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  1. Back on topic, the simple truth is tha Britain hasn’t got the technological nous or people to complete the project , and thus need foreign expertise.  Poor observer is trapped in the past days of empire when Britain used to be at the forefront of things and a super power,  sad really

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  2. 11 hours ago, asperity said:

    Terrible game of football but the slightly better team won on the day.

    can't help being bitter can you?  When is the " We drew at home with Liverpool" DVD in the shops?  Good luck to Everton in Europe next year lol

  3. 2 hours ago, asperity said:

    It seems that some people think that the UK has gone 2 weeks without using fossil fuels for electricity generation perhaps forgetting that gas is a fossil fuel. Wind and solar are still only bit players in the total generation mix.


    What they mean is that coal-powered power stations are being closed down, not the same thing. And we still have STOR, which are large collections of diesel powered generators used when things get desperate!

    As things stand today:


    You’ve been peeking lol

  4. It seems that Britain has just gone a fortnight without using fossil fuels  coal to generate energy for the first time, probably since the industrial revolution.  It can be done, just need a new mindset.  The young folk seem to have a better grasp on the importance of this than the fossils who seem hell bent on a selfish scorched earth policy.  Long May it continue and let’s hope it’s just the start.

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  5. 40 minutes ago, Confused52 said:

    Not yet he hasn't, from the DECISION AND REASONS OF DISTRICT JUDGE M. COLEMAN  …..

    "This means the proposed defendant will be required to attend this court for a preliminary hearing, and the case will then be sent to the Crown Court for trial. The charges can only be dealt with in the Crown Court."

    Also the Judge made it clear that there was no implication that the charge had been considered only that there was a case to answer according to the information. Your imputation of guilt is therefore quite improper.

    Davy, Tony's missing WMDs could have been a much clearer case that that of Boris.

    Lock him up , crooked Boris lol.  Lock up Blair too

  6. 49 minutes ago, Dizzy said:

    I've been using my mobile phone to read the forum this week..small screen......but now I'm back on my desktop I've realised your new avatar pic is actually wallnut whip PJ....on a mobile it looks like a pile of poop (thought I'd best not use the 's' word....)  Mmmm

    It’s all in the mind and the eye of the beholder,  hope it doesn’t put you off eating walnut whips 😉

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