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  1. Scanning constantly and tells me Warrington is a High Risk risk level.
  2. Yes, I`ve downloaded the App, but not needed to use it yet as not been anywhere.
  3. Perhaps the people should bring a case against Parliament for failing to deliver the referendum result from 3 years ago and activating Article 50. The political system of the UK is proven to be an absolute joke in the eyes of Europe.
  4. The people have chosen to leave the EU in a democratic vote and it is now up to the Government of the day to fulfill the peoples wishes irrespective of political persuasion. The only way that May was ever going to achieve the best deal possible for the UK was with the support of all the political parties irrespective of Political Policies and their own opinions on `Brexit or Remain`. As soon as the knives were out within the government an across other political parties we gave the EU the upper hand in any future negotiations. The only persons responsible for this mess now are the one
  5. Ian

    20 mph

    Hi Diz, Interesting facts there but how come Wilderspool Causeway has 2 entries with differing sets of data? Ian
  6. I`ll have a word with your Mum and tell her to up the Bromide in your tea.
  7. Your hormones playing up again Shareza
  8. I have an old digital Kodak (4Mp) camera and I mean old. What I find surprising is that my old camera takes a lithium rechargeable battery but can also take normal AA size batteries as standby for when the rechargeable battery runs out of power. Would have thought most modern cameras would have this ability or has technology gone backwards. Ian
  9. It tends to be 50 - 50 between Warrington and on line so I voted the other. Ian
  10. A good result for town but as insider says we missed far too many opportunities. At least five one on one scenarios where we just couldnt finish it off. We`ll need to improve our finishing if we want to make the play offs. At least its another 3 points in the bag though. Keep up the winning streak. Ian
  11. Do we know if the game is definately on or not yet. Would imagine the thaw means theres a good chance of playing providing Skem dont have there own little micro-climate. Need an injection of footie to get me over these withdrawl symptoms. Ian
  12. Ian

    World Cup?

    And Qatar for 2022. No point getting through the qualifiers for that one. We`d never survive the temperatures.
  13. Has anybody any idea as to when confirmation that tonights match will go ahead. Thanks Ian
  14. Shareza, I`ll be going Monday so you`ll have your lift if wanted. Ian
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