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  1. The Pinks who were laid off sent letters to the Pink bosses asking to be creditors of the insolvent company so hopefully they could eventually get their owed wages.... The Pink ladies have said that anyone who sent one of these will never be paid. How can they do this to the staff and then be so childish. Do not put money onto a pink account because they are close to complete failure and you will never see your money again!
  2. What was the franchise saga?
  3. Firstly, can I just say that I do not and have never worked for Pink Ladies. I think it was a bad decision for them to become unlicensed- this is partly why I think Pink Ladies was a great idea and badly managed. In the beginning they put everyone through the proper taxi liscencing channels, the driviers had to pass 'the knowledge' etc. However, I think they felt that they couldn't hire enough driviers quickly enough to meet the demand they had at the time, and so looked at other alternative ways to run the business. I think this was a rash decision and effectively put the first nail in the coffin as it meant that they lost a lot of support and also lost the right to certain 'taxi privileges' such as using taxi lanes etc. As for me writing a sob story- you have to remember that the staff were just hired to do what they were asked. They were barely paid above minimum wage and often paid late. These people were just trying to earn a living. They were left in the dark about Pink Ladies true financial state and at the last minuite told they were being sacked. Imagine if you were made redundant with no notice and no pay for the last month of work you did! Pink Ladies screwed over their own staff. Then to add insult to injury they were asked to rejoin the new reincarnation of Pink Ladies and were told that they would not recieve an hourly wage but earn 40% of their total days takings, I'm sure most of the staff would've been happy to try this, but with takings being so low it would be impossible to even make close to minimum wage. The Pink Ladies as a business is not profitable. End of. This is why they have been made insolvent. The only way I could see it working is if an established taxi firm went into some kind of partnership with them and ran them as a wing of the company. I don't think there is enough female only business to be the focus of a taxi firm. Of course this will never happen, but it is just my opinion.
  4. Kerry never invested anything in the company, they hired her for the adverts in the beginning and have had nothing to do with her financially. Also, the Pink Ladies do have to have medicals, CRB checks etc. The cars are only 3 years old and are regularly checked and serviced. The Pink Ladies are able to operate because they are registered as a private members club, not a taxi firm. The customers pay a fee to join the club. There is no cash in the cars, people use a pre paid account. The customers can ring up and book their favourite driver, they will receive a text if they request it to tell them that their car is outside. The drivers were paid an hourly wage and were not self employed. Anyway...all in all they are not taxis and were trying to appeal to a different market. I don't know why other taxis took such offence, am guessing just fear. All this said, the company was a great idea but was run badly. The company has now gone into insolvency. This unfortunately means that all of the staff were let go on Monday, probably without pay for the whole of August leaving many people in a great deal of trouble...I know some people may be left with no money to pay rent and bills. The staff had no notice and only found out at the end of last week, meaning they have no jobs to go to. Although this is bad news for the staff, the company will carry on under a slightly different name and drivers will be self-employed instead of being paid an hourly wage as it was. All the staff have the opportunity to work for the new company but many probably won't as it appears that the new scheme would make it very hard, or impossible to make enough to live on. Some of the staff have stayed on to give the new company a chance but I would guess that this is nearly the end for the Pinks. I think that it is a very sad thing because peoples' lives and families have been affected. Also, there were many people who did love the service and will sorely miss those pink cars.
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