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  1. ooooh check u out !!! Anyway i said one specific place but did the other one get taken off because i said a pakistani shop Mr. Moderator ? Your comment was removed because it was my decision to remove it! Ok fair enough , although i would have liked a clear explanation on why it was removed rather than it was just your decision to remove it. Sounds like you do not have a clear reason so your just using your position to bully. Thats whats up in a lot of places these days ... lack of communication. Just do as i say scenario. No wonder more people do not join forums when u have admin/moderator despots . I like a forum where u can exercise free speech and if your post is in some way wrong it is explained why not just deleted. Well it was nice knowing you all, had some very good debates. I wish you all well, that includes you too Gary as i am not malicious. Bye bye
  2. Yes ...you can just say the Hospital told me to park there !
  3. ooooh check u out !!! Anyway i said one specific place but did the other one get taken off because i said a pakistani shop Mr. Moderator ?
  4. Had it done twice this week ... once at garage and the other at a local shop. PLEASE DO NOT IDENTIFY SPECIFIC PLACES unless you have absolute proof which will stand up in a court of law!
  5. Doesn't matter how many troops we have there, there will never be enough. We cannot win.... We will be there for a few years then throw a few backhanders to the tribal leaders and Afghan government and whichever government is in power, will all be rejoicing on what a wonderful job THEY have done. The next stage will be they will pass on this successful campaign to the Afghan government to police. Waste of money, time and more importantly lives.
  6. Years ago my father told my sister, brothers and i to forget putting our money into a private pension as in his words " there not worth shit!" and to put our money into property. He wisely told us that property prices will be a rollercoaster over the years but eventually there is no safer place than bricks and mortar. Like a dumb ass i was the only one out of the lot of us who never did it. The rest bought terraced houses from between 12-18k...so not a bad return even in todays climate.
  7. Wonder if the new add-on will check the teachers of muslim schools or do they not qualify still?
  8. Wasn't the barrier near to the side of the Coach and Horses pub
  9. Totally agree But lets not forget any British government doesn't have any common sense whatsoever.
  10. To be honest Dave goes around that much in circles even he hasn't got a clue what he's on about.
  11. Wasn't so long ago that the police were told to stop spot checking African and African Caribbeans as it was harrassment. Even though the black on black crime had soared. Soft on Crime. Soft on the causes of Crime........B.Liar ( Is Cherie Blair Jonathen Kings half sister? )
  12. Doesn't matter who is in power, the law will always be soft and in favour of criminals. Cometh the vigilante groups.......
  13. My brother loves the wind ripping slates and tiles off the odd roof or twenty......... but then again he is a roofer
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