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  1. lynnl

    Walking Day

    Does Warrington still have walking day with the fair in Victoria Park? If so, what time of year is it? Another thing so long ago I can't remember.
  2. lynnl

    The Blue Candle

    Does anyone remember the Blue Candle which apparently was in Leigh St? I used to go there but can't remember exactly where it was. If anyone knows please let me know. Is the building still there and if so whereabouts? If not, what is there now? Also the same for the Heaven n Hell club which didn't last all that long but was fun while it did.
  3. Thanks for all that Sid. I had another look on street view and can see where it used to be. The whole of Bewsey Rd looks different now.
  4. lynnl


    Thanks. I had a look on street view and saw the supermarket. It all looks so different around there. I don't think the doctors surgery we used to go to is there. Seems like all new buildings.
  5. lynnl

    Premiere cinema

    I saw the story about the cannabis in the disused cinema. Is the old building still there? I can't find it on street view. Where exactly is it? It's been so long my memory is tricking me.
  6. lynnl


    Another question. Does anyone remember Rylands on Manchester Rd? My Dad worked there for a while sometime in the 60's. Whereabouts on Manchester Rd was it? Was it before or after the cemetery travelling towards town from Kingsway? Manchester Rd is almost unrecognisable in some sections. We used to go to a doctors along there as well. Dr. Thomas and Dr. Alan (sp?). I don't suppose their surgery is there anymore. Anyway, any info about all this would be appreciated.
  7. Does anyone remember Greenings wireworks which used to be in Bewsey Rd? I worked there for a while at the beginning of 1965. It doesn't seem to be there anymore. Can anyone tell me what is in it's place as I can't remember the exact location. Google street view has prompted all these enquiries as I left Warrington 40 years ago for Oz and so much has changed.
  8. lynnl

    Premiere cinema

    Yes it was Premier without the E. I seem to remember also a cinema in maybe Rylands St? My Dad took us there to see Meet Me In St Louis sometime in the 50's. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
  9. lynnl

    Premiere cinema

    Thanks observer. Don't suppose the building is still there?
  10. lynnl

    Premiere cinema

    Does anyone remember the old Premiere cinema which was somewhere around Thelwall Lane? I remember going to matinees there on Saturdays when we were kids in the 50's. If so, what street was it actually in?
  11. Thanks "observer". I think you have it. That is about where it was. It definitely wasn't down the other end opposite the church. Seems it's long gone like so many other things.
  12. My Mum and Aunty used to work in a commercial laundry in Thelwall Lane in the old days. They got me a job there in the school holidays once but I didn't last long as my hand got stuck in a steam press and I was rushed off to hospital. I am trying to find out if the place is still there and if not, what is in it's place. Somebody said a hairdresser's but I would like to know for sure. I can't even remember whereabouts on Thelwall Lane it was as it was so long ago. Any info would be appreciated.
  13. Very sorry to hear about the co-op hall. We used to have some good times there. My sister and I used to go to a nearby off-licence and get a bottle filled up with draught sherry and drink it through a straw before going on to the co-op. Very naughty weren't we? Actually the night we were leaving Warringto to come to Oz I got arrested and taken to the police station for fighting with another girl. It was New Year's eve and we had to catch the train at Bank Quay station to go to London and then on to Southampton. They only let me go because I was leaving the country. Good riddance they sai
  14. Can anyone tell me what happened to the co-op hall on winwick st where we used to go dancing on Saturday nights. Also there used to be a commercial laundry in Thelwall Lane Latchford where my mum and aunty worked years ago. Is it still there?
  15. Thanks Adam. You have answered the question for me. I want to avoid any such problems.
  16. Thankyou for your suggestion but I prefer not to get involved in facebook. I will just keep hoping someone who comes on here will know her.
  17. Thanyou Bill. Your reply seemed the most constructive. I will try your suggestion. Google Earth isn't that great. I can see the roof of my old house but I really want the street view. Nobody seems to know anything much about it. Here in Australia we've had nationwide coverage on street view for ages.
  18. I tried this a couple of years ago and got no response but I am trying again as I did manage to find someone else through this forum. I would like to know what happened to Wendy Collins. She lived in Richmond Avenue, Latchford when we were younger and went to Warrington High. She would be around 60 years old now. If anyone know please let me know. I have tried Friends Reunited with no success.
  19. I have just returned to the Warrington Worldwide forum after some time so maybe this issue has already been discussed. However, I will bring it up again. I live in Australia and am wondering when Warrington is going to be available on street view. I have heard that they were driving the street some months ago so how long does it take? Australia has been pretty well covered for ages now. I am impatient to see Warrington again as I have been over here for a long time and never been back for a visit.
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