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  1. Are you sure you are responding to the correct thread. What in the name of.....are you on about. Is it a puzzle where I have to rearrange the words to get the message. Are ill people lazy in your view of the world. Ah...did you work in Human Resources counting sickies maybe? What is a big NHS user? Anyone who needs more care than your fortunate self maybe...next time I see a twitching net curtain I will give you a wave. Shouting on a forum is indicated by caps anything else is discussion and opinion. That is why it is called a discussion forum otherwise we would not be discussing our opposing views and it would be called a keep your views to yourself forum. If I am ILL I dont get paid....I cannot afford to be ill or lazy. So your theory is a bit leaky...sieve comes to mind
  2. A man with a white coat, squeaky shoes and toting a clipboard will tell you. and then.......when the man in the white coat is axed due to government cutbacks. A man in a shiny peaked cap, 18 hole Docs and a machine pistol will gently remind you and then......when the man in the shiny cap is getting to big for his docs...... A camera with a dirty great telephoto lens will take a snap of your tyres, your number plate and your biometric characteristics before making a BACS withdrawal from your bank account.
  3. Thank you for 'allowing' me to vote. It is hilarious that I should feel for those less fortunate, I know. but if missing the point is the qualifier for the vote you most certainly will get your way. Which bit of that statement do you get "suggesting that folk might care to make provision for themselves" from? You can pay for yourself you know...do you? As to my 'accusing' people of any political leaning please provide suggestions for a political model that refuses to provide care for people because of their social standing (for which I assume death would be inevitable) and I will gladly use it in order to side step your sensitivities. I can think of a couple..Stalinist, American dream etc. But since they all use Malthus as the solution I do not see it makes my original statement less valid. I am curious to know how much you pay to care for yourself. How much is your premium, are you aged, are you in a low payed job, do you have a disability or hereditary disease because I am curious as to where you get your cover if you experience any of the aforesaid...Bupa...I think not
  4. You have to be careful with this. I temp as a consultant and giving me 'rights' would make me an employee. My rate reflects and more than compensates for my 'loss of rights'. The right I have to set my own rate suits me just fine. This is not the case for the temps that are effectively hidden employees. If you are a genuine agency worker you move where the rate is highest. If you are an agency worker who aspires to become 'staff' you should have the right to be considered for staff posting after a qualifying period. You may find however that most agency workers cannot afford to become staff since staff jobs inevitably mean restrictions on working hours and intolerable stress due to personal performance ram rodding. The EU has a large tar brush that daubs large sections of the workforce regardless of their personal interests. When I need someone in Brussels to make my life decisions for me I will opt back in. For the time being the British legislation provides us with choice to opt in or out of the EU control on our work status. It seems fair to me. None of this is to say that some workers are not exploited and that exploitation appears to be fed by poor legislation.
  5. Try that statement again when you have cancer...and your insurance will not pay up for some small print qualifier or you are too old to be insured at cost that is commensurate with your pension. What do you want a means test for the deserving (let me guess, that you are the top of your own list). What qualifies as a massive drain on resources?...when you have stroke?...when you are 86 and filling your own nappies? The principles of a welfare state are well founded. In the bad times when someone scrubs your job, repossesses your home and your 5 series you still get the care you deserve. Are you seriously advocating we leave people to die because YOU think they are undeserving. Malthus and the guy with the toothbrush tash would be proud to have you on their team...does that make you deserving. You have got a bad case of Tony and Gords liberal malthusian dilemma. Hope you are insured against it. The symptoms are assuming everyone but yourself is taking the P*** (which is probably true in Tony and Gords case) the common term is acute middle class paranoia. Killing off all those who are less fortunate than yourself has the nasty side effect of eventually placing you at the bottom of the pile....where guess what...YOU become the sponge on society.
  6. I can. It is called a competitive business. How do you know the Chester guys are cheap and shoddy. I need some real examples here to "grasp" what you are getting at. If a companies tender process is so naff it deserves all it gets (usually in the form of expensive client claims). I can see your point if you are saying in the cuddly utopian world of the armchair businessman it is inefficient use of fuel and time but it is all captured in the end cost to the client and it is a perfectly acceptable situation. It also means that if the Chester guy makes a dogs dinner you can always ring the guy from Warrington the next time you need the job doing instead of being stuck with Chester the Cowboy. That has to be an option for any business or you get skinned alive and you pass the cost of that skinning on to your customers. You are also presuming that Warrington has all the right skills at the right price and in the shear quantity you need them.Try reading Steinbecks Grapes. It provides a vivid example of what prejudices can occur when a community shuts its doors on a workforce that does not have the same good fortunes as itself. It is ugly and pathetic and it plays right into the hands of the right wingers.
  7. What?....they are local people first series is in Virgin on demand. I forgot how funny it was. Back on topic. How local is local. I was born in Warrington, so were my Grandparents but before that...Ireland. Is that local enough to get me a job on the council or does the genetic contamination preclude my being considered as a local bin man. If Salford bin men do a better job at less cost then why not. How many local firms will refuse to do a job outside Warrington? It would be financial suicide. The arguments make no sense at all.
  8. You could be right. But he does start some good banter Mind you he could be a plumber at one of those nuclear power stations down south. It would certainly raise a few told you so's from the white bed sheet and burning pole contingent on this forum.
  9. I assume with projects this size the companies are required by law to tender in accordance with the OJEU process. British firms get the same chance as anyone else, however if their tender returns are high or they cannot demonstrate the use of suitably qualified and experienced workforce, then they lose out. Use of Brit only supply would soon put many firms out of business. Projects undertaken in employment black spots and economic decline can get some dispensation via government intervention but that can be self destructive since firms are less likely to build in the declining areas if they are chained to an expensive and unskilled workforce. There is a much wider picture to consider than checking to see if potential employees have True-Brit stamped on their a**e. I must say I am at a loss as to how British firms get an edge on our European neighbours. And, if we do get the edge it will mean migration of our workers into Europe. I guess we will then get a right hammering on Warsaw Worldwide forum for nicking their jobs.
  10. Most of the native welsh have been driven out anyway. I think most of them were forced to become English teachers at inner city comps.
  11. I am a little confused by this post. But if you are saying we should make Wales into a prison, I agree. It certainly did not do Australia any harm.
  12. The result of the special relationship Color instead of colour, customize instead of customise etc.
  13. This again is a bit of naff interface programming by the translucent skin types at MS. It has to do with moving across the trackpad in the same direction too quickly after the last move. Basically it throws a wobbler. They may fix it in the three hundred and sixty fifth service pack...who knows. Solution currently is use the track pad in slow motion or plug a mouse in. Please note plugging a mouse in does not solve the hover bovver described above. Can anyone tell me how to stop Vista looking like a dogs dinner. Its OK Kije I know really just keen to get the PC users view
  14. Windows being Windows,the solution is a series of if and buts. The developers of Vista in line with all MS development make massive assumptions about what the user wants and some bright spark had the idea that positive response to yes/no commands is old hat. Anyway enough moaning.. First try Control panel > Ease of Access Centre > Make Mouse Easier to Use >then deselect the "Activate Windows by hovering over it with the mouse" No Luck? then try Control Panel > Mpouse > device Settings > and then uncheck "enable tapping" (in this case the touch pad could be interpreting your variable finger pressure as tapping) Still bashing your nut on the keyboard thn have a go at; Control Panel > Folder Options > then select double-click instead of single click Teetering on slinging the B*****d out of the window, try Control Panel (in classic view at least) > Task Bar & start Menu >Start Menu > Customise > scroll down until you see "open sub-menus when I pause n them with the mouse pointer" > uncheck the box If that fails a I can strongly recommend the Apple Store in the Trafford Centre and they actually sell computers that work out of the box!
  15. Someone in a white coat and a masters in sticking oars in has decided after 100s of thousands of years of evolution we can no longer be omnivores because another man in a white coat with a degree in carrying clipboards has told him we will put less burden on the NHS if we live on a diet of prunes and apple juice. A man in a cheap suit and a degree in counting beans then calculated that it will put a even bigger burden on the pension fund in later years but a man in a suit with a law degree told him not to worry cos the conservatives will be power by then and will probably get away with more malthusian methods of reducing the burden that ill people place on the health service. Why they cannot just come out with it and ask us to bring a packed lunch and smoke ourselves silly when then are not looking is beyond me.
  16. Makes a nice change them invading rather than being invaded. Do I recall the German building industry being invaded by Brits a few years back. Oh but that is different. Our industry was in collapse and we could not feed our families....er hang on...where have I heard that? Get real. You do not think about the feelings of a bit of bum cleavage when your family lives like dogs and your kids have nothing to eat.
  17. I too use a iMac at home and PC at work. I have had 3 macs since 2002 and the G4 lamp I bought then is still running fine. I have never installed AV on it or any other Mac and I have never had to do a reinstall on any of my macs. My G5 iMac (the paving slab) was the worst performer and eventually the hard disk failed. My 24" Aluminium iMac is just superb. Coverflow, spaces and all the other no nonsense OSX stuff is very calming after fighting with windows everyday.
  18. Too right I do. That is what makes me proud to be British and that is what makes me civilised. Failure to question barbaric behaviour is the difference between a civilised community and anarchy. If you are willing to mutilate human beings whilst they are defenceless what makes you different than a bomber? Putting your head in the sand while your government commits atrocities has consequences we understand only too well.
  19. God bless America Fancy a concept like having a law and order system to protect you when you can DIY. Damn commies. We should all have the god given right to shoot our own neighbour. Civilised behavior is for those mamby pamby Europeans. Sorry couldn't resist
  20. I hear a lot of banter about British jobs for British citizens and I hear the tinkle of distant alarm bells. Economic stress in the 20th century was a breeding ground for nationalism. If nationalism takes hold we have some near recent learning to at least warrant reflection on its consequences (not least for Britain who has been in decline ever since). Remember a nationalist is not the same a patriot. The nationalist is a scared, unpredictable creature whose circle of prejudice gets ever larger as the economic stress increases. Before long his prejudice spans not only peoples outside of his own nationality but sub-sets within it. Malthusian theory starts to sound sensible and right and before long he can justify any measure. Extreme nationalism in a melting pot like Britain has thankfully never taken root we are a bleating lot but at heart we have an in built relief valve. And the next time you feel nationalistic when viewing a Polish immigrant cleaning your public convenience give a thought to his ancestors, many of whom were actively involved in out finest hour the last time a country thought national socialism was a good idea.
  21. You missed my point I don't remember seeing Britain on the invite to that invasion either. Observer gets my point. We cannot play moral policeman if we do not retain our own sense of decency and tagging along with the Yanks like a 51st state of a politically inferior country beggars belief.
  22. Inadequate by who's standard, yours, the armed forces, the Government, a raving right wing religious nut? This where it gets dangerous, because YOU could be inadequate in the eyes of the authority. Not so quick to advocate the British NKVD then are we? If you feel you need more nannying see a councillor or date someone with a bus pass but do not impose your insecurities on the free thinkers.
  23. A personal friend of Josef Stalin were you I cannot believe any civilised British citizen could advocate use of torture. The British armed forces in Afghanistan? We have not declared war so what are we doing there (holiday?). Seems the Afghans have a right to torture our troops according to your thinking.
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