wires everywhere to step over in the dull glow of eco street lighting & no doubt flat batteries will blight the daily commute ,but full buses will mean there will be plenty of passengers to push the buses to their termini. I should think this idea of easy overnight charging has been thought of while looking at a town plan of leafy suburban semi & detached houses.
  8. An Iraqi friend of mine once told me that the Israelites & other Arab tribes all stemmed from the 7 Tribes of Israel & that the only difference is that the Israelis follow Judaism as opposed to the Arabs being mainly Islamic. Otherwise they are all the same.
  9. I live in a street of terraced houses ,built before cars were even thought of . From the talk of new petrol & diesel cars being banned from 2030 it seems like full electric will be the norm from 2040/50 & if car ownership progresses as it has in my lifetime then kerbside charging as in my neighbourhood would be impossible. Hopefully, big strides will be made in terms of self charging electric vehicles/hybrids. I would still favour hydrogen though.
  10. The drugs industry is global & has a new global market covering major economies that need to be fully reopened asap.
  11. But a blanket test could help to reveal just how virulent this pandemic is. It could even provide a pointer to how many people have actually had the virus & what percentage became very ill or died. A test could even be taken to test for antibodies among the population. I'm sure it would be more efficient than relying on testing stations & doctors to administer. It is interesting also how the vaccine makers are now able to forecast vaccines for next spring ,as opposed to the many years of research & development normally needed, & will no doubt be open to offers for their t
  12. Unfortunately though, we may have a shopping surge when the stable door is unbolted on 2nd December unless many people have shopped online. We will just have to hope that the virus can be kept in check by responsible shopping.
  13. Thanks Latch ,magnificent & she hasn't changed a bit . 😀
  14. I remember my uncle having a colour tv roundabout 1968 & we'd gone up just to see it. It was wonderful looking at the clear blue skies on the High Chapparall & Linda Crystal looked good in colour too. The tv though was so big & cumbersome it must have been delivered on a low loader. When you weigh up though ,what was so expensive then is relatively cheap now & so much better. No need to buy expensive appliance insurance
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