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  1. Davy51

    Peoples vote ?

    Obs,i think when the Leave MP was interviewed on BBC yesterday & came out with the statement that the Brexiteers would "enter a room & only emerge when a leader was found" was a pointer that none would commit to taking up May's job. I could imagine a scenario when a potential leader was asked to step forward that all the savvy ones would step back leaving the dupe in no man's land. I seem to remember Mrs May was left out on such a limb in 2016.
  2. Davy51

    Peoples vote ?

    Democracy has already been thwarted. The people's vote of 2016 has been betrayed by the civil servants & it is doubtful that any of the Brexiteers actually have the bottle to seize the poisoned chalice from Mrs May. The democratic will of the people has been ignored.
  3. Davy51

    Brexit again -

    What has always puzzled me is the way that the UK hangs on to the coat tails of every EU law. Other EU countries pick & choose which laws suit them.
  4. Davy51

    Peoples vote ?

    Love her or hate her, the withdrawal negotiations would have been right up Thatcher's street. She would have had Barnier & his cronies crying in their continental breakfasts.
  5. Davy51

    Peoples vote ?

    I remember reading many years ago about the route that was being constructed to connect Dublin , as the capital of new member Ireland ,with Brussels. Apparently,loads of Euro dosh was spent on upgrading road & sea communications via Hull & Holyhead. As a result improvements were made to the M62/M6/M56/A55/A5 route to connect Hull & Holyhead & Dublin to The European capital & Europort. I wonder if that route will still be relevant after we exit the EU & will Britain become a giant toll bridge ?
  6. Davy51

    Peoples vote ?

    I think if we do eventually leave that ferries will soon be sailing between Eire & France ,even northern Spain. France won't think twice about moving their undesirables onto the next country in the chain ,Ireland.
  7. Davy51

    Peoples vote ?

    What we have to be careful of is that a lack of some kind of control between northern & southern Ireland could be an easy way into the UK for illegal immigrants.
  8. Davy51

    "hate crime" ?

    In the purist sense of burning an effigy on bonfire night , is it any more offensive than the worldwide celebration at Easter of nailing a man to a cross ?
  9. Davy51

    Despite Brexit

    Good old BBC ,now it's the video game industry that is concerned about Brexit.
  10. Davy51

    Choudry -

    Neither do the renegade muslims .
  11. Davy51

    Choudry -

    The Chinese are reported to be re-educating their muslims ,perhaps we should also have similar ideas for our own non compliant followers of Islam.
  12. Davy51

    Despite Brexit

    And now the National Audit Office is throwing its three pen'worth in over the borders & the BBC are loving bringing the matter to the attention of its viewers.
  13. Davy51

    Beaumont school

    I went there from about 1957 to 67 ,through last year of infants,juniors & boys senior school. Looking at the photograph, the buildings on the right starting at the bottom were infant mixed. From what i can remember ,the next block housed the mixed juniors downstairs & senior boys upstairs. The buildings in the top right hand corner housed the caretaker & a woodwork classroom. The brick buildings in the middle of the yard were outside toilets split between boys & girls juniors & senior school. At the time i was there there were 3 or 4 prefab buildings on the left hand boundary wall (Wilkinson St) which housed extra classrooms for the senior school including a metal workshop. I left Beamont as it was after Easter or Whit(?) 1967 & moved to the new school at Long Lane for 1 term after it merged with Oakwood girls to form the new school.
  14. Davy51

    Twitterarchy -

    There was a particularly vitriolic article emerged yesterday about the person who racially abused another person on a Ryanair flight. (Please note the gender neutral). The comments for & against all parties on "social media",as it is now grandly termed, would surely prejudice any future court case . Social media really is no more than a gossip column to air your views recklessly at arms length & a medium in which to air your dirty washing in public.
  15. Davy51

    Choudry -

    Excellent suggestion.