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  1. 55 minutes ago, Observer II said:

    In which case, it is impossible to be "racist", as there is only one race - the human race !     😉

    And you value all equally and treat all with the same respect regardless of race , creed and colour .  Oh my aching sides

  2. 1 hour ago, Davy51 said:

    Aren't we all part of the human race ? We must all be the same otherwise nature would make us as unattractive to other nationalities so as not to want to inter breed .

    This from the bloke who had to have racist slurs removed by admin lol  great to see you have had an epiphany 🙏

  3. 8 minutes ago, Observer II said:

    More stupidity from the snowflakes - on this basis, both the Labour and Tory Parties can be sued for lying to the voters in their G/Election manifesto commitments to honour the 2016 referendum.      🙄

    Ah but they haven’t have they?   He should be facing another trial for the Turkish accession lies he pedaled too.

  4. 41 minutes ago, Observer II said:

    The only reason the snowflakes use the term "racist", is when they've run out of rational argument or when none-Caucasians are involved; it's just a shout down button - we should all ignore.

    Or when some right wing knuckle dragger is being racist.  For your claim to be correct it would have to mean that racism no longer existed and had been eradicated,  for once I wish you were actually right about something.

  5. 57 minutes ago, Davy51 said:

    As a matter of interest what happened to that solar powered aircraft they experimented with a few years ago ? Did it ever reach its destination ?

    It achieved its mission which was to circumnavigate the globe without the use of an ounce of fossil fuel.  After a 44000 km round trip it landed safely in Abu Dani in July 2016

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  6. On 5/5/2019 at 2:07 PM, Observer II said:

    Seems after her flying visit, Emma Thompson has now flown back to the US, leaving a carbon footprint in her wake !     😉

    So how do you know she didn't offset the impact of the journey?


  7. 7 hours ago, Observer II said:

    Why not, we get called it anyway, so why bother worrying about it - best way to deal with PC Fascism is to ignore it and carry on.

    So its ok to hurl racist abuse at someone if they compare you to a Fascist of old?  I bet you really believe that too.   No wonder our country is in such a state.

  8. The Leave party, and Banks have been found guilty of committing electoral fraud and are still under investigation.  Farage had his salary docked for fraudulently misspending EU funds and is under further investigation. All relevant to today unlike your trip down memory lane. 


    As for just not taking you people on, you are joking right?  I can jump you through hoops at will lol

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