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  1. It is a travesty that the drivers will not get paid ,however the writing was on the wall when the franchisees lost there money and the directors closed the company changed the name and opened back up again . the taxi licensing officer has a lot to answer for , but when questioned on this matter he blatantly refuses to reply on this matter and incredibly he stays in his job. Job for the boys me thinks !
  2. It was doomed from day one,you can't run a taxi business and not pick uphalf of the population . I can't see many women wanting to go out on say a monday night,you may get couples goin out but by alienating one half of the couple is was on borrowed time.
  3. I think what td means are the times he gets ajob in lymm where the person has told the base opp that they are going to town from lymm but then tell the driver there just goin down the road ... dead mileage is a txi drivers nightmare
  4. the thing that gets all taxi/private hire drivers goin about PL is the total disregard for all the gumf we have to go through. I have a crb check every three years they do not . I have a medical every five years they do not . I have to license my vehicle and have two mot tests a year they do not .I have to have a license they do not .All the things i have to do comes at a price , a price that they are not paying cos of some legal loophole and our wonderful taxi licensing officer , he who gave the the go ahead in the first place is now trying to get them off the road with the tax payers money i might add. He should have lost his JOB years ago , an old army saying springs to mind . He has been promoted to his level of incompetence.
  5. Hackney taxis have a meter which works by distance and time, time basically means in a traffic jam 10p is added every 30 seconds. private hire drivers have a tariff sheet which works purely off distance, the driver would set the trip on his or her speedometer and then when the destination is reached say 3.2 miles the corresponding price on the tariff sheet would be asked for, and i think waiting time is discretionary depends on the driver that is one of the reasons i think meters would be best all round.
  6. probably about 20 quid depends on the time i was goin nd the whereabouts in lymm, but it would have been on the meter anyway. My personal opinion private hire should also work by the meter so the passenger could see the price all the time therefore less hassle for the driver at the other end of the journey.
  7. the illegal pick up signs on chester road were for the benefit of all the out of area taxis and private hire that come into the town to rip people off and make a few quid . An unsuspecting person flags the car gets in ,gets ripped off without realising that they have no insurance cos the car is either an out of area car or was'nt prebooked. I am a taxi driver and the organisation for dropping off or picking up at creamfields was a disgrace and our taxi licensing officer was on holiday as he is every creamfields cos he knows whats coming and does'nt want anythig to do wiv it cos he can't be bovered. Liverpool cabs had there own tariff sheet all laminated and looked very plausible .creamfields to lymm there were charging 70pound and our licensing officer can't be bovered, can some one tell me how does he keep his job ?
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