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  1. Can't believe for a second that you think anything but the police were to blame for Hillsborough. Unbelievable
  2. You sound like the Daily Mail/Telegraph. I don't know if I have the energy to respond properly. I might sometime later. For now, I'll just leave a big 'Oh dear'.
  3. No, it's entirely not about views, mine or anybody else's. It's about what sells papers. Scandal sells papers, especially fundamentally blown out of proportion ones. Truth is irrelevant, although it is made out to be.
  4. And I suppose some corrupt government official in Venice has left the bath tap open on purpose? And I also suppose that the majority of the warming in question, happening in the more extreme latitudes, is affected by heat islands? Urban areas have little to do with the rise in GMST. In fact, the band that the majority of the world lives in has changed little compared to the north and south polar regions. However, keep believing everything you read in the papers, as I suppose their only purpose is to report the "Truth"
  5. Tell that to the Maldives and other endangered islands. Tell that to the 40% of the population of this earth who suffer from water poverty. Tell that to the countless species that are being eradicated every month due to anthropogenic activity. Tell that to the hungry. Personally I'll be made up if the science is incorrect and we have nothing to do with climate change, and this was all a storm in a teacup. Problem is, what happens if it's right? Clobbered with Green taxes? I was under the impression that it's 5%. Hardly clobbered. And, harnessing what we have already costs money, where's it going to come from?
  6. I've not argued how they get their budget, or even how much they have. Just the way they go about spending what they do have and the decisions they make, which leave a lot to be desired sometimes.
  7. Nah, Kingsway Allotment. The green and cost benefits are secondary though, the missus just likes gardening, and I like eating...a lot . Anyway, recent study (It was either National Geographic or New Scientist I read it in) shows that the price of green in the US would cost overall 5%. They indicated that the UK would be marginally better. If those figures are correct, is that too much?
  8. It's OK I can afford the tax with plenty of headroom
  9. Michael McIntyre (Funny bloke) does a sketch about "since records began" and the bit about them starting to make records on the hottest, coldest, wettest and dryest day on record was a classic!! And Michael McIntyre is brilliant
  10. Not sure who's bought in more than the other, me on the science or you on the media. I know which one I generally trust more, but neither are perfect, but one is faaaaar worse than the other. Nothing like a good conspiracy and the tabloids to stir up a hornet's nest to put everything out of context. Fact is there's strong science, regardless of a few rogue mails that have been blown out of proportion and tarnished the science. Surely you understand I didn't mean personal insurance, but global insurance. The world has spent billions if not trillions on disaster mitigation with earthquakes, and yes, even meteorites. Not sure about aliens though, but it wouldn't surprise me if there's been money spent on it by the US/UK military, as well as search for ET by various scientific sections. You keep believing your tax story though. But ask yourself why didn't they introduce green tax back in the 70s when global warming came to light? Records only go back to the mid 1700s and then they were a bit sketchy until 1800s. Temperatures previous to this were worked out by clever scientist bods using fossils and pollen from earth cores. In the case of plant life, they only survive or thrive in certain temperature ranges, therefore the concentration, existence or non-existence of pollen from particular species gives a range of temperatures at a given time. Time can be loosely calculated using several techniques.
  11. But I couldn't find them elsewhere, Warrington Walking Day 1937 Warrington Gas Works Demolition 1937 Warrington Model Aircraft Club 1937 Warrington Coronation 1937 Orford May Queen 1937 All posted to YouTube by James Balme who I think I've read on here is Indy's mate. Anyway, if you haven't seen them, enjoy. If you have, then maybe enjoy them again
  12. So, let me see. You are right about a lot of things. Indeed GMST in the 1st century was greater than it is now, and yes the Earth does have its own natural process of warming and cooling, glacial and interglacial. But, and it's a whopping but. Over the last 140,000 years temperatures have been up around the current mean temperature for only short periods. So in respect to the last 140,000 years, temperatures are unusual. But perhaps part of a cycle you say? Looking at those cycles, the largest recent shift in temperature was between about 15,000 and 5,000 years ago, shifting roughly 10 degrees C. It taken 10,000 years for this to happen at a rate of 0.1 degrees per century. And also between 300 BC and 1700 AD there's been a gradual cool of GMST, again of about 0.1 degrees celcius. But then there's a little spanner in the mechanics and it's got people a bit worried. Temperatures leveled out, which is fine, but in 1910 they started to climb at a rate not previously seen. A little respite in the 1950s, and they were off again. All in all, over the last century we have seen a rise of 1 degree, 10x that of other recorded changes. Taking the last 200 years into account, the average is still 0.5 degrees/century. Greenhouse gases trap heat in the atmosphere, it's a fact. The albedo effect reflects energy/radiation out of our atmosphere, it's also a fact. Between the Earth, the atmosphere and the Sun they all find an equilibrium point, and by unlocking underground carbon and releasing it unnaturally out its own carbon cycle we are meddling. So there's strong science to suggest that climate change is anthropogenic, and that's not to say science is always right. And there's always going to be media trying to grab air time and sell papers, and they've recently decided that skepticism sells more. Then there's your conspiracy theorists, new world order and zeitgeist crew...gimme a break! Put it this way. I'd imagine the vast majority that have taken the time to read this pay for insurance. Why do we do it? To protect ourselves against something that we don't want to happen, but there's always a chance it will. Climate change insurance is like life insurance, the later you leave it, the more costly it gets. Now is the time to act. Forgive me for my over indulgent soap box
  13. As far as I'm aware, regular DVB-T tuners that are in Freeview boxes, or built into your tellies won't work with HD Freeview when it happens (years off by the way). Essentially, you need a different tuner to receive HD Freeview, and I believe it works by combining both tuners into one signal so it can reach the bandwidth required for HD - and I'm guessing it won't be full HD (i.e. 1080p).
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