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  1. Davy51

    Heat and kitchen ?

    But any election over the next few weeks or months ,like Corbyn wants will not just be about Brexit , every other issue will be involved which will take many leave voters off on a tangent & could put JC in power.
  2. Davy51

    Heat and kitchen ?

    Mrs May's folly was in calling a General Election. The referendum was fought on just one issue with two possible results, whereas the election was concerned with the everyday problems facing the voters .May was naive to think leaving the EU would be the only issue in the general election.
  3. Davy51

    Heat and kitchen ?

    Yes Obs, the EU definitely want to make an example of the UK but you would expect the Mother of all Parliaments not to put up with that & steel their attitude to the Brussels elite. As for Corbyn ,all he is interested in are the keys to number 10 , so he can start his radical left wing policies & then show his true colours over Europe.
  4. Davy51


    When you think back over the last 50 years there has been a definite watering down of the skill levels & employment opportunities available to the average working person. Although there are some brilliant jobs in the UK , the employment levels needed have been reduced by new technology & also the removal of many of the jobs that needed skilled labour ,many of our jobs having been taken over by continental operators who now sell to us the raw materials & finished products that we once produced. It is little wonder that many people want to keep a foot in the door of the single market to avoid a major restructuring & rebuild of the British manufacturing base & so avoid the need for training schemes by recruiting from abroad the people to fit the jobs on offer.
  5. Davy51

    Heat and kitchen ?

    The Brexit process has caused so many divisions throughout the public & MPs of all parties & has interfered so much with the running of the day to day business of Parliament that i think a cross party committee or department reporting to Parliament would have been a good option for handling Brexit.
  6. Davy51

    Heat and kitchen ?

    I think probably advancement to the upper house or seats in the EU Parliament are uppermost in many MPs minds.
  7. Davy51

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Happy New Year to forum members .
  8. Davy51

    Why do Governments struggle ?

    I believe HMG have invested in ferries to cope with the " nightmare of a no deal catastrophe " .
  9. Davy51

    Drones ?

    The police have now stated that police drones were operating in the area at the time of the incident.....oh dear me. In fact ,one of the photos they showed a couple of days ago was so blurred it could even have been a bird of prey.
  10. Davy51

    Supply chains ?

    One of the advantages of supply chains in road transport terms is that depots are strategically placed so as drivers can always get there & back comfortably in their scheduled hours. As a result, the actual transport hardware ,vehicles, can be kept to a minimum but be double or even treble shifted during a 24 hour period. Looks good in theory anyway. As with all industry though ,the bigger an operation becomes the more gremlins creep into the machine.
  11. Davy51

    Supply chains ?

    I think road transport in any country is a cash cow for its respective governments with all the tax involved. Governments that really only pay lip service to saving the planet & will do their bit for such by raising taxes to benefit themselves.
  12. Davy51

    Drones ?

    How about an outside broadcast game show ? Bring back the goldenshot with grandson of "Bernie the Bolt " taking the deadly crossbow shots ?
  13. Davy51

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Yes, Merry belated Christmas to everyone !
  14. Davy51

    Smart Meters

    I think the national grid would go into meltdown if the UK got serious about electric cars.
  15. Davy51

    Hospital Parking

    I must be honest ,if i need to go to Warrington Hospital , i only use my car as a last resort. I would rather get as close as i can by bus then arrive for my appointment on Shanks's pony.