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  1. I tried to upload the image Dizz but wasn't able to however I have now managed to do so by copying the link address from FB Warrinton Memories by coping it from the image URL and pasting it to the post..
  2. Many Thanks for the photo Algy

  3. The Seven Stars Inn 1860. Bridge Street.
  4. algy


    Left hand side next door but one after the Bay Horse on the corner with Foundry Street.
  5. Are we talking about the Windows 10 upgrade if so I did mine about a month ago and up to now I am quite impressed with the result.
  6. Factory lane tunnel under Bank Quay station looking toward Wilson Patten Street, now blocked off and I believe completely filled in.
  7. algy


    Cleo lost her husband and not to long after she ceased posting, consequently we assumed that that the good lady had also passed also on. She was an an asset to this forum and had a good sense of humour and also not frightened to speak her mind. 😪
  8. algy


    Thanks Dizz, I hope to add more soon.
  9. algy


    Thank's Davy, I hope so!.
  10. algy


    As the photo section doesn't seem very active nowadays I thought this may be a more appropriate section to issue an apology for most if not all of the images that I had posted in the past that have disappeared from posts on the 'Photo' Section, the reason is that I had closed my account on Photobucket, however I am gradually uploading them to my Flickr account and now downloading them from there. I'm only sorry that I had not done this before but I have only just discovered how to upload the photos from Flickr via the images URL. Algy.
  11. Clucas, this is the original Dog & Dart Inn which stood on the junction of Knutsford Road, Stockport Road and Chester Road, Grappenhall. Credit to Andrea Daniels for the black & white photo. The original Dog and Dart Inn, Grappenhall. c1925. The small single story building is the Toll keepers cottage.
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