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  1. Birthday

    Happy Belated Birthday Stallard - have a good year!
  2. Firework Displays

    Well done Agamemnon, for all the work put into the Blackbrook fireworks display. The amount of organisation that has to be done re health and safety, risk assessments etc. is no mean feat and for a community organisation to take on this level of responsibility deserves credit. However, I think that this responsibility should fall on local councils and not individuals / community groups. I think fireworks use should be strictly licenced and should be for organised displays only. I don't think they should be sold to the general public. I also think that there should be only a few set days of the year when they are allowed to be used. As Ob's, I also fail to understand the need for loud bangs. (perhaps if event organisers joined forces and lobbied manufacturers for 'colour without bangs' fireworks it may persuade them to stop producing the bomb type bangs?) Organised events, such as yours, are certainly a way forward as they probably discourage people from buying fireworks for home displays, (why bother when they can see bigger, better fireworks at an event). Though I really feel that the responsibility for such events should really be borne by the local authority. I didn't go to your event Agamemnon but do appreciate the work you have done, so 'thanks' and 'well done!' to you and others who have given time and effort to provide a safe event for your community.
  3. Green Belt Under Threat - Areal View

    'legal ramifications' Oh, deary me! I really don't think, whatever is said, that WBC would mount any legal (very public) challenge - they would have to produce detailed evidence to prove that the bank wasn't failing and also prove that there were no solid grounds for anyone to have believed any 'failing' was a very likely possibility. Firstly, there would be difficulties in determining what exactly constitutes 'failing'. WBC failing to meet their often fantastical predictions re their projects is pretty commonplace. Also, the town's crap credit rating and past blunders (all described in great detail) would illustrate how very difficult it would be for anyone NOT to expect that any of WBC's projects would be failing. 'Legal ramifications' ...........................hilarious!
  4. Green Belt Under Threat - Areal View

    Why would residents of the proposed 'commuter estates' be travelling that way?
  5. Green Belt Under Threat - Areal View

    Lost enough already then haven't we! Warrington has already expanded under the 'New Town' programme - wasn't that enough for one town to take?
  6. NHS moan one - walk in centre

    Less than a week to get an appointment! Gosh, you're lucky! I recently had to wait over a month to speak to my GP over the phone!
  7. Green Belt homes plan is madness

    Our new MP is not showing any signs of clashing with either - he appears to be 'sitting on the fence' - alongside all the councillors throughout the town. As for Andy Farrell, even though their 'aspirations for becoming a city' are all over the documents, he's just been in the news saying it's nothing to do with them wanting 'city status'.
  8. Green Belt homes plan is madness

    The figure given is 9,000 on actual designated green belt. This doesn't include the masses of agricultural land which will also disappear if the preferred development option is accepted. It's complete madness! - especially as the homes built will be in the council tax band D bracket! The developments would include a few 'Affordable' homes, at 20% less than market value in the area; so will start at around £400,000, which is circa 17.5 x the average salary in Warrington. Employment opportunities will be provided nearby, in the acres of warehouses (also on green belt).
  9. Green Belt homes plan is madness

    It may or may not be a consideration but not the main part. CLLR STEVE PARISH seems to have disappeared, without answering my question, "WHAT IS THE REAL REASON all of you councillors – of all parties – are so desperate to promote the building of multi-thousands of band D housing?”
  10. Green Belt homes plan is madness

    The ww news item on the extended consultation, probably most 'hot' issue in Warrington at the moment gets relegated to archives after less than 24 hours?
  11. Green Belt homes plan is madness

    The green belt boundary isn't clearly defined. The boundary of the ancient woodland isn't even clearly defined - in the above map it's chopped off at both ends! Like I said the designations on the plan are 'all to cock'. The problem with the present proposals, not just for this area but for the whole town is that 'the 'housing needs figure' has been more than doubled. It doesn't even reflect genuine housing 'need', Warrington desperately 'needs' genuinely affordable housing / social housing. None of the housing planned for Appleton is genuinely affordable. As 'affordable' is 80% of market price in the area the so called 'affordable' houses here will start at circa £400K. I don't think there is any real 'need' to sacrifice any green fields anywhere in the town as there is enough brownfield, and land which already has permission but which developers have 'land banked'. With regards to Appleton, there are enough commuter / dormitory estates of 'aspirational' housing and a lack of genuinely affordable and social housing. Still waiting for CLLR STEVE PARISH to answer my question, "WHAT IS THE REAL REASON all of you councillors – of all parties – are so desperate to promote the building of multi-thousands of band D housing?”
  12. Green Belt homes plan is madness

    For the most part, the areas outlined for development in South Warrington in the LDP proposals are designated Greenbelt. What you call 'the New Town acquisitions assigned for future release' have no designation on these WBC maps, but as small pockets of green land within greenbelt I doubt they could be treated as other than greenbelt with regard to any proposals to develop them. Any previous permissions or designations by the New Town are irrelevant to the present proposals. The New Towns programmes ended years ago and Warrington already reached it's NT growth target so there wouldn't have been any need to release this land anyway. N.B. The designations in the above map are 'all to cock' anyway!
  13. Green Belt homes plan is madness

    I think a common sense approach like that Davy51 would be understood by most people but unfortunately not by the 'powers that be'.
  14. Green Belt homes plan is madness

    Confused52 Not sure what you mean when you say "The area within the boundary of the New Town is not Green Belt according to case law." could you explain please?