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  1. A boozy weekend.

    Bob left work one Thursday evening.As it was pay day, so instead of going home, he stayed out the entire weekend boozing and playing cards with his mates and spending his entire wages. When he finally appeared at home on Sunday night, he was confronted by his angry wife and was nagged for nearly two hours with a tirade befitting his actions. Finally his wife stopped the nagging and said to him, "How would you like it if you didn't see me for two or three days?" He replied, "That would be fine with me." Monday went by and he didn't see his wife. Tuesday and Wednesday came and went with the same results. On Thursday, the swelling had gone down just enough so that he could see her just a little out of the corner of his left eye.
  2. Raw Meat -

    Obs, what in the heck! is a millennial and a snowflake (in the context of this topic), I am obviously missing something here and really must get out more. Beef in the bag with gravy although if my memory serves me correctly it was more like thin brow water than gravy has been around for donky's years.
  3. Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    Gary, I try to think positively re - Warrington town centre but find it increasingly difficult as there is little to be positive about, Warrington has to earn my respect and at present that is not happening, absolutely nothing would give me more pleasure than to boast that I come from Warrington and as yet I don't feel that I am ready to do that. To me the towns only saving grace comes from driving up Winmarleigh Street on a sunny day and seeing the towns 'Jewel in the Crown' the Town Hall , I pray to God that WBC planners are never allowed to alter that building as it is one of our treasures and having said that there are few of those remaining!. Good luck with this post Gary!.
  4. Playing with fire ?

    I doubt we would be responsible for paying any compensation for damaging a chemical warfare materials manufacturing site obs as it was illegal anyway
  5. Playing with fire ?

    I agree with your comment implicitly obs.
  6. Playing with fire ?

    Playing devils advocate here, what if the Ruskies are telling the truth and this use of chemical weapons event is a set up by the Yanks, not beyond the realms of possibility with 'Daft Donald' in charge, then this lot could kick off without good reason and may well result in at least the deaths of tens of thousands of lives and at worst millions lives. Addendum: Too late! as strkes by four UK tornado jets and US missiles were launched at 2am this morning (Huffington Post).
  7. Embarrasing Ambassador

    she is a total embarrassment to this country, the way she is dressed she would be more suited to working as a madam in a whorehouse, Boris is another poor example of the idiots that are presently representing this country!.
  8. Spy games ?

    Probably turn out that the spy and his daughter contracted food poisoning when they ate dodgy pork pies at the local pub!.
  9. Royal Wedding

    You can bet they will be on the cheap and ancient stock removed decades ago as no longer in keeping with todays trends or events.
  10. Englishman's home ?

    Unfortunately the police had no option other than to comply with the law and arrest this hero!, as the old saying "the law is an ass". Thankfully the chap has been released on bail. On last nights news they reported that he had been defending his wife who has dementia and was terrified. Well done that man!.
  11. Taking a tinkle.

    A woman pregnant with triplets was walking down the street when a masked robber ran out of a bank and shot her three times in the stomach. Luckily the babies were OK. The surgeon decided to leave the bullets in because it was too risky to operate. She gave birth to two healthy daughters and a healthy son. All was fine for 16 years, and then one daughter walked into the room in tears. 'What's wrong?' asked the mother. 'I was taking a tinkle and this bullet came out,' replied the daughter. The mother told her it was okay and explained what happened 16 years ago. About a week later the second daughter walked into the room in tears. 'Mom, I was taking a tinkle and this bullet came out.' Again the mother told her not to worry and explained what happened 16 years go. A week later her son walked in to the room in tears. 'It's okay' said the Mom, 'I know what happened. You were taking a tinkle and a bullet came out.' 'No,' said the boy, 'I was playing with myself and I shot the dog.'
  12. Introduction

    Hi! Artie, my visits are spasmodic with occasional bursts of 'joining in' depending on what topics I find interests me but generally keep my head down, it's not like the good old days when there was a great deal of banter but hey! nothing stays the same as the actress said to the bishop.
  13. Posh food

    Asp, why would the black leghorn hens, be enrobed with organic virgin olive oil mayonnaise and sprinkled with organic, hand-harvested cress?.
  14. UK Passports ?

    Me neither Sid, my last trip abroad put an end to it for me, waiting at airports for hours (both ways) crunched up on a 'cattle class' flight, ripped off by the car hire company, contracted Delhi belly, and that was only while visiting the Isle of White!.