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  1. In the modern era with the need of being able to go everywhere ,door to door by car is it pedestrianisation schemes that are also killing town centres & also helping to boost internet shopping ? Where i live ,more shopping happens at most shops outside of pedestrian zone hours when people can park outside where they want to shop.
  2. I think at the time there was a national love in with cars & nobody at the time ,in planning terms ,foresaw what problems they would cause 50 years in the future. Public transport was probably expected to disappear altogether.
  3. That was amazing,Bill, looked like a video game with all the diggers.
  4. Very entertaining game with good displays from our new kids on the block & Burrell , BMM & Sita were all improved from last season.
  5. I see Gregg's rise in yearly profits has been put down to veggie options on their menu.
  6. I hear that veganism has in part been identified as a philosophical trait & as such been upheld in court to join the long list of vagaries that are protected under UK law from abuse & any other form of discrimination. I wonder how long it will be before a sympathetic lawyer drives similar legislation through UK law to protect terrorists under the guise of ideology ?
  7. Davy51


    Last time we went to Perth ,Australia we went for a month. Where the son & his missus live is a lovely quiet estate ,individually built bungalows with coiffured lawns & no doggy-do or litter in sight ,anywhere. We could easily walk to the local shopping centre & did so frequently & the most noticeable thing about Canning Vale was the lack of pedestrians...only once in a month did we meet another couple out walking. You didn't even see people pottering about in their gardens or looking nosily from behind their curtains. All movement took place within the anonymity of cars.
  8. Davy51


    I think you also have to wonder if food banks are being exploited by people who don't really need them & just like the idea of saving money on their groceries.
  9. Would the old Raddon Court be the big building on the right ?
  10. Davy51

    Merry Christmas

    A Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to everyone !
  11. Also, in the good old days of doctor's surgeries handling more patients, there wasn't the need for so many unnecessary A&E visits.
  12. I don't know if it is still on the statute books ,but i wonder if "Dirk money" will come back. Apparently, it was danger money for people venturing into Scotland & having to deal with Border Reivers & other Scottish brigands .
  13. And all Remainers Sid.
  14. Perhaps they are advertised in job centres ,zero hours of course .
  15. It just shows what type of dictatorship we would have entered if there hadn't have been enough respecters of the democratic vote of the referendum to get their votes out & get BoJo over the line.
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