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    Stallard, were you born and/or brought up in Grappenhall.
  2. algy


    I finally retired 18 years ago although I had previously taken early retirement after working 25 years for ICI at Runcorn 25 years ago and in that time I have enjoyed many 'Ahhha' moments but the one that stands out in my mind as probably being the best was tootling around the canals in our narrowboat, a close second was being out at the crack of dawn and sitting fishing on the banks of a lake or pond listening to the birds singing and being at peace with the world whether I caught anything was totally immaterial, happy days, I'm afraid with the onset of old age all that has now gone, great memories though.
  3. algy

    House Alarms Advice

    If the alarm is usable then get some advice on who to use it as an alarm system is an important part of the protection of your property, Webb Alarms service ours and as part of their service they will talk you through how to operate it. Google for their web site the contact number is on there.
  4. algy

    Drones ?

    A UK university has developed a drone catcher that fires a projectile loaded with a fine net over the top of the drone which as it approaches ejects the net over the drone and drags it to earth.
  5. algy

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    A belated Merry Christmas to you Gary and to all our other members and their loved ones, I hope you are all well and have had a lovely time with your families.
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    Brilliant! Asp.
  7. algy

    Jumping Jack Flash,

    According to the wife Ann is not available at the moment as she is busy doing very little in the TV show "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here" another high quality epic.
  8. algy

    Observer and PJ

    Ok. P J I stand corrected, it is not an obsession you have with men's rear ends, you just enjoy observing them!.😄
  9. algy

    Brexit again -

    What happens when a coach load of whatever nationalities arrive by ferry in Dublin then drive to across the 'soft' border to Belfast and arrive in Holyhead to wander willy nilly where ever they wish, how will that be controlled?.
  10. algy

    Brexit again -

    "When you are up to your arse with alligators it is difficult to remember that the object of the exercise was to drain the swamp" At the time of the referendum the majority of the UK's population hadn't a clue what they were voting for and the burning issue at the time appeared to be taking control of our own borders thus preventing the influx of foreign nationals into the country which I believe has since appeared to have been lost in the mist of time, if Tragic Theresa gets her way will we effectively take control of our borders or not?.
  11. algy

    The end of the dinosaurs

    The way you are performing P J it probably will 😉
  12. algy

    Police priorities ?

    Bring back Boot camp that they had in the late 50's. a friend of mine was sentenced to a period in one, he never offended again.
  13. algy

    The end of the dinosaurs

    Full marks for trying, Asp. 😊
  14. algy

    Colourful collision

    PJ the main reason I now rarely visit this group is to avoid seeing your bitter and volatile remarks, no doubt that has given give you immense pleasure. On November the 4th, I posted a perfectly reasonable and polite post ("P J are you the gentleman that I met at Moore rugby club a few years back when you were holding a photography display if so you were very polite") and as far as I can see you have not as yet posted a reply.  I am still awaiting a polite reply to the latter!.
  15. algy

    Beware of the Ducks...

    Ooh you are awful nut I like you!. 😄
  16. algy

    Observer and PJ

    Have you always had this obsession with men's rear ends PJ, it really is most worrying!.
  17. algy

    Colourful collision

    PJ are you the gentleman that I met at Moore rugby club a few years back when you were holding a photography display if so you were very polite.
  18. algy

    Old age

    Correct attitude stallard, when you reach our age you get to know if something is not right with our bodies.
  19. algy

    Observer and PJ

    I hit the PJ ignore button a while back and then restored him much later, I have a feeling that either I or P J may be using it again shortly after my reply to the 'Marooned Sailors' joke posted by Aps.
  20. algy

    Old age

    Stallard, absolutely you have made the right decision get out there and enjoy yourself. I am two years behind you at 78 but 'touch wood' keeping well and relatively active although I woke at 3am this morning with stomach pains, damn this diverticulitis hopefully it will pass within a few days it usually does then it can be months before it bothers me again, waste of time going to the quacks as I am a firm believer that once you turn 70 the medical profession lose interest in you as the government policy is after that age you are either expendable or a bloody nuisance or both.
  21. algy

    Colourful collision

    WOW!! PJ I'm astounded to here that you ever laughed I never thought that you were capable of laughing, I assumed that you were born without a sense of humour.
  22. algy

    Happy birthday Dizzy

    Happy Birthday Dizz, sorry it's late but better late than never!
  23. algy

    Winter Hill Fire

    Fire service are asking people out camping/picnicking not to use disposable Barbecues in moorland and wooded areas.
  24. algy

    PC slow response Memory

    I also use this software and find it excellent!. Bill great piece of advice.