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  1. Latchford Locks, that is what I meant, the Liverpool forum has every result, signing, cost, league poition etc. ever. I am not a follower of rugby but for those who are i think a word in the right ear at the club may get something done. After all most clubs are proud of their histories and hats off to rugby league as it does seem to be very fan friendly from what I have seen and heard. Any ideas on who to approach Gary?
  2. Paul, thanks for commenting. Nothing personal but your reply is typical of the attitude of councillors and council officers in this town. You're too concerned with finding excuses not to confront a problem rather than trying to find a solution. As you can see from the Governments statement above the law states that sufficient allotments should be made available to satisfy the demand. That is not a guideline as some might have you believe but law of the land going back a century. It may be inconvenient and you may be struggling to afford to do your duty to your constituants but many people find it inconvenient and struggle to pay their council tax but as it is the law they do so or face the consequences. As you are unable to meet my legal rights am I ok to not pay council tax? I can assure you that I have absolutely no intention of letting this matter drop, ever. You are elected to do a job. The law of the land lays down the description of your job, please try to do what is right. As I said this is not a personal tirade against yourself but a general vent of frustration at the apathy which seems to exist amongst this council and its officers towards the whole issue of allotments.
  3. Many thanks Shelley , (and at the risk of sounding like your opposition) every little helps
  4. The top ten topic counter on the homepage appears to be jammed.
  5. Egbert, Whilst i do agree that global warming is a concerning issue and I do feel mankind has played some part in its creation I cannot help but think that you do more to hinder your cause than help it when you come out with such callous and poorly reasoned arguments to bolster your case. "But, sadly, it is a fact of life that the elderly pass on anyway. If they live a few years longer it isn't going to help the planet. In fact, it probably worsens the situation. People live longer nowadays anyway. They should be grateful for that. " This is probably the most crass statement I have read on here to date. Did you just finish reading Logans Run or something? You bang on about scientific data and experts, tell you what, go and find me a scientist who will claim that central heating plays no part in stopping old people dying from hypothermia and post it here. "adequate clothing" you really are a piece of work. I find myself hoping that you are half witted as the alternative is far far worse.
  6. Cheers Baz, i will send you a draft letter that you can use as a template.
  7. I just came across this Government statement which I think proves that this Council can and should be forced to provide adequate allotments to satisfy demand. from here http://www.number-10.gov.uk/output/Page12015.asp The Government fully recognises the value of allotments and a whole range of green spaces in improving people's well being and the quality of neighbourhoods. Our green space policies and programmes are leading to real improvements in the quality of green spaces. A key part of our policy in recent years has been to strengthen the protections for allotments. Statutory allotments are protected via Section 8 of the Allotments Act 1925 which requires that local authorities seek the Secretary of State's consent for disposal or appropriation to another use. Consent cannot be given unless the Secretary of State is satisfied that certain criteria are met. In 2001 we made it a requirement for local authorities to demonstrate that they had promoted and publicised allotments in their area before consent for disposal would be granted was also introduced. Clarified criteria for disposal were also issued to local authorities and Government Offices in February 2001. Now local authorities are required to demonstrate before consent is granted that: the allotment in question is not necessary; adequate alternative provision will be made for displaced plot holders; the waiting list has been taken into account; and that they have actively publicised the availability of sites. In addition, Planning Policy Guidance 17 (PPG17) requires that local authorities make provision for all types of open space that may be of public value. It also requires local authorities to undertake robust assessments of local needs for, and audits of, existing open space, sports and recreational facilities and to establish standards for new provision. It is expected that by implementing the guidance in PPG17, local authorities should make adequate provision for allotments. Furthermore, if an allotment authority is of the opinion that there is a demand for allotments in its area, it is required under Section 23 of the Small Holdings and Allotments Act 1908, to provide a sufficient number of allotments and to let them to persons residing in its area who want them. Written representations may be made to the local authority on the need for allotments by any 6 residents on the electoral register or persons liable to pay council tax, and the local authority must take those representations into account (section 23(2) of the Small Holdings and Allotments Act 1908). The Council must assess whether there is a demand for allotments in their area. If the council decides that there is a demand for allotments; they have a statutory duty to provide a sufficient number of plots. In terms of the duty to provide under section 23 of the Small Holdings and Allotments Act 1908 there is no time limit for provision once it has been established that there is a demand. Now would any of you kind people be willing to be one of the six required to prove a demand? Although why the existance of a ten year minimum waiting list cannot be used as proof of demand is baffling. If you would p.m or email me with your details I would be most grateful.
  8. Gary just a suggestion but it may be a good idea for someone to archive all the Warrington results and put them up online. I know LFC have done so with their results so why not Warrington RLFC?
  9. Could I thank you all for the words of support and encouragement, it really does help. I am really pleased that Gary has arranged to do a story on this issue and I would like to thank him and James from editorial for trying to help. Sadly it seems that James is beginning to find out how unhelpful and patronising our council can be when they see fit. I am already in contact with my M.P. who says she has passed on this matter to the ministers responsible and I will be contacting her again this weekend and will keep you all posted. I will be renewing my badgering of my local council member and will be contacting every other councillor with a request for their help and views on the matter as it is a borough wide problem not just in my Parish. I must say that I am quite disappointed that Councillor Kennedy hasn't given me his views on here as he is somebody who seems to care about the town and the interests of its people. I would also have liked to have had Cllr Kenny's input. Maybe there aren't any political points to be scored here for either of them to bother with what must seem like an unimportant issue. Sadly, more people are on the Lymm Parish allotment waiting list than voted for Cllr. Kennedy on May 1st.
  10. Shelley, you could always be independent of the Political Party nonsense and start off with small issues which you can have some influence over. It can be really gratifying. I am presently trying to get this Council to provide more allotments to meet a huge demand throughout the town. Now that is probably as green an issue as can be and as I do not have a clue about Middle Eastern politics let alone a desire to meddle in them there should be no conflict of interests. Good luck anyway whatever you decide to do.
  11. I don't think it was me, more likely common sense prevailed.
  12. love to see Chelsea win, they deserve something back for the marvelous flower shows they put on every year
  13. Perhaps they may then get some perception of the depth of feeling people have about them and maybe do something about it, but that is about as likely as me snogging a giraffe on the way home from work tonight.
  14. You have one of the parties trying their best not to tell us what they have done and the other lot trying equally not to tell us what they would do given the chance. From my perspective you couldn't get a fag paper between the two parties now.
  15. Gary I did recieve it but my apologies as you had gone straight to junk mail for some reason. I will be in touch soon and thanks again.
  16. i don't seem to have recieved the email sorry Gary. A story would be great.
  17. More likely that the lack of inclination to remove ones backside from the couch and do something physically demanding has more to do with obesity that the flame retardants do.
  18. There are sometimes quite valid reasons for unworked plots not being taken away from the tennants. If, for example, the tennant has an injury or illness but expects to be able to return after recovering then I think it right to allow this. You would think though that the allotment association concerned may arange to keep the plot in good order in this circumstance. Whilst there are a few plots which are left unworked this wouldn't be enough to take too many off the list. More allotments would need to be established, especially in the newer developments around the town which seem to have no provision at all, to really have any sort of impact. What I find most annoying is the fact that my rights under the law seem to be completely ignored. Its not like we have too many rights anymore is it?I asked my local councillor to pursue this with the officers and when I asked what they had said when presented with the relevent section of the Allotments Act he said that they knew of ways to get around it. What sort of attitude is that. I won't do my job properly or obey the law of the land because I know a way around it. I am fully aware that this is not a high priority for most people in the town and that money is required for a great many things. I also know that some allotments look little better than shanty towns and get allotmenting a bad name(although this is the fault of the council for allowing it to go unchecked as they write the tennancy agreements). I understand that allotments historically are sometimes the butt of the odd joke or two and not really taken too seriously. This said I also see that nationwide people are becoming more concerned with the quality of what they feed themselves and their children. Because of this there is a huge interest in growing ones own produce, it tastes better, you know what went into its production and it is very affordable. In the last few years vegetable seeds have outsold flower seeds in the garden centres, people are growing their own food more now than at any time since the end of the war. We used to dig for victory now its for nutrition. I wonder if, as a local councillor and regular poster, Cllr. Paul Kennedy would like to make a comment regarding this issue?
  19. would it get your vote though?
  20. as an independent parish councillor I am thinking of using it as a logo should the need arise, far more altruistic than a rose or torch don't you think?
  21. perhaps there was a genuine lack of choice here? Not sure how this result came about having met the man and seen the absolute lack of representation in my area over the last few years
  22. So , in effect , you were speaking nonsense
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