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  1. Red Flag !

    Apparently the good burghers are concerned about the 10% drop in revenue when the UK leaves the club....we are contributing 10% of the revenue & there are 27 other countries involved.
  2. Confused by the News ?

    Sandwiched between interminable curling & Loose Women, i watched some of Daily Politics & a segment had Vince Cable bemoaning the fact that war veteran & arch Europhile Woy Jenkins would be turning in his grave at Britain wanting to leave the EU. Then we are also shown pictures of the big red Euro bus telling us to abandon Brexit.. It all seems strange to me to want to stay in a deepening political union with countries,some of which were happy for us to save their necks 70 years ago but have since been happy to stab us in the back. The original concept of the Common Market was as far as the UK should have taken its involvement with Europe....a trading partnership ,no more ,no less but with an insisted upon proviso that we could have also traded worldwide.
  3. Red Flag !

    Perhaps the BBC find it difficult to find anything more left wing than themselves so are unable to pass any such accusations.
  4. Confused by the News ?

    I think that was BBC speak to undermine Brexit with sensationalist comment. I expect to see a page 3 added to BBC news to add to the fall into red top customer appeal.
  5. The KFC panic

    DHL seem hell bent on taking over every distribution operation available. A job i was on fell foul of them (B&Q) & the first thing they worked on was cutting wages & had drivers starting all hours of the day & night. It is to be hoped that once Brexit is complete that the UK reverts to the old domestic driver friendly Driver's hours regulations. The current EU regs have actually made it possible for drivers to work longer & more disturbed hours & so ,in my opinion, less safe for all road users.
  6. The Future ?

    As we know different methods of treating cancer & other illnesses are being found every day, but the world couldn't really support such an extra burden so it is more likely that today's lucky beneficiaries of life saving treatment are just guinea pigs to perfect treatment for the wealthy private patients of the future.
  7. New car tax rules ?

    I must confess i had a look on the government website to see what my old banger would set me back next time & i seemed to be going round in circles as it was telling me what tax on new cars would be.
  8. What Happened to - Lap Dancers

    It has been disguised as a clothes recycling bank Milky .
  9. Housing crisis -

    Which means we should see the return of the industry training schemes that disappeared years ago & created a perceived need for migrant labour due to the lack of indigenous industrial skills. I won't hold my breath till that happens though.
  10. Would the genderistas be happier with communal toilets i wonder ? I doubt it very much.
  11. Don't the supermarkets still have clothes recycling containers ?
  12. My favourite beef is the public toilet sign saying that toilets may be cleaned by members of any gender. As if putting a sign up makes it right. Anyway the way everyone is heading towards gender neutral & same sex liasons the earth's population should start to dwindle over the next few thousand years & eventually end the need for further green belt development.
  13. Town centre and its backstreets

    Excellent pics.
  14. Red Flag !

    Perhaps a remote Scottish island will be turned into a re-education centre for UK capitalists.
  15. The first ancient Britons had black skin

    Well Dizzy ,they managed to get Cleopatra looking like Liz Taylor.