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  1. spoke to the traffic managment team at wbc yesterday afternoon regarding the lights on cockhedge roundabout, the gentleman i spoke to assured me that the lights only come on when traffic is backing up through town heading north. (pressure sensors actually control the on/off function of the lights) i can't see all brick st from where i am but it didn't look that bad at the point where it comes into my view. when the lights are triggered they stay on for a minimum of 10 mins, even if there are no cars on the road, think they could cut that down to 2 or 3 mins myself, i also made the point that traffic entering the roundabout from manchester rd is often blocked by traffic standing on the roundabout and a keep clear road marking should've been painted on the road when the lights were installed. the man agrees on that one but it will prob never happen. i mentioned the car park that is midland expressway to the gentleman and recived the standard police interrogation response of "no comment" on that particular joke of a road. so even the council must be embaressed by that one. the gentleman also offered to let me see the traffic control room (by appt) which i would love to have a play with for 5 mins, ha ha
  2. i will be calling the highways on monday morning to find the purpose of theese lights, they achieve nothing but frustration and tailbacks. will keep you all informed.....
  3. wbc have just turned on the xmas traffic lights on cockhedge island. not been any congestion round here since they turned them off last january, i'll give it half an hour and i bet traffics backed up all round the island. what is the point of a set of lights that just interrupt the free flow of traffic and actually cause congestion.
  4. apparently, if the whole of the uk went green tomorrow and we didn't produce anymore greenhouse gasses whatsoever, it would cut the amount of greenhouse gasses being produced in the world by only 2 per cent. get more coal on the fire doris lol
  5. 4 sets of lights on midland way now. ya couldn't make it up.
  6. the cockhedge lights are currently on, there is no queuing traffic anywhere around the island except on manchester rd east where vehicles can't get on the roundabout because of the lights holding traffic on the roundabout. is it half term and someone brought a child in turning the traffic lights on and off ? or is somebody trying to justify the expense of this traffic management project. theese lights just slow journey times down and cause congestion on roads that had no congestion before. who can i phone to complain about this situation, somebody is responsible for traffic managment in warrington and i want my boot up his backside. any info appreciated.
  7. spoke to soon they just come back on again, and there wasn't a traffic jam anywhere before they came on, there is now. truly shocking !
  8. been off work for a week, but the lights haven't been on since monday when i returned to work. maybe wbc monitor this messageboard and decided to grow a pair and turn them off, wishfull thinking lol.
  9. they are employed to implement whats forced upon them regardless of the consequences.
  10. the cockhedge lights, i rang wbc to complain about them and was told some interesting things. 1, they were installed to relive congestion caused by cars qeueing to get into the cockhedge during the xmas period . (so god knows why there on 365 days a year) 2, wbc had no control over the installation it was government planning which made the cockhedge landowner install the lights at there own cost as part of planning permission to build the cockhedge center. (it's the same on cromwell avenue at the junction with calver rd the developer of a large piece of land was made to install the lights. ps the developer then went bust lol, still got the lights though) so ultimatley we have some pillock in london putting traffic lights up in warrington, causing absolute gridlock at times and then leaving wbc to deal with the consequences. truly shocking!! they should be turned off and removed.
  11. like you said earlier though, the envelopes were stamped/franked or whatever its called so had they paid postage as well !!!!
  12. mine was delivered on a saturday afternoon by a council employee, and i thought it was a bit strange myself. another waste of money paying twice for the same thing.
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