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  1. I lived nobbut a stone's throw away from St Peter's Church for around 21 years and never heard it referred to as a methodist church. It was always referred to as Church of England. I think it being called a methodist church is the result of the propagation of someone's mistaken belief. (pardon the pun)
  2. Seems so many of us have memories of Pickmere Lake. Many Sundays my sister would call me and tell me that she and her family were going for a drive out there and asked if I wanted to go with them. We would take a picnic and spend many hours there. Oh so wonderful a time we would have. Do you realise that we could have all seen each other there at some time or other so many years ago, without having an inkling that at sometime in the distant future we would be discussing our visits on WWW?
  3. I don't know a great deal about it but my paternal great grandfather, who fled from Wales because his father was insisiting that he followed him into the police force and he had no desire so to do, was a glassblower with a firm on Orford Lane. We had a beautiful pair of pink bowled, long stemmed glasses that he had made. There was hell to pay when they were broken by someone who wouldn't confess to the sin. (not me).
  4. My second eldest sister was married at St Peter's and had an album full of photos but unfortunately she is dead now and I have no idea what happened to the photos. Did you not live in Howley at some time Algy and never heard of St Peter's Church? I wasn't that far away.
  5. When there are no fences and gates, when there are no signs saying private land, keep out, when there are several well trodden footpaths leading in different directions, If there is no owner or owner's agent there to tell people to get off because it is private land then I'm damned sure it's safe to assume it is common land, albeit once upon a time farmland.
  6. Good for the travellers. If it wan't n April Fool.
  7. When there are no fences sorrounding and no signs saying private land keep out it just isn't blatant trespass and in fact cannot be called resspas at all.
  8. I did use to go walking on that land with my dog and one or two of my boys regularly before it was fenced off.
  9. Fugtifino, if nobody puts the blocks on these builders building anywhere there is space to put a house or two (or a few hundred more) they will just build and build because that's what builder do. Then one day people will wake up, open their eyes, then complain that there are no open spaces to run and jump and walk their dogs and for their darling mini-me's to play safely. Then it will be tough luck...! You chose to sleep while the builders were building - now live with it!
  10. Well if they did, they would have to live with any mistakes and poor work they made and not be able to go home somewhere at the other end of the counntry and leave it all behind them.
  11. There's quite a bit of land behind the town hall threy could build a few houses on.
  12. Build on the moors. Plenty of available land there.
  13. Was wondering how a museum could copyright photos donated to said museum so googled and found this:- The data below will let you know when you can safely use a piece of art or music without permission because it is now in public domain after copyright protection expiration, or how long the copyright protection will last. •Published before 1923 - now in public domain •Published from 1923 to 1963 - When published with a copyright notice © or "Copyright [dates] by [author/owner]" - copyright protection lasts 28 years and could be renewed for an additional 67 years for a total of 95 years. If
  14. 10? Big meeting with big interest then? Was it worth opening the doors for? Ok so it was 10 councillors present and voted. Got there in the end,
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