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  1. The sad thing about this is that it is going to cost many thousands of pounds from the public purse to pander to David Davies over inflated ego. If he doesn't like the decision made in the vote on this issue then hard luck mate that is how it goes. Don't be having a hissy fit and stamping your feet until you get your own way, just get on with it. When Labour won in their landslide victory this seat still polled 47% Conservative so is regarded as ultra safe and proves this to be a selfish act by a petulant self server.
  2. or perhaps whether or not you get out of the bath to take a pee
  3. Observer given the present climate and of course the very low standings of the Labour party and its leader there is no risk. Its just a theatrical bit of showboating.
  4. Chrissy, thanks for clearing that up for me. As you say I am a doer and as you also claim to be a doer and to hold the subject of allotments close to your heart would you please consider sending me your details and you can be one of the minimum of six people I need to write to the Council to demand our rights to an allotment?
  5. It would appear that Helen Jones is out for blood regarding the "fiasco" which was the Warrington local elections. She seems to have a particular axe to grind with the returning officer Mrs. Terris. See here http://www.theyworkforyou.com/debates/?id=2008-06-10a.281.0&s=speaker%3A10319#g286.0 Councillors may have to stand for election again if things are deemed to have been carried out in an unfair or undemocratic manner. Would all decisions taken since May 1st be recinded and a new start made? Its a big old can of worms this one.
  6. "like a ?3,000 per day pay out, for wrongfull imprisonment after 28days " This seems a bit like winning Big Brother
  7. I am an independent Parish councillor for Callands Chrissy. I support my community not a political party. Now if passing on the concerns of residents about the dangers to schoolchildren from ill concieved road alterations is moaning then I am guilty . If reporting and getting action regarding damage to a residents property done by Council workers is whingeing then again I'm guilty. Also if reporting dangerous kerbs and pavements outside old peoples bungalows is muppeteering then I suppose I'm guilty of this too. On a personal level I am presently trying to get this Council to provide more allotments to satisfy a huge shortage throughout the borough.See here http://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/articles/2693/1/Thirty-year-wait-for-an-allotment/Page1.html These are all very small and to some seemingly insignificant matters when compared to the noble pursuits you undertake, but they matter a great deal to the people concerned and if I can help them then I see it as doing my job as a parish councillor properly. All the little things can make a big difference to people and should not be overlooked or sneered at by political activists or whatever it is you do. My personal view is that local politics need party politics like a new hole in the head.
  8. So you're not a Lib Dem you just help them out when they are busy?
  9. Or even "Catch me I'm an honest politician." It would run for longer than Coronation Street.
  10. Your efforts are of course most appreciated and I have every confidence in you achieving a successful result. As for rules why it can't happen tell them there is a law why it must happen. Thanks for being true to your word and I feel a little guilty now for subjecting you to my occasional rants. Paul.
  11. There is a guideline for planning which states "Planning Policy Guidance 17 (PPG17) sets out the policies needed to be taken into account by regional planning bodies in the preparation of Regional Planning Guidance (or any successor) and by local planning authorities in the preparation of development plans (or their successors); they may also be material to decisions on individual planning applications." I do not know enough about planning law to be sure if this will be of any help but here is a link to the document. I am of course happy to help or be involved with any action which may stop the development of green field in this town. Good luck. http://www.communities.gov.uk/publications/planningandbuilding/planningpolicyguidance17
  12. Paul you are without doubt my new favourite councillor
  13. That isn't an answer either!
  14. It appears that the Conservative party is truely wollowing in the trough at the moment with a revalation a day. Perhaps the press have decided that the honeymoon period is well and truly over for Cameron (Blair Lite) http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/politics/article4087645.ece
  15. I'll wager that the whole Kinnock clan will not be in favour.
  16. "the arrangement he has for remunerating his Wife & Daughter, who do actually do work for him, looks to the outside world, dodgy." When you consider that he paid them 3/4 of a million pounds no wonder he has been castigated. Were his wife and daughter the best candidates when he held interviews for this very well paid post funded by the public, or do you think that perhaps the nepotism stinks up the place. This man happens to be a Conservative but I am sure it goes right across the putrid midin that is the realm of British politicians at the moment. The public have had enough of the same old excuses for the increasingly huge and offenive abuses of the whole expenses system. Why on earth should I buy a house in London for any M.P who feels like owning one? The State should provide council type accomodation for these parasites as it may do them good to see how the other half live, and if they wish to upgrade their living accomodation it should be at their own expense. As for employing family as staff what a con this is proving to be. The whole integrity of politics is at an all time low and people should not have to put up with it.
  17. The Council in Warrington are fantastic at protecting fields Baz. What they do is allow developers to put huge industrial units on them which stops the fields from getting wet or mucky
  18. Observer, He can't do that as even the people he sets to stop this embezzlement are crooked. See here http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/politics/article4083519.ece It would appear that after Conway,Chichester and Dover any tory who is named after a place name is not to be trusted
  19. sorry my previous post should have said they are paid a fortune not earn a fortune.
  20. This M.P. is really slow at replying to emails requesting information or help with problems. Not what you expect especially as they do earn a fortune.
  21. I have to agree that they do seem to have done a great job. Perhaps a letter to the Council may be in order.
  22. (in best Captain Kirk voice) "bridge to engineering. Scotty we appear to have a problem with the universal translator"
  23. Sorry to sound cynical but a windmill is high visibility and attracts attention unlike solar panels. The windmill is ideal to get as much attention as possible whilst only paying lip service to environmental issues.
  24. I didn't see that Observer but I wish I had, which channel was it on? I think the bit about having to concede it by law has piqued my interest As for the pigs being eaten at the end of the series, if God didn't want us to eat pigs he wouldn't have made them out of meat.
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