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  1. You don't think your support for a single EU-wide superstate conflicts with restricting ownership of a company to people from just one small part of it? So you believe that citizens of one EU country should be banned from buying shares in companies based in another? You might as well say that you think the owners of the Manchester Evening News or the Liverpool Echo mustn't live in Cheshire!
  2. Wouldn't that restriction conflict slightly with your EU-wide "we're all one big European love-in" ideals????
  3. Maybe it's the BBC which should be broken up, they're FAR more dominant in the news arena - with TV, national AND local radio, plus both domestic and international internet traffic - than any other organisation.
  4. How can ANYONE who has their own opinions ever be free of bias? The only way of sifting through all the conflicting personal agendas is to use multiple news sources to pick up on current issues - then to do your OWN research to determine whether the "facts" being quoted are even correct, and whether the usual journalistic liberties have been taken with statistics and their interpretation.
  5. We'd pay less than a quarter of what we do now, and only have to abide by EU rules as regards trade - rules which are co-negotiated with EFTA anyway. We'd bring to EFTA a major economy with strong links to the USA and to the Commonwealth, an economy which the EU really WANTS to trade with - significantly strengthening EFTA's negotiating position with the EU. We'd get back control of our borders, justice system, benefits system, legislative process and sovereignty. We'd retain control of or taxation system and of our defence and foreign policies - all of which the EU wants a degree
  6. No less careful than you're being making sure you don't reply to the original question, Corporal!
  7. Ok, lets pick his article to pieces then. I didn't think it was necessary before, because his errors and lies were just so obvious - but apparently at least one poster on here has been taken in. He states that Norway has oil, that Switzerland is a tax haven, and because of that the UK is not comparable to either of them. Well last time I checked WE have oil, and natural gas. WE have the Isle of Man and the Channel Isles - both tax havens. He also states that our EFTA contribution would be around 2 billion euros - based on scaling up Norways contribution to our GDP. This is STIL
  8. "Winner, European Parliament Prize for Journalism 2010" Says it all really. Hardly a Pulitzer, is it? Thinking about it, didn't that used to be called the "Joseph Goebbels Creative Writing Competition"?
  9. Dunno, but I did see two Sikh(?) drummers walking and drumming around the town centre all afternoon - escorted all the way by no fewer than three police officers.
  10. Yep. The other EFTA countries would welcome us with open arms. EFTA have gone on record and pretty much said so. Even if for some reason EFTA wouldn't have us, the EU countries WANT to trade with the UK - so we could very easily negotiate our own bilateral agreements either with the EU as a whole or with individual member states (as long as we do it while they still exist!) Next question. Or are you just flailing about for any reason to say we're trapped in the EUSSR and there's no alternative?
  11. Yep, them's the ones. FULL members of the European Economic Area (as were all of the other EFTA members - Austria, Denmark, Portugal, Sweden, UK and Finland - who's EFTA membership lapsed when they went on to become EU members) all with FULL access to the EU free trade area. If we were to leave the EU we would simply renew our membership of EFTA and have EXACTLY THE SAME trading rights and relationships with the EU countries that we have now. Trade has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with our EU membership. So what DO all those billions buy us that, for example, Norway, doesn't get for fr
  12. All four of the EFTA countries have COMPLETE free trade access to the EU. The others, as you say, only have free trade access on certain goods - usually the one's which they actually trade to the EU! So I ask again. Since it is obviously possible to have free trade access to the EU without all the other bo**ocks, what do we actually get in return for surrendering our right to self-determination to an un-elected and unaccountable commission to justify our billions in NET contributions?????
  13. There are currently 28 non-EU countries with free trade agreements with the EU. Free trade countries You do NOT have to be in it to win it! So, now we can take trade off the table as an advantage of EU membership - what's left?????
  14. Retail shops need to start employing people who actually have some knowledge of the products they are selling, and who can offer customers advice on what best suits their individual needs, if they are to survive. Otherwise they are just like fairly poor "real world" websites where people browse for themselves and make their own choices - good or bad - without the convenience, range of choice, and lower prices that are available online.
  15. Trip over it and then send him a letter asking for the details of his public liability insurance company. It'll be gone by nightfall!
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