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  1. Give them a spade as well Sid.
  2. Can't place that one Latch.
  3. Where was the Victoria Vaults, Latch ? Are we talking along Mersey St. ?
  4. Perhaps some of the holidaymakers at Her Majesty's pleasure could be put to work to offset the cost of their upkeep.
  5. Don't forget the beds Milky, these are beds that have been unavailable for years. It is to be hoped that the hospitals springing up around the country will become part of the NHS estate & complement existing hospitals when this crisis is over.
  6. Some of the blame has to be laid at the feet of the holiday companies for not acting soon enough in cancelling flights & holidays. The travellers would have had to wait for cancellation to be imposed in order to claim on their insurance policies.
  7. But we do have a government implemented minimum wage that should be across the board. No wonder firms have targeted east European labour while our people have been languishing at home on benefits. (Tongue in cheek that last bit .)
  8. If workers are imported they should at least be paid the national minimum or living wage.
  9. I am recording,i can't ask the wife to sit through it again. A good old kitchen sink drama ,they might have been depressing at times but they were gritty & showcased the best of British film & acting when American films were based on box office pretty boys & girls to get the big bucks.
  10. Too true Obs. Perhaps remuneration should be more socially balanced away from the current top earners in charge & towards the people at the coal face ,so to speak.
  11. This could be the start of another industrial revolution Obs that means travelling to work is no longer necessary ,thus helping to save the planet at the same time.
  12. Unless quotas are strictly enforced by shops ,queuing could start panic buying frenzies again because people won't want to stand in line to get their shopping every time they go.
  13. I suppose there could also be a confusion at this time of year with symptoms of hay fever. I think Ms Lusardi was a one time glamour model, Bill.
  14. Pound shop still sells food & cleaning products & other life essentials.
  15. Us Brits generally follow the good weather that is rare in the UK & the value for money prices.
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