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  1. Brexit's losers -

    Hopefully, was it Junkers speech earlier this week about the European superstate will jolt a few remoaners into recognising what perils future membership of the conglomerate would have in store for the UK . Perhaps Vince von Cable & his cohorts should consider emigrating to the EU.
  2. Grid lock -

    You're better on foot these days or get one of the scooters that all the kids are using . Maybe even a skateboard !
  3. For sale

    The ultimate eco friendly recycling machine.
  4. Dizzy, you need to find newts in the area or enlist some of the fracking protesters from Preston.
  5. MPs walking the tightrope -

    Exactly so, the "working man" has provided the perfect stepping for opportunistic socialists to rise from assumed idealism to a champagne lifestyle.
  6. Nutters -

    Official forms are an eye opener, why should there be upwards of a dozen boxes to choose from to tick your particular orientation just to apply for benefits or to do any other business with officialdom ? Why should anyone's particular deviance be deemed necessary ,surely that is private to the every individual. And the way the initials of the group that follow the rainbow flag are growing they will soon have the name of a Welsh village. This women's underwear is killing me.
  7. MPs walking the tightrope -

    It amazes me how many of these Labour MPs & the party faithful are pro European. Seeing as they are the party of the working man ,bruvver, you would expect these champions of jobs for all to be fighting tooth & nail to get as many jobs back to Blighty as possible to supply good jobs for the working man pre & post Brexit.
  8. Nutters -

    I just hope these people never visit my house ,i seem to upset everybody these days ! No doubt the equivalent of these ambulance chasing law firms will be fighting their corner for compo for offended dignity.
  9. Egg on faces ?

    I should say so ....
  10. Egg on faces ?

    Juncker seems to be relishing his Chaplinesque role by talking in the European Parliament of greater integration, expanding more into the Balkans, greater influence of the Euro while negotiating better trade deals further afield & extolling the virtues of the Schengen borders. The Great Dictator is alive & well .
  11. Stephen Hawkings challenge ?

    It will need to be a mighty large space ship Obs.
  12. Stephen Hawkings challenge ?

    Famine is a great controller of populations, as is war ,but i am sure that the solutions to our problems lie on this planet too provided the powers that be focus their attentions away from profit margins. Following Brexit our farmers could thrive with exports to third world countries if the will to do so is there.
  13. Stephen Hawkings challenge ?

    I am surprised Professor Hawking has not stated the obvious ,start to turn the various deserts & other barren tracts of land into granaries & orchards to feed the world instead of just looking at them as oil producing opportunities. A global problem needs a global solution & travelling to the stars won't provide that. We have condensation systems that can provide adequate irrigation for crops & it may even give us a chance to save the bee.
  14. Specs Average Speed Cameras.

    Algy's picture even has a cannabis leaf on the gantry....that must be to encourage drivers to chill & slow down .
  15. Charging for roadworks

    I worked on WBC 40 years ago & was involved quite a lot with the tarmac gangs, driving & doing some on site labouring too & it was amazing how many times we would get the footpaths resurfaced only for the various utilities to follow on & dig them up again. Six months later time & money had to be spent reinstating the footpaths where utility work had been done. I believe there has been a suggestion made ,not before time ,that interested parties should get their heads together before doing any work & overlapping where possible to reduce disruption & costs. I remember the gang discussing that very idea 40 years ago & to think the bosses of these companies/utilities are paid mega bucks for supposedly being super intelligent.