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  1. Shhhh....

  2. Happy birthday Dizzy

    Happy Birthday Dizz, sorry it's late but better late than never!
  3. Winter Hill Fire

    Fire service are asking people out camping/picnicking not to use disposable Barbecues in moorland and wooded areas.
  4. PC slow response Memory

    I also use this software and find it excellent!. Bill great piece of advice.
  5. Chickens

    Very good, asp. you could say old Butch had decided to take his time and not go like the 'clappers' .
  6. I'm changing my opinion regarding the old buildings in the town centre, let's have the lot flattened and start again, Bill is correct, these crumbling old hovels are not fit for purpose they are tiny inside and of little architectural value, the shops in bridge street date from the early 1900's with a few exceptions such as the Town Hall and a couple of pubs in Church Street there are few buildings worth saving. We could save a brick from the Packet House label it and place it in a display case in the museum along with other bricks from the towns old buildings - far more economical and space saving!. I say bring on 'Milton Keynes' and let us create more jobs for window cleaners in the area. Bring it on!.
  7. Heatwave -

    On the topic of dogs, remember on extremely hot days such as those we are experiencing at the moment please remember dogs can suffer burns to their pads, check the pavement for heat before taking your dog on a walk. Place your hand or a bare foot on the surface for 10 seconds. If it is too hot for you to keep your hand or foot on it, then it is too hot for your pet. Stay on grassy surfaces and avoid bare ground when outside in the summer heat.
  8. flying the flag and the world cup.

    Bill I am the one who should apologies for ranting, it is totally out of character but in my opinion PJ goes too far, all the other members have a little dig from time to time and why not! but PJ oversteps the mark almost to the point of being vitriolic.
  9. As reported on the - BBC News Website. More than 450 patients died after being given powerful painkillers inappropriately at Gosport War Memorial Hospital, a report has found.An independent panel said, taking into account missing records, a further 200 patients may have suffered a similar fate.The report found there was a "disregard for human life" of a large number of patients from 1989 to 2000.It said Dr Jane Barton oversaw the practice of prescribing on the wards. There was an "institutionalised regime" of prescribing and administering "dangerous" amounts of a medication not clinically justified at the Hampshire hospital, the report said. Who is the doctor who actively shortened her patients' lives? Dr Jane Ann Barton, now aged 70, graduated from Oxford University in 1972 as a Bachelor of Medicine. She became a GP and worked at Forton Medical Centre in Gosport, and was employed for five sessions a week as a clinical assistant in the Department of Medicine for Elderly People at Gosport War Memorial Hospital from 1 May 1988 until her resignation on 5 July 2000.
  10. flying the flag and the world cup.

    I intend to Asp. I don't intend to allow PJ to drive me away. Bill the 'Ignore list' is a handy little tool, I have only used it once before and PJ is the only member that I have used it on and probably ever will be.
  11. flying the flag and the world cup.

    PJ This was my comment regarding your attitude towards my original post to Sid's post - "No!, I would never have even thought of such a situation, it just shows what a warped, bitter and twisted mind you have and regards to whether you found it crap humour or not is of no interest to me and just confirms to me what a bigot you really are PJ." - and I meant every word, you are nothing but an antagonistic stirrer and internet bully who is not happy unless you are causing disruption on this group. I think it was a couple of years back I placed you on the sites 'Ignored users list' but then relented and made you visible again, it gives me great pleasure to place you back on once more where thank goodness I shall not have to put up with your idiotic remarks. Cheerio! Bigot.
  12. flying the flag and the world cup.

    After having a nose around the media news sites and as far as I can make out there is no ban on flying our national flags on motor vehicles in the UK, the Royal Mail has banned the flying of flags on their vehicles though.
  13. flying the flag and the world cup.

    No!, I would never have even thought of such a situation, it just shows what a warped, bitter and twisted mind you have and regards to whether you found it crap humour or not is of no interest to me and just confirms to me what a bigot you really are PJ.
  14. flying the flag and the world cup.

    What the hell are you talking about PJ, there was no racism mentioned or even intended in my comment, are you so bigoted that you can't see genuine humour when it stares you in the face, Confused 52 is correct I was merely having a light hearted dig at Sid regarding his comment, I am the last person that would infer that any area of this country was populated by any race by their colour, for goodness sake lighten up and take your head from up your backside and see what the real world is like man.
  15. flying the flag and the world cup.

    Sid, "not only but also" - the Black Country gained its name in the mid-nineteenth century from the smoke from the many thousands of iron working foundries and forges. Other theories mention the abundance of coal in the region - the working of the shallow and 30ft thick seams. The region was described as 'Black by day and red by night' by Elihu Burritt, the American Consul to Birmingham in 1862. Some of my ancestors were from the midlands, my great great grandfather was a narrowboat captain who came from Napton-on-the-Hill and worked out of Braunston.