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  1. But actually its nothing to do do with the E.U. is it, regardless how snugly that would fit your way of thinking.
  2. Gary, I really enjoyed that tonight and will do my best to spread the word.
  3. If I told somebody my phone number and where I lived and what my name was I wouldn't put it down to a Government conspiracy when the next time I rang the same person they had my details on record.
  4. But if it was all so sinister why would they bother to ask. You would already be damned if that was the case.
  5. more than before Gary. This is really taking me back, in a good way. Top music. I have imbibed, kicked back and chilled, thanks
  6. Sadly I have now lost all hope that a socialist party represents this country, or ever did.
  7. I'll admit to generalisation if you admit to present day Britain actually does not even remotely resemble Orwells Britain of "1984"
  8. Nice to have you on deck.
  9. I am really enjoying this.
  10. All true but YOU decided to have a mobile its not the law. Too much is read into these things at times and the people who fear I.D Cards the most are probably the scrotes who lie to the Police when they are pulled in. What I find amusing is that the same people who complain about The Human rights act favouring criminals also object to I.D Cards on the grounds of it infringing their Human rights?
  11. New Labour must be Newspeak for Ingsoc. You wouldn't be trying to make me paranoid now would you Baz?
  12. And how did they get this info? Could it be from when you called them and told them your name and where to deliver your pizza? For the paranoid out there, if we were living in anything approaching Orwells "1984" do you really think this forum would exist?
  13. I'm not sure but I think I read somewhere that the word Tory does mean thief or robber?????
  14. Thought police? Rewriting history? State torture and brainwashing, really?
  15. I went to Arley Hall today with my family and there were hundreds of dogs there. I never saw one single bit of dog dirt the whole day. There were working dogs displays and dog obedience shows too. This showed me just how well dogs can and do behave if they are given the right love, care and training. Now I must be honest and admit that I do not really like dogs much but if they were all as well behaved and controlled as the ones I saw today I think I would have a different view of them. On the other hand it does seem to prove that aggresive and violent dogs are the result of negligence, poor training or deliberate manipulation to make them into nasty animals, all of which lay the blame firmly at the door of the owner. Any person who owns a dog which commits a violent attack should automatically lose the right to own a dog for life.
  16. So does anybody really believe that I.D. cards would lead to thought police, state brainwashing and torture, the complete rewriting of world history to prove the Government to be right at all times just like in the fictional novel 1984? Just a little too paranoid for me even though I am still unsure for certain where I stand in the I.D. card debate but I certainly agree that asking us to fund it is wrong.
  17. Apologies for my ignorance but I didn't even know Warrington radio existed. I will tune in online tonight at 10 p.m. to give "rock God" a listening. P.s. Gary,I am quite partial to a bit of Floyd.
  18. It played fine on mine.
  19. Thank you Dismayed. I have long suspected that the Council officers do discourage people from going onto there already emabarassingly long waiting list. Imagine how long the list would be if they didn't do this. I will be trying to have more unused land given over to allotments/community farms and I will keep you posted. One of the problems is that the council do not manage the waiting list at all. When a vacancy arises they simply contact the first name on the list. If they for some reason no longer want an allotment they then move on to the second name and so on. I have suggested to them this week that they should send out an annual letter asking that if you wish to stay on the list you have to return the form included. That way people who, for a great variety of reasons, may no longer wish to be on the waiting list could be removed. This will not fix the problem overnight but may reduce the amount of decades people are expected to wait for what is their legal right. Put your name down anyway dismayed and when you do tell the council officer that you fully intend to pursue your right to a plot. It may start to put the wind up them a little and their "comfort zone" which Observer pointed out may not be quite so comfy anymore.
  20. P J


    I am a new and independent parish councillor and I am considering using it as my logo, what do you think?
  21. I doubt that very much Baz, but mine is there now.
  22. That sounds like a very generous offer of support Baz and it will be accepted with thanks. If anybody has any advice on the best way to proceed with this I would love to hear from them. Paul.
  23. Then let's hope he isn't alone.
  24. P J


    Many thanks Bill.
  25. Have I just been very lucky of late of have the queues lessened over the last few weeks? I came through yesterday at 17:20 and there were only 2 cars waitng at the lights in front of me. The same thing at 17:10 the day before. Please do not see this as me in any way supporting these traffic lights, they're just my own personal observations.
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