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  1. As you say asp, the old ones are the best, it's a long time since I heard this one but it's still funny, Reagan also tells it well though. πŸ‘
  2. Mix these tablets with the cattle feed - problem solved!
  3. Well at least they don't roll around pulling their knees up to their chins pretending to be in agony after being tackled as the so called primadonna's of the mens teams do, asp.
  4. Great win for England ladies against Japan ladies last night although I think the Japanese girls shocked our girls in the second half with their aggression and their accurate passing, they were very unlucky not to score, Keep the good work up ladies!.
  5. Perhaps they should provide rubber hammers to the same people πŸ˜‰.
  6. algy

    PC ban -

    As per usual this post has turned into personal attacks on one and other it is no wonder that this forum is dying on it's feet!.
  7. I like the - "and most of it's people strangely enough" part of your post Asp πŸ˜‚.
  8. Wasn't that a retrograde step Asp? πŸ˜•.
  9. Only when it is raining Sid πŸ˜‰.
  10. That's sexist PJ, or so women would say, long live equality and Hip Hip Hooray!.
  11. Magnficent result, I am well pleased.
  12. Huawei, I'm fine thanks Huawei U I also have a Huawei tablet Dizz and my wife has an ipad and comparing quality and price I think the Huawei is far better value.
  13. I also like Bob 'Hope' PJ. πŸ˜‰
  14. Famous firsts, figures and important dates Famous firsts for Warrington Year Event 1321 Warrington becomes the first paved town in Lancashire 1526 Boteler Grammar School founded 1643 Siege of Warrington 1690 Henry Booth, Lord Delamere, created Earl of Warrington 1757 The 'Warrington Advisor' becomes Lancashire's first newspaper 1755-57 The first commercial canal in Britain - Sankey-St Helens - is cut 1761 G & J Distillery 1779 The first Sunday School in the county, St James' Sunday School, is opened 1787 The first Boulton & Watt steam engine to be used in Lancashire is installed at Latchford cotton mill 1830 The first Total Abstinence Society in Britain is formed in Warrington 1832 Warrington becomes a Parliamentary Borough 1832 The first MP in the town, E.G. Hornby, is returned to Parliament as a Liberal candidate 1834 First Walking Day 1847 The first Mayor takes office as the town becomes a Borough 1848 The first public library in the country is opened in Warrington, supporting the town's museum 1864 The first ever Lancashire county cricket match is played in Warrington 1897 Victoria Park opened 1899 Cromwell's statue erected 1900 Warrington becomes a County Borough 1902 First Tram 1920 Warrington's first women magistrates and town councillor take office 1925 War memorial unveiled 1934 Kingsway Bridge opened 1939 RAF Padgate opened 1940-45 RAF Burtonwood - Largest USAF Base in Europe 1945 Walton Gardens opened to the public 1946 Bruche Police Training Centre opened 1957 Wilderspool Bridge opened 1963 Thelwall Viaduct opened 1968 Hilden, Germany Twin Town 1972 Outline Plan of New Town published, first houses built at Longbarn I think it may have ended at 1972 as nothing positive of note has happened since then!.
  15. It keeps him quiet I suppose, obs. ☺️
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