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  1. I had not realised that you had been elected/voted to speak on behalf of the masses? and that you represent the majority of the local public? is this correct? could you please advise on how this came to be as I have no recollection of being asked to vote for a "fatshaft" to represent me, my questions or my concerns? If this bores you then I suggest you move on? and only post if you something constructive to say rather than childlike tantrums dressed up as supposed apathetic replies? as I bet you are the type that complains all day long.. oh that would be me also making an ass-umption would it not? Anyway, back to Bill and thank you. Yes, ambiguity and down to individual interpretation.. thats council policies for you, open to misuse and exploitation. Do you have anything to add about the closure of Bridge street?
  2. Thanks, so in effect you could have lets say a <95% majority of private hire vehicles yet call yourselves a taxi company? I find that hard to believe and if so I have to question the logic of the council.. oops... I forgot that logic and councils never go together... that to me is misleading the public and is certainly not in the interest of the paying public when one advertises as a taxi yet offers a predominantly private hire service. I do not see other taxi companies using the words private hire so why the opposite? again if there is no underhand or deliberate attempt to mislead the paying public why the confusion? and you would even have to question the legality of this? If this is the case, then the council has inadvertently deregulated the taxi business unlawfully which opens a can of worms and to me would indicate a conflict of interest somewhere.... Also, when one applies for planning permission, surely a council has to take into account the risks associated with opening an office in a busy throughfare. With this in mind, it amazes me that councilors allowed Abba to open an office when they have created a huge health and safety risk with the opening of the Abba base?
  3. Hi Dismayed, Thats what I though... and what I was used to but this clearly isnot the case. There appears to be an awful lot of confusion created by these booths and their employees, why is that? and I see no reason why there should be all these cars in one small confined place at a very busy time which creates a myriad of problems as well as the safe and well being of people like myself out but having to contend with traffic in a very dangerous place. Bridge street was organised and everyone knew where to go at the end of the night but now, there is this mess which it looks like the council has created yet they are showing no signs on sorting it out? is there an agenda here? and does any benefit from this arrangement? There is also a taxi rank by the carpark but this is occupied by out of town taxis and private cars? has there been a total change in taxi law which allows out of town cars to ply for higher from designated taxi bays? Anyway, seems the post has been viewed plenty but no one has anything to say or to add? I thought this would be a concern to all but clearly no one could care less? I have not even touched on the fact that the driver for Abba could not speak english.... or knew where he was going... was there not a knowledge test for having a taxi badge? Confused.. very.
  4. I was out on saturday, not been out for a while and was shocked to find that the bridge street taxi rank has been closed off. Well, this was a surprise but I made my way round to academy way where there was nothing but chaos. So called "taxis" with abba and crown private hire stickers on the side of the cars here there and everywhere, some scenes were scary and then you have the local boy racers to contend with... on two single way carriage ways with people everywhere? does anyone know why the council has made this which is totally unsafe and dangerous? Anyway, I among many stood inline only to be told that to get a "taxi" we need a ticket.. which could be found at a designated dedicated booth eitherside of bridge street. I asked what about the normal taxis and was told that they are too expsensive, overcharge and that the ticket is now the offical way for getting a taxi. I was simply shocked at the state of the roads, teh police were simply not interested in what I woudl say are private hire cars queing as far as the eye could see stopping traffic in both directions and causing obstructions everywhere. I was suprised to say the least and when questioned I was told that the council has agreed to this and recognises the new taxi stand for Abba and Crown are the two main taxis in warrington. Now, I disagree with this. I looked over and yes, clearly displayed in the abba office is a sign saying Abba taxi, since when has a private hire company been allowed to trade or be known as a taxi? is there not some legsilation in place to stop this? There was at the time a small queue of black and white taxis, I asked if i could get in one of these and was told no, you have a ticket and wait for your number... but I asked why when there are taxis waiting? and was told to make my way over to the designated taxi stands. Over the road, a queue of what I understand to be private hire cars but according to the person in the booth are now taxis? Does anyone know when the taxis were deregegulated in warrington? and what does this mean for the signs that are still displayed on the side of the doors talking about being pre booked? I asked about the difference between the two and was told that the black cars cost more, however on my way home.. the fare was more? Hope someone can shed some light on this and ABBA taxis?
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