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    Formula 1

    haha f1 isnt boring, it was always my dream to discuss it on the radio F1 is a spectle to be observed with great passion at times, great drivers and overtaking. On track action that leaves you coming back for more. Michael Schumacher was the best, but Hamilton and Button are brilliant also.
  2. Mediaman

    Formula 1

    Anyone here interested in the brilliant sport that is Formula 1 what are your views on it all. On a saturday I have my own segment on Formula 1 on a radio station. Feel free to give me your views so I can air them and please do listen in as well. Our segment is on what is called as the season ticket and we are on usually anytime between 3 and 4pm. Our part is called the Drivers seat f1. You can listen in on www.gtfm.co.uk
  3. There is alot of fly tipping issues here in south wales too. A terriable mess people cause too. Stupidty and lack of respect for the world around them
  4. they dont make them as tough as they used to be lol
  5. I hope Newcastle get back into the premier league where they belong
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