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  1. Does anyone know when this place will be closed down? Every week there is trouble in the place and this week-end again was no exception. There was fighting on Friday and Saturday night. This bar was supposedly going to make Culcheth the place everyone would want to be for a night out. It was meant to attract the best customers. Instead it's had the opposite effect. It's attracting people who have already had their fill of booze in other places, most of them are out of control. I thought pub owners where supposed to eject people when they'd had more than enough to drink? It's a blot on the landscape and shouldn't be allowed to continue. How on earth did they get the go ahead in the first place?
  2. According to the clamper you can have ten minutes to go elsewhere (except Waterfields) if you have to wait for a prescription at the chemist. It's not advisable to think all you have to do is buy a newspaper then you can go anywhere while your car is parked in this car park.
  3. Just been listening to Radio 2 - Jeremy Vine Show. One of the topics for today's show was car clamping. Unfortunately I missed the deadline to contact the show or I would have been on the radio telling the nation about the car clamping in Culcheth. Culcheth is a great place to shop - horrible place to park your car. I am treating this post as my good deed for the day. Come to Culcheth by all means but be very careful where you park. If you park on the little car park on Lodge Drive and use the shops there you won't be clamped. But if you dare cross to the other side of Common Lane you risk being clamped and having a hefty fine. BE WARNED - If you try to use the cash machine at Barclays Bank and the machine is empty, DO NOT walk cross Common Lane to get to Sainsbury's or Natwest Bank. Do not park in the little car park and then walk to Waterfields bakery. YOU WILL BE CLAMPED. So move your car. The clamper sits in a white van with yellow markings in the car park, sometimes it's a people carrier with similar markings, waiting for his next victim. He puts the clamp on then drives away.
  4. I joined this forum because I was so upset by someone's post I felt I had to respond to try and help some people understand the difficulty is dealing with the loss of a child. After spending the last few days reading the posts on this topic I've come to the conclusion that a lot of you who do 'contribute' don't do it to have a discussion you post replies to win an argument which has nothing whatsoever to do with the subject. Maybe that's important in your world. I'm so pleased to say it isn't in mine. Can anyone point me in the direction of a discussion forum that actually does just that?
  5. To Kateoflymm, thank you. All I want to say it life is very difficult without my daughter but I get on with it. I do whatever I can to get through the day. If I've learned anything these last eight years it's that you shouldn't criticise or judge anyone for the decisions and choices they make. They may not do what you would do but just because you disagree doesn't make you right and them wrong. Try to imagine life without your child. You think you can but I'm telling you you can't imagine it. I wouldn't wish the pain on anyone. So for the more impatient of you out there reading this, take this advice, try not to be so judgemental of what others do in order to carry on with their lives.
  6. I had to respond to this message. I could hardly believe what I was reading. My child died in 2001 at the age of eleven. I wake up every day knowing that I will never see her again. I will feel that loss until the day I die. I live a normal live. I go to work. I do a good job. I enjoy going out and having a drink with friends. I keep fit. I carry on. Organisations don't remind me that I am bereaved, I don't need reminding that I am bereaved. The fact is I am and always will be bereaved. I think unless you have experienced the loss of a child you should keep your ignorant views to yourself. Whatever happened to compassion?
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