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  1. CRC = Community Recycling Centre. It's closed for the next 12 weeks due to it being improved. Choices are Stockton Heath or Sankey Bridges!
  2. There is no reason to restore the phone to factory settings to perform an update. The reason you can not update from the phone its self is that there isn't enough room, it downloads the update, then needs space to unpack it to then install. If you update whilst it's tethered to the laptop it will use the laptop hard-drive (not the iPhone) to store and unpack the update. You should connect the phone via USB to the laptop/computer (normally the computer that it was set up on and syncs to for music etc. Launch iTunes and perform a backup (just incase, and yest it does back up photos, apps, music, contacts) Click on Check for Update (look at the attached pic) follow the prompts and let iTunes do it's thang!!!!
  3. Yes! Ban smoking in cars too to stop them being flicked into the road and through my open passenger window during the summer!
  4. I have a condensing dryer that has no vent or hookup to a waste. It has a built in water container that just needs to be emptied every couple of drying cycles.....this means that it could be put anywhere within the property.
  5. Willetts Marsden on Wilson Patten Street worked a treat for me and was recommended by my Mortgage Adviser. I was resident in another country when i purchased my house and they worked with me very well via email for everything that I needed to do.
  6. How's this for wind damage? http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10203529833076645
  7. I lost a couple of twigs from a tree.......
  8. I hope we do, would quite like an excuse to work from home sinking into the sofa!
  9. Probably the regular and latest roundup of illegals, pimps & drug pushers.... there was a roundup just before Christmas!
  10. Or download the survey, complete in MS word (or other software that can read .doc files) and email back to the address on the website! Looking at the survey, what have questions 7-11 got to do with waste collections?
  11. OK, firstly... it's 'iPhone' not 'I Phone'!! There are many differences between the 4s and the 5: Weight, 5 = 112g Vs 4s 140g Display, 5 = 4" vs 4s 3.5" Processor, 5 = 1.3 GHz vs 4s 800 MHz (make the 5 a lot faster) RAM, 5 = 1GB vs 4s 512MB Wireless = 5 has 4G capabilities, 4s is limited to 3G Camera, 5 rear = 8MP and front 1.2MP, 4s rear = 8MP and front VGA camera Software aspect, they are both the same....
  12. More notice would have been nice rather than the day before! Kids ended up watching from the bedroom window due to lack of local advertisement......
  13. Do you know if there will be a fireworks display this year at the Hawthorn Centre in Padgate?

  14. Though it would be fun these videos are fake...... The videos are part of an advertising campaign for Cardo Bluetooth headsets a few years ago in the USA (I was living there at the time they were on TV), the full video has a disclaimer that states the content of the initial video is merely a fictitious and humorous optical illusion designed for entertainment. Nothing in the video implies that mobile phones can make popcorn.
  15. Rumour has it that on the old fiat site is going to be a Morrisons and in a story last year it mentioned the extension of Alban Retail Park with additional entrance/exit directly onto Winwick Road which would relieve some of the traffic problems currently faced on Hawleys Lane. Turning right from Winwick Road onto Long Lane is sometimes a problem due to the short time period the lights are on green.
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