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  1. Incidentally, was it the same bloke who did both theme tunes ,Robin Hood & William Tell ? I know Dick James did Robin Hood ,& he also had a lot of the rights to karaoke tunes when that came on the scene ,Dick James Music.
  2. Even at a tender age i fancied Patricia Driscoll & Mrs Tell (Jennifer Jayne ) was a bit of alright too . Is that stretching the older woman crush a bit too far though ?
  3. These beach front shops must be making a fortune from their rubber dingies Petuna.
  4. What happened to the coughing & sneezing over people ,breathing on other people even ,that the mask is supposed to limit ? These advisers are stretching their credibility to the limit. I was reading a news article yesterday that said more people were dying from flu & pneumonia than covid.
  5. I didn't hear what the news article was about but i saw the arch remoaners, Major & Blair, swanning around together on the news.
  6. I think our politicians ' best achievements are agreeing their annual pay rise ,finding jobs for the boys & making sure they have lucrative careers to pursue when they retire or get booted out. Oh, and never giving a straight answer.
  7. I think Ratchford lost some of his effectiveness being stuck in the halves. He was unable to produce his broken play running that works so well for the Wire. Great win in tough circumstances though.
  8. A fine looking woman & fine actress who was the yardstick for the affections many of us young chaps in her prime.
  9. Let's be honest when have our political parties really succeeded at anything ? No matter who we vote for there seems to be a mean standard of achievement & service that is served up to the voters.
  10. I see ,Confused. Six strangers could even form a viable group in a pub & discuss the covid situation then? Theorems & algebra seem to make more sense.
  11. I'm sure any goods transiting the UK from Eire to Europe could easily revert to the old TIR system. That system may also cut out some vehicular journeys by illegal immigrants to the UK.
  12. These measures sound pretty similar to in March (?) when the public were given advice not to attend pubs /restaurants etc while leaving said establishments in limbo for a week till HMG decided on full closure.
  13. So does this mean pubs are being closed from that date or customers can't gather in groups of more than six, as on a normal pub table ?
  14. The Warrington Guardian is reporting that 2 or 3 permanent testing sites are to be set up in town. We must be in it for the long haul.
  15. 50/50 calls ,i don't think Hull's first try was a score ,it looked short. On the whole though ,,when the decisions were shown on tv ,they were generally right. Well done boys !
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