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  1. Grid lock at Sainburys - again

    I have no idea where what happened to LT., but Baz has got the old photo bug and posts quite a lot on FB with the the old Warrington photos though and comes up with some really good ones that I had not seen before.
  2. Grid lock at Sainburys - again

    Thank you for your reply regarding the welfare of the older gentleman who was involved in the accident near Sainsbury's Dizz, you were the only member who showed concern over his welfare the others were too busy tearing their dresses and swinging their handbags at each other to be bothered. I have been a member for many years now and the situation never changes on this section of the forum, takes me back to my tender years at junior school!, this new chappie Togger1 is a brilliant replacement for Lt, a little more volatile perhaps but not half a bad gutter scrapper.
  3. Grid lock at Sainburys - again

    The driver of the car involved is 84 years old and mounted the pavement after being blinded by the sun when he flipped the car, he is perfectly all right other than grazing one of his fingers, he was taken to hospital and checked over and was released later that day. The gentleman in question is a fiend of one of my wife's friends and rang her to give her the details in case she was worried.
  4. Do not believe everything that you read!!!! Togger1.
  5. Where does this stop, will we not be able to say: he and she, girl friend and boy friend or indeed boy or girl, Mr and Mrs, son and daughter, bride and groom and so on! as all these are descriptive of each of the genders.
  6. Heck! I started this topic and beginning to wish I hadn't. (mind you this is not unusual in this section of the forum )
  7. Tanneries in Warrington

    One of the most dreaded diseases that came in with the hides was Anthrax, I remember there was a case in the early 1950's at the Mersey Street Tannery but was quickly contained, not sure if there were any fatalities though. There were at least 20 Tanneries In The Warrington Area In 1907 Winwick Road Tannery Tanners Lane Tannery Buckly Street Tannery Haydock Street Tanner Winwick Street Tannery on the corner with John Street Orford Tannery Howley Tannery - Howley Lane Holmesfield Tannery - Howley Lane Running Pump Tannery - Smith Street (off Mersey Street) Fennel Street Tannery Mersey Tannery - Mersey Street Vernon Street Tannery Old Tannery - Mersey Street Manor Tannery - Lower Wash lane Raddon Court Tannery - Lower Wash Lane Latchford Tannery - Thelwall Lane Knutsford Road Tannery - Grappenhall Cliff Lane Tannery - Grappenhall Grappenhall Tannery - Bellhouse Lane Penketh Tannery.
  8. Life hacks

    There are a lot of truths amongst those sayings Asp.
  9. It won't be long before a human is genetically engineered to have male and female reproductive organs to self produce it's young, no male and females for the sex gender brigade to campaign for. All done in one package!.
  10. Town centre and its backstreets

    Another interesting batch, thanks Mimocuja.
  11. The first ancient Britons had black skin

    Don't fall for that one Togger your never safe!.
  12. My Mate!

    Could be on his way back then Asp although knowing him by now he's probably forgotten where he started from so he is possibly on his way around again.
  13. The first ancient Britons had black skin

    Surprising how deep dirt travels Togger, look at this photo I had taken last year at a reunion of the 69th Reg. Backwith Fusiliers and I had a good wash and brush up before I attended.
  14. Tesco was embroiled in a new gender row last night – after being accused over images on its 'prehistoric and sexist' trolleys is now facing a backlash from shoppers. They say that safety instructions on the handles of the carts only depict women with children, using a silhouette of a figure in a dress. In my opinion this is getting ridiculous. The largest percentage of supermarket shoppers are women or am I still at liberty to describe them as that!!!!.