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  1. Pondlife, it's the future http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/comment/columnists/camilla_cavendish/article4069159.ece
  2. make a reality program "I'm a bad parent get my kids outta here", lowlives dont like their own reflection. Perhaps with a celebrity presenter, maybe someone local
  3. Thank you very much Paul, I will also be raising the issue of allotments at my next Parish Council meeting.
  4. The stipend for Burtonwood and Westbrook Parish Council in 2007/2008 is 72k. I'm still new to this Dismayed so I can't help with how the figures are arrived at or how the areas which do not have a parish council are given their money.
  5. Will the people of this town who would like to grow their own food be given the chance to do so by the Council Paul? Eating well is rapidly becoming beyond the means of the less well off. If they had the means to grow their own organic, seasonal fruit and veg on their own allotment this could suppliment their diets, increase their exercise ,save them money ,make them happier and have social benefits to boot. Growing our own food may soon become a neccesity rather than a hobby for a great many people and the sooner the ball is rolling the better it will be.
  6. doesn't this statement stand at odds with the disclaimer beneath?
  7. Egbert, so do you deny that Governments abuse environmental issues to raise revenue? if so you are sadly mistaken.
  8. We have seen some horror stories regarding our politicians snuffling at the trough which is the public purse but Ladies and Gentlemen I think we have a new champion. Look here http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/politics/conservative/2063070/Giles-Chichester-paid-andpound500%2C000-in-allowances-through-family-firm.html
  9. Baz, re. the annual elections of local councillors I couldn't agree with you more. That way the useless, do nothing ,put up to vote as told brigade would not last more than a year or they would have to prove themselves worthy of the position and try their best to help the community.
  10. If the Government were serious about tackling this issue then things like solar panels would be very heavily subsidised making them affordable to the common man not just the affluent. They take enough in "green taxes" to more than pay for this. Perhaps they aren't taxing environmental issues to force us into reducing emmissions but to raise more revenue, no it can't be that simple can it?
  11. Peter T. many thanks for the support. I am really pleased to hear that you are working towards a solution Cllr. Kennedy and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Alison, I know what you mean, its o.k. the celebrity gardeners and chefs etc. telling us to go out and get an allotment, but this shortage is nationwide so something does need to be done. If a plot of land is covered in brambles it is quite easy to clear it. An idea might be to use the people on community work orders to clear the ground, a bit of honest graft would do them good.
  12. Gary, I'd like to thank yourself and James for the story on your online frontpage. With luck this may get the ball rolling Article is here http://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/articles/2693/1/Thirty-year-wait-for-an-allotment/Page1.html
  13. There was a chap on Radio 4 today who claimed that when he started driving 40 years ago when he took into account his wages,petrol costs and the fuel consumption, it is cheaper for him to drive now than then.
  14. Asperity, thats far more prefrable than me having to watch Big Brother.
  15. As a way of saving money and rewarding honest endeavour perhaps they could all be put on performance related pay We would save millions.
  16. You know that it can't be right when the pigs decide how much slop goes into the trough, unbelievable.
  17. Baz, I think these numbers are already available on the Council website although I obviously do not advocate waking them up at all hours.
  18. I noticed these too but thought they may be for displaying the number for the Samaritans
  19. Peter I have never seen this as of high priority for the council nor have I ever said that. In my first post I allude to the fact that I acknowledge this issue is not very important to most people and then again a couple of posts later. I fully accept that there are some serious issues in this town which are of high priority. The problem is that the council do not even see this as an issue worthy of their time or effort. This said when you say that the Council as any other business decides its priorities again I agree with you, except that businesses must act within the bounds of the law. If a business makes increasing profit margins a priority it can't go about achieving this by ceasing to pay tax. This is because there is a law which states that it must pay tax. It is also not for the council to ignore the law because it would find it difficult to afford. It is not my fault that the pensions deficit is ?80 million pounds or that money is wasted every day in one way or another. The council do not need to purchase land, merely convert unused areas into suitable sites. Yes this will cost money but not as much as a new corporate logo and brand, or marble skittles or some paving from Italy or a not fit for purpose traffic light scheme, or a Big wheel on the Town Hall lawn. Peter the council spends money everyday in ways which neither benefit me nor meet with my agreement but thats the way things are. Not everyone is going to be happy with every outlay the Council makes. What I would like to achieve is what is mine by right, heaven knows we have few enough rights anymore. It wouldn't be so bad if I could see any effort whatsoever being made by the relevent council officers rather than just fobbing people off and hoping we will go away.
  20. If you could look into possible uses for that land Paul it would be great. It is far bigger than is required for just allotments and could provide land for a community vegetable growing site, where volunteers who have their own small plot also help with the growing of vegetables on community land, perhaps as a condition of tennancy. The food grown on the community land could be partly sold to pay for the upkeep of the site and any surplus could be distributed to needy folk in the local area. There are a great many grants available for community based food programs for example the Big Lottery Fund has ?50 million up for grabs see here http://www.localfoodgrants.org/. As this site sits squarely between Bewsey, Dallam,Callands and Old Hall it would be a great way to get the 4 communities involved with working together too. Schools and other organisations could become involved and a valuable teaching opportunity could be created. A focal point of Community spirit could become more than pretty words or ticks in boxes. If the site was organically managed from day one with no chemicals and areas planted to benefit the local flora and fauna this site would become a help to nature not a blight. I know I do go on a little at times and that a lot of hard work would be needed from a great many people but I still have faith in the people of Warrington and in their ability to pull together for a good cause.
  21. Councillor Kennedy, First of all thanks again for your input, it is appreciated even if at time it may not seem to be. As you have raised quite a few issues since I was able to repond i will try my best to go through point by point and give you the response you deserve. ?PS When people say "nothing personal", they normally mean it is personal. ? When I say this was nothing personal it means exactly that. As I do not know you personally nor have had any dealings with you on a personal level I don?t see how anything I have posted could be construed as anything but impersonal. All my postings here are addressed to your position of Councillor of this town and I apologise if at any time I give you reason to doubt this. ?By making that comment it is evident that you know nothing about me or my background, your comment is therefore one made with a fair degree of ignorance. If time and the opportunity permits, I will ask the question regarding allotments.....although I have to say my biggest concern at the moment is the over ?100 million of WBC borrowings and its pension deficit which was last estimated at ?80 million, althought my guess is that with revised mortality rates and movements in the stock market that figure might well now be in the region of ?100 million. So allotments as you can see are a question of priorities, accepting that like other things they can be the sole focus and be all to some people.? You accuse me of ignorance when I allege that ?You're too concerned with finding excuses not to confront a problem rather than trying to find a solution.? This may have been a fair and honest accusation had you not previously said that ?such is the financial state of the council, I think that anything that can be flogged off will be?. You then follow the accusation of ignorance with even more excuses not to address the problem. I apologise if any of my post led you to believe I was ignorant of the facts but fail to see how you came to such a conclusion. ?Identify the land please.?The land I referred to earlier can be viewed here http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?t=h&hl=en&ie=UTF8&ll=53.40352,-2.610326&spn=0.006332,0.022295&z=16 Mike Bailey and Helen Lacey in the planning department are the officers who are apparently looking into this piece of land. ?I would be most grateful for details of that law.? ?PPS I've now found the details of the Allotments Act 1922, and will give the matter some thought.? I really appreciate the fact that you took the time to find the relevant Act of Parliament. The 1922 act was a revision of the original 1908 Act. It would be fitting if something could be done in time to celebrate the Acts 100th. Birthday, perhaps with the opening of some new allotments. ?If time and the opportunity permits? If it doesn?t would I be allowed to raise the matter at the next Council meeting? ?So allotments as you can see are a question of priorities, accepting that like other things they can be the sole focus and be all to some people.? Where in the list of priorities would you put recognising the Law and acting accordingly? Why can this council find millions for ridiculous traffic lights systems, Skittles and Italian cobble stones and the needless and costly rebranding of the Town yet not a penny for decades on the creation of new and needed allotments? I am sorry if you feel we got off on the wrong foot and I understand that my strong feeling about this subject sometimes leads to me speaking in haste. I admire the fact that you are prepared to come on this forum and be accessible to the rants and raves some of us aim at you. I would like you to raise this matter for me at Council and perhaps we can find a way in which everybody gains. Please feel free to contact me at anytime through email or P.M. and any help or further input from you will be most welcome.
  22. Wenger could never be a referee as he couldn't handle having Alex Ferguson as his boss
  23. Peter I know that money is the main factor in all this but, when did the Council last open new allotments. Probably when we had half the population that we do now. How much money has been raked in converting land to development sites which make billions for the developer but put nothing back into the local community except traffic problems and polution. I do not want a free hand out, I have never been a scrounger, and I am prepared to pay the rent for an allotment which is more than can be said for lots of people who want everything for nothing. I have identified a piece of waste land quite locally which has stood unused for decades. A few years ago it was earmarked and permission was given to build a link road straight through it. There was not a murmer of protest from any local or political group to try to stop this development going ahead. Then all of a sudden it has become a Site of Interest for Nature Conservation. This is at best disingenuous given that the same people were prepared to tarmac over the area a few years back. I have also suggested that land which is aquired for development be used for temporary allotments as projects such as Omega are expected to take at least 25 years to complete. The allotmenters contract could easily include a 12 month notice to clear site from day one and then there could be no complaints when the time to quit came. People working the temporary plots could be moved to the more permanent sites as and when the space became available. i have also pointed out many millions of pounds in grants which are available to green projects and especially local food production. Sadly the endemic apathy throughout this council means that instead of trying to do something positive and constructive and getting the money together for this they hide behind trotted out excuses and instead ignore peoples basic rights and expectations. Observer summed it up perfectly when describing them as being in a comfort zone which they have no desire to leave. Peter, believe it or not I am trying to obtain public support for this injustice but sometimes, probably because I feel so strongly about the issue, I get a little carried away with my rants. If this is the case I do apologise but cannot assure you it will not happen again.
  24. I think Sven will be their next manager, at least I hope so as I put a bet on months ago at 25/1
  25. P J

    Military Inovation?

    Tony would you agree with me that the most fearsome and devastating weapon ever invented by man is the stick, with a rusty nail through one end and then dipped in dog sh*t?
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