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  1. Is all this new development complete now or still work in progress ?
  2. Correct Bill . Apparently ,that was the terminus of the Warrington/Birmingham Railway ,forerunner of the WCML. Later on it was replaced by Bank Quay.
  3. I watched one on Friday on BBC & there was one starting on ITV tonight that seemed to be exactly the same format which i turned off so i think i have now officially given up on these debates. All the parties are interested in is out trumping opponents with juicier offers for the voters thus securing victory & lucrative parliamentary careers. Incidentally ,does Ms Swinson try to disguise her Scottish accent ?
  4. Davy51


    Sandra ,if you go back to your original post about Frodsham's it is being discussed. That is under "Co op Hall Winwick Street ".
  5. I don't actually remember the Vulcan pub but didn't the site have something to do with the town's railway history & that of the origins of the West Coast Main Line ?
  6. Don't know about the Vulcan ,Latch. I believe the Noggin at Risley was a biker haunt. We used to walk down Bridge St to the Roebuck or Feathers in winter for a warm inside & to get buzzed alarmingly by the War Cry sellers & the cockle sellers.
  7. I won't hold my breath !
  8. Incidentally, where do humans stand on the scale for production of CO2 just by breathing normally & given the world population ?
  9. I am thinking more about 68/9 Latch. I was a Hogie Wagoner myself but the local Hell's Angels used to go in the Beachcomber. I think the may have found it too cold in Bank Street car park as they all looked quite elderly to us.
  10. Jack Frodsham's was on Winwick Street in the wide bit ,where the horse market used to take place, & on the opposite side to Central Station. Since you are asking about Frodsham's you may also remember the Beachcomber Cafe where some bikers used to gather. That was opposite Froddy's.
  11. And npower are laying call centre staff off in the UK . German owned by another German company Eon. It seems they liked the big profits of privatised energy retailing but are not so keen now the UK government has capped prices. I am sure in the world of green energy solutions the outcome of how good it pans will equally depend on what profits are available.
  12. The "fantastic" intentions of these parties are getting more outlandish every day. I don't think Jezzer has realised his four day week will interrupt the tree planting programme.
  13. The Labour party are probably confident that even a meat pie wearing a Labour rosette would win in Warrington.
  14. We could really do with 2 economy sized ones either side of the Mersey.
  15. One of the main problems with providing pensions is that there are too many other benefits being paid out from the Community Chest. Apart from disability payments & whatever payment takes care of the unemployed these days, we have Tax Credits to encourage people to work part time in order to get them off the dole figures to make our economy look more prosperous than it is. The benefits system is over subscribed.
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