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    Or look here https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Home-g28964 bon voyage
  2. Lol. I was referring to the Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything brigade
  3. I did just that and won, but not as Labour lol
  4. Fit to lead my country my arse
  5. Observer just can’t resist me. Try as he might he keeps coming back for more, perhaps he is a masochist, maybe in a gimp suit 😉
  6. I think the clue to who is confused is in the title Confused lol
  7. After the result, from Peterborough? Did they sniff him out of his hiding place then?
  8. The stupidity pandemic defined in one post
  9. What bothers me about Gove isn’t that he was doing coke but that as Education Secretary he made it a blacklisting offense for any teacher caught doing class a drugs. What a hypocrite, what a typical Tory.
  10. P J


    Reminds me of a pedantic girlfriend I once had, during sex she would constantly correct my grammar, she was really peed off at my improper use of the colon ,
  11. How can you expect anyone to believe a word you say when , simply by responding to my posts, you prove yourself to be a liar ?
  12. How are you seeing my posts? You told everyone you had blocked me. You just can’t keep away can you. Farage spent the entire evening evading the press, go read about it.
  13. Like Farage hiding in the bogs lol
  14. How deep can you bury your head?
  15. Who will be paying back the trillions of debt your generation have built up?
  16. The worst generation of humans to ever inhabit earth, good riddance I say. Let us hope the young people can put right all the shortsighted and selfish destruction caused by the arrogance of their previous generation.
  17. So convinced was this egomaniac that his Brexit party would win in Peterborough, as they should given the crap surrounding the outgoing former Labour MP, he pitched up for the result. Then, on seeing that the public had rejected his personal right wing dogma and total lack of polices he hid in the toilets from reporters like a true coward and was sneaked out later apparently disguised as a normal person. What a muppet. Bravo the Peterborough electorate.
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