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  1. Grow up you plum I come on here arranging a non profit trip at ?4 and you make childish comments go back to kiddies forum
  2. I have travel from the rodney to Wigan return at a bargain price of ?4 p/p I will be collecting fates before the cas game in Sunday should you be interested
  3. Yet another Warrington soldier died today god bless him and thoughts to his family I won't post his name as the press has not yet released
  4. Totally agree with you there mate total disrespectful to the youngsters
  5. Unless the screen is sited elsewhere which is very unlikely the only benefit will be to the east stand and part of the north and how will the sound be piped around I wonder
  6. Its a case of horses for courses I suppose I enjoy the away matches and mixing with a variety of fans, as do most of my chums I can understand why people want it binned due to the expense
  7. Hence why I put o/t let's not make this into an arguementetive forum like another one we all know apologies Gary didn't realise there was a general issues forum
  8. He has been charged with downloading and distribution of child porn time to throw away the key obviously not rehabilitated and still a threat to the public
  9. There seams to be an awful lot of season ending injuries at the moment I suggest it may be due to the pitches drying out hopefully we won't fall foul of this problem not that I would wish it on any players of any team
  10. You not comin wembley then
  11. Have a feeling these will be popping up all over the countries stadiums soon
  12. Why is it nonsense that's your opinion which you are entitled to but don't get complacent just because we won one final and in touching distance of another not all clubs have the luxury of seeing their teams playing in a big stadium
  13. Even though far away if you have not been to a Cardiff magic w/e well worth it tbh I'm hoping for a one off to Dublin
  14. Clubs have voted in favour to keep the magic weekend I for one am pleased but hopefully not Edinburgh
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