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  1. Nostalgia - a sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past.

    “We do not live in the past, but the past in us.”

    Ulrich Bonnell Phillips

    Born - La Grange, Georgia, The United States


    November 04, 1877 - January 21, 1934.


    The past – with all it’s memories, events  and experiences  lives in us and often it just might so happen that the past is stronger than the present .

    Without memories and events both good and bad our lives mean for nothing, without them we do not learn!.

  2. The year is 2222 and Charlie and Maureen land on Mars after accumulating enough Frequent Flier miles.
    They meet a Martian couple and are talking about all sorts of things.
    Charlie asks if Mars has a stock market, if they have laptop computers, how they make money, etc.
    Finally, Maureen brings up the subject of sex. 'Just how do you guys do it?' asks Maureen.
    The Martian responds, "Pretty much the same way you do"
    A discussion ensues and finally the couples decide to swap partners for the night and experience one another... Maureen and the male Martian go off to a bedroom where the Martian strips. He's got only a teeny, weenie member about half an inch long and just a quarter-inch thick.
    'I don't think this is going to work,' says Maureen.
    'Why?' he asks. 'What's the matter?'
    'Well,' she replies, 'it's just not long enough to reach me!'
    'No problem,' he says, and proceeds to slap his forehead with his palm. With each slap of his forehead, his member grows until it's quite impressively long.
    'Well,' she says, 'that's quite impressive, but it is still narrow.'
    'No problem,' he says, and starts pulling his ears. With each pull, his member grows wider and wider until the entire measurement is extremely exciting to the woman.
    'Wow!' she exclaims, as they fell into bed and made mad passionate love.
    The next day the couples rejoin their other partners and go their separate ways. As they walked along, Charlie asks, 'Well, was it any good?'
    'I hate to say it,' says Maureen, 'but it was wonderful. How about you?'
    'It was horrible,' he replies. 'I've got a hell of a headache ... She kept at it all night, slapping my forehead and tugging at my ears.”

  3. Do the Specs Average Speed Cameras on motorways work as when I adhere to the 50mph speed limit on motorway work areas,  vehicles often pass at what appear to be in excess of 60mph, usually top end class of cars, surely if the Specs cameras do work it would not be long before the drivers of these cars would lose their licenses.


  4. 34 minutes ago, grey_man said:

    It strikes me following the latest mealy mouthed justification from Andy Farrall that people are now really finding out who their local politicians represent, and it isn't them. 

    It has taken them this long to recognise that, show me a politician who isn't in it for their own ends!!!!!!!!!.

  5. Fair coment obs however a 'storm surge' is a temporary serious event with potentially devastating consequences, however the sea level returns to it's original levels after the storm has passed, Holland reclaimed land from below the tidal sea levels by building dykes and pumping sea water out.

  6. The whole situation is politically motivated, most (if not all) Warringtons councilors live North of the MSC and have a 'NIMBY' attitude, inasmuch that " build the the new housing development South of the canal, the population of that area don't vote for us anyway so what have we got to lose".

  7. 11 hours ago, asperity said:

    A lot of land in Holland is actually below sea level as it was reclaimed - hence the large sea walls. Not the same thing as flooding from rainfall.

    Thank goodness for for your common sense comment Asp!, the flooding situation has nothing comparable with Hollands geographical situation.

  8. Stallard, I don't visit this site too often for the simple reason that whatever topic is posted develops into abject vitreol and this one is decending into that category which is certainly not of your making, I have just finishing reading your reporting of the terrible experience that you and the people of Texas are going through and my heart goes out to you, thank God that you and your family survived without suffering too much hardship although the effect on you all must have been terrifying. We over here in the UK moan about our climate but thankfully now nothing of the terrors inflicted by the extreme weather on other parts of our planet.

    Thanks Stallard for the excellent report of the event you painted a vivid picture of the event as it unfolded, I hope you can all return to normal living as soon as possible.


  9. Proposed area affected

    I would have thought that the timescale in planning and executing this 'ambitious', and costly project which includes removing the Latchford high level railway bridge and replacing it with a road bridge would take a number of years to complete!.

    The modifying of the existing railway embankment to build the new road over the canal will require demolishing many of the existing houses in the locality, I have it on good authority that householders have already received letters informing them that many of their properties would be subject to compulsory purchase orders.

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  10. On 19/04/2017 at 7:06 AM, Evil Sid said:

    I don't worry as long as it works dizz.:ph34r:

    I do wonder though if it got you to thinking about naked in!!!!:wacko:

    It would be more of a disappointment not being able to see the invisible women Sid! - depending on your gender of course!.B)