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  1. can't help being bitter can you? When is the " We drew at home with Liverpool" DVD in the shops? Good luck to Everton in Europe next year lol
  2. Well I make that 6
  3. If there’s 12 men and true who are sentencing you, that’s a jury
  4. 28 % of electricity generated by renewable sources and rising is not a bit player, it's a great start. All the coal fired power plants are to be phased out by 2025 so out with fossil fuelled power generation and out with old fossil attitudes https://www.drax.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/190212_Drax_Q4_Report_017.pdf
  5. You’ve been peeking lol
  6. I’ve used this path for decades and will contact mr Bluk
  7. That absolutely doesn’t work lol
  8. It seems that Britain has just gone a fortnight without using fossil fuels coal to generate energy for the first time, probably since the industrial revolution. It can be done, just need a new mindset. The young folk seem to have a better grasp on the importance of this than the fossils who seem hell bent on a selfish scorched earth policy. Long May it continue and let’s hope it’s just the start.
  9. Wetherspoons pubs and potable toilets, is there a difference 😉
  10. Lock him up , crooked Boris lol. Lock up Blair too
  11. if he knows his noisette from a French crepe Suzette, that's a gourmet.
  12. fruit and veg that you blitz til there are no more bits, that's a puree.
  13. He lied through his teeth and you know it, more importantly so did the judge who referred it to Crown Court. Lock him up.
  14. Guido Fawkes, such an unbiased and even handed source of information 😂😂😂😂
  15. It’s all in the mind and the eye of the beholder, hope it doesn’t put you off eating walnut whips 😉
  16. . These things don’t happen overnight, I believe he started the action back in 2016
  17. If they give to the rich and their hero’s a bitch, that’s a Tory
  18. As is spellcheck you numpty.
  19. Ah trying to shut down debate, yet another hypocrisy from yourself, exactly what you love to accuse others of, it’s called classic projection.
  20. split personality? Both vile no doubt.
  21. My avatar is devoted to you as thanks for the wonderful molds you made lol
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