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  1. Worse luck. My own brother thinks that since The Donald installed a 70 foot high flagpole on his golf course on Palos Verde Peninsula, with a super large American flag, Donald Trump is the most patriotic of all the contenders. Since I've stopped putting out a flag on July 4 my brother insults me with emails about 'patriotism'. There's probably one in every family.
  2. A Post Script to this topic on June 1. Two contenders for opposing Obama in 2012 met in NYC -- and the attending press were aghast at Donald Trump's use of a fork to ingest pizza at their dinner. He explained that he did not care for the crust on pizza, and was merely scooping up the cheese, tomato sauce, and accoutrements. Still, a question has arisen: is he really a New Yorker, home of pizza mania? Will he show us his birth certificate?
  3. Harry, You are of an age when you could have sojourned in Korea along with Maurice Micklewhite back in the 50s. I can't help wondering.
  4. In defense of my medieval countrymen -- I've heard it said that the Brits use the opposite fork to ingest morsels of meat - i.e. with the left hand, while normal etiquette in the states says 'hold the meat firmly with the fork in left hand to cut it, then transfer the fork to the right hand to spear and put the meat into your mouth.' OMG! I'm getting addled in my old age. Perhaps it was just the reverse. As for lobster, these people evidently had not eaten the creatures in Maine where picking it apart with a tool other than knife and fork are employed. I would like to see a demonstration of British diners dealing with consuming those creatures. We take pride in being unpretentious, but then, you may rightfully be appalled.
  5. The song ASP posted was too long -- I gave up after 3 minutes. I do love potatoes, though. It seems to a staple food of Russians and Eastern Europe as well. And come to think of it, I run to watch the telly when the Lord of the Dance (Flatly) is doing a jig, and the pretty colleens with their red hair playing a violin melts my heart. Erin go bragh -- or something like that.
  6. Inky -- my father had a mother-in-law with the family name Harwich. I used to wonder if she was a distant cousin of Sir Cedric Hardwicke. I didn't know thee was port called Harwich. Must look that up. In the stage play BECKET Henry II is saying, "what is this thing about forks -- introduced to us by the French." Becket replies, "they are washable" -- the King says, "so are fingers, I don't see the point..." Becket adds, "it's a...... refinement." Harry -- it was August 30, 1996 to August 30 1997 - under contract with the Ministry of Education to coach their high school English teachers conversational practice -- hearing and speaking -- for their Globalization program -- they brought in more than a thousand of us from Great Britain, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland -- to familiarize their international sales people in ACCENTS. It was the best year of my life. It was against the law to watch North Korean TV but I lived in a valley near the DMZ and saw Kim Jong Il's birthday party on channel that wasn't jammed.
  7. It says here the Eleventh Earl of Sandwich opened some eateries in 2001, including NY, Florida, and California. I was interested to see that the original sandwich was simply a slice of roast beef with some mustard and horse radish. Simple. I dislike the Dagwood Bumstead gourmet sandwiches some foodies like to tout. That's just grumpy me. In Korea for a year I tried and tried to convince the locals that pizza is expressly designed as finger food, but noooooo, they kept right on using a knife and fork on their pizza. I completely lack persuasive skills.
  8. We all have skeletons in our closet, metaphorically speaking. I'm underwhelmed by Irish culture.
  9. Mary, In my younger days I read everything James Michener wrote -- he liked to weave history into contemporary romantic stories. One of them, I can't remember the title was about Afghanistan -- narrated by a young man in the American embassy there, who knows a young college woman who moves there via marriage to an Afghan, leaves him for life with a nomad -- talks about using camel dung for cook fires, wait -- I'll look up Michener and find the title: Oh, yeah - it was CARAVANS. To the mountain fastness of Afghanistan comes Mark Miller, an American diplomat attached to the Embassy in Kabul. He is investigating the disappearance of Ellen Jasper, an independent young woman in search of the freedom offered by the wildest and weirdest land on earth. It was a good page turner.
  10. Malik, I was two goes. 3 for lunch, 3 for dinner. I hadn't had any meat for a week or so and needed the space in the freezer.
  11. I hadn't seen Bowling for Columbine but came across it by chance last week, in that year Japan had 39 deaths by gunfire and USA had 11,839. We're Number One! We're Number One! Guess it's the old frontier mentality -- there was no protection from our neighbors or hostiles and each homeowner enforced the peace and protected his property. It actually makes a weak cowardly man feel big and strong, IMVHO.
  12. I missed the TV coverage -- time difference you know -- but enjoyed the summing up of Lauren Collins in The New Yorker, of May 2. Mind you most of it was over my head -- words, phrases and concepts that I'd never seen or heard before: "Kate Middleton's former piano teacher writes song"...in 1923 when Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon married Prince Albert...a request by the BBC to broadcast was rejected by church officials for fear men might hear the service, sitting in public houses, with their hats on...Republicanism in Britain is normally as a harmless and mildly embarassing pursuit, much like morris dancing or Presbyterianism" Our old movies cable station played the 1951 MGM musical "Royal Wedding" followed by Roman Holiday, Love Is A Many Splendored Thing, and even more romance films. Royal Wedding must have included actual footage of the procession in the streets for Elizabeth and Mountbatten. Would have been prohibitively expensive for that many extras and costumes, horses, etc.
  13. Cakes from Chinese bakeries in Los Angeles are delicious, just not as much sugar in them. Come to think of it, there's a chain of bakeries that are Filipino -- called Goldilocks -- again not so much sugar and frosting. Korean bakeries where I live feature cakes with whipped creme instead of frosting with fresh nuggets of fruits in the whipped cream.
  14. Jerry

    Happy Easter All

    And come to think of it, bless you Gary, for providing color to the parade. And come to think of it, you "et altera"
  15. Jerry

    Happy Easter All

    The Easter Bunny came to my mother's house with goodies, but I was deprived, as usual. Still, it was one more marker as I watch the years parade by. Bless you, Mary, for providing color.
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