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  1. Baz. I stood for the Conservatives in Whittle Hall and hopefully will be standing again next year. I will come and speak to you whenever you want just let me know. And by the way, I live just off Washington Drive so not too far away
  2. if I am not mistaken the person nearest to the camera is Cllr Gleave
  3. Just another challenge for the staff in the modern NHS Paul
  4. Baz Sorry but you do have 1 parish councillor in West brook. Matt Newton for the Lib Dems lives on Westbrook crescent. He was elected in december when he unfortunately beat myself.
  5. don@t woory about opponents having a go at each other. They are all lib dems. They do not have anyone to keep them in check
  6. Totally agree that we are paying too much. The PC has however found funding to provide boxing lessons for a minority of our local youth. My teenage girls were thrilled........not.
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