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  1. they were leaving because what they saw was amatuer standard there was no desire or passion to win shaun reid has got the tactics wrong playing hoof ball we are a very good side when we pass it about and thats what we need to start doing even in our half at the back alright if we lose it there itll probably result in conceding a goal but atleast we are trying something. And as for the keeper he is awful he couldnt catch a cold and decision making is shocking yes he has a massive kick but thats it i reckon i could do a better job in goal than him hint hint lol
  2. the player foot his head 3 foot from the ground the boot was not high if you put your head there you have a good chance of being booted in the head absoulute disgrace by both liner and referee i would like to see sheer brutality back in the game of football otherwise i am shortly losing interest in the sport, that is nothing to do with the performances of late by the town i am a wire fan and always will be its just the game has come to a point any contact is a foul. hitting the woodwork was very unlucky but i still think we lack a goalscorer ash made a real impact from the moment he came on and as for the disallowed goal it was harsh to deny but things dont go your way and you move on.
  3. i have not been to the last couple of games so cant comment on the nature of the red cards, however i think it shows a great willingness to play hard fought determination etc i would like to see all aspects of the game pick up the aggressive nature again and stop the over paid actors (suarez) ruining the game and bring back the style of roy keane, vinnie jones, jaap stam and stuart pearce. it is a contact sport and referees are too weak nowadays if they did their jobs properly then there would be no problem. How can the english game (refering to football as a whole originated here i believe) be governed by a bunch of foreigners that dont know what they are doing
  4. i agree that the act was cold blooded murder and he should face the appropriate punishment, however hanging is never a good punishment, if we did that then we are not any better than him. What does anger me though is just because a person in a uniform was killed they get all the publicity and more focus on the murder however if it was us that was shot doing our jobs we would eventualy have it reported no minutes silence or anything and it is completely wrong!!! they are no different than us but they are special somehow and this is no disrespect towards those officers killed and i sympathise deeply with their families for their loss but i feel if we are all to be equal we should all have the same treatment. I also feel that officers should be armed to do their duty maybe not bullet-proof vests as the sheer weight would prevent the officers from doing their jobs and the regulations on firearms needs looking at
  5. Aaron


    haha thats quality
  6. is it just me thats got that real start of the season feeling now?? last nights performance was the best i have seen form a warrington side for a while, i am loving the principles that shaun has brought in and the new lads look sharp. rob hardwick has improved, good to see tom there last night would be good to see him back in a town shirt , kinsella is class and shippo is also i liked near enough the new team last night apart from the left back in the first half :/
  7. we have fairly easy runs at either end of the season apart from farsley away last game of the season that could be a tough game but i can see us easily finishing in play off places atleast this year especially if we like we did last night against the stoke xi, that was a great game passing and moving with some great opportunities i was liking the look of the squad if it stays likethat for the start of the season.
  8. the black kit was horrible i loved the green keeper top with the orange triangles on it
  9. it was pointless we should not have a royal family she does nothing for the country she lives in an over sized council house and has no say what so ever the only time she has power is in a) state of emergency and when parliament is not sitting and also i heard we covered up the statue of old moley when she came why?!?!?
  10. i think this is the best man utd kit in years the best obv being the white sharp viewcam kit, the blue and white sharp one of the 90s or the green and gold halves
  11. A stroke could turn you gay as it can cause a complete personality change because of the change in direction of the cells and blood in the brain, also we only use around 25% of the brain anyway so who is to say by changing how it is used can turn you gay
  12. why shouldnt they be able to marry, it is surely everyones right to marry regardless of sexual orientation. And as for the comment on the lib-dems sorting the country out they couldnt sort a p**s up in brewery they are totally useless as for most who are in power they all lie and cheat those who will sort this country out are those who stop giving needless money to struggling countries, pull out of europe and concentrate on the ruins of the people they serve
  13. i totally agree we need to take away the comforts of a prison, but for most it is a way of life they have to commit crimes either through circumstances, thrill seeking or through illness,kleptomania as an example. we need stricter rules on more serious crimes if we are to stupidly punish petty crimes with custodial sentences, we need to provide an alternative pathway for the offender i.e new job oppotunities to try mend the stigma between the public and released convicts they have served there sentence paid th eprice for their actions leave them be. Although i disagree giving them new identies and the thing that if a celeb does a crime its ok but if we did the same thing we are up in court :/
  14. the reason people re-offend is because the prisons are too soft and laws are flexible to provide a safeguard between public protection and the rights of the individual. The problem we have is that the prisons are full of people that have committed petty crimes and i totally disagree with locking them up and throwing away the key it still costs us a hell of a lot of money, also we need to do more to understand why they commit the crimes and providing an alternative pathway for them when released, we need to stop the social stigma with being in prison. Yes what he did was wrong when he stole money from poppy funds totally disrespectful but the reason we collect for this is because throughout history our so called government that are supposed to protect us have placed us in wars the should not happen or that we should not be involved in we need to let them fight it out themselves and focus on the ruins that is OUR country they look after everyone else but the people they serve :/
  15. teenage pregnancies are caused by the sluts that are getting younger and younger why? because of what we see on tv all the stuff on the news internet and what their friends know and the biggest cause peer pressure not because the government are trying to educate them to prevent this and for pharmacies to offer these young girls the pill does help because it stops the worry for them to go doctors and talk to parents about it. People need to start opening up and seeing things from their perspective and stop having the view that everything they do is wrong, you were all young once and you all must have done stuff that you regret.
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