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  1. Paul, there has been a serious digression, it always happens in the wee, small hours To get back on subject how did you go on at the meeting last night, I was left holding the baby and couldn't come
  2. Jonathan when I read your posts I can't help but be put in mind of this character, no offence meant though I am sure you will take some. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeLSNzEorbI
  3. perhaps I should give my forelock a quick tug each time I post. On a serious note Jonathan, be careful when using terms like the workers place etc. as they are emotive subjects which can blow up in your face. Boris Johnsons top aide just made a gaffe regarding an off the cuff response on an equally emotive subject and he had to go. Baz, Cllr Kennedy is not going to be too chuffed with you
  4. but that statement bears absolutely no resemblence to your original utterance.
  5. you "I agree with Cameron that he should keep the workers in their place." me "I am a worker. Could you tell me where exactly my place is." on this matter.
  6. P J

    Historic diets?

    If they had the same amount of food in each hand it was balanced perhaps.
  7. I am a worker. Could you tell me where exactly my place is.
  8. As it is not considered a profitable route a whole village(a large one) is completely cut off from the town on a Sunday as there is no bus service whatsoever. The rest of the time the bus service is inadequate to say the least. But since deregulation profit must come first so sod the people. You ask what is the most important thing in Warrington and I feel its the people, all of them not just the priveleged.
  9. I bet you never travelled to Burtonwood by bus on a Sunday.
  10. Where do you stand on bus deregulation?
  11. Yeah I've heard that but I still feel it can be and should be reduced. At what cost? I have to be honest I'm not decided on exactly what cost but I still feel that it needs to be reduced by a fair bit. I mean at what cost to services?
  12. Yeah I've heard that but I still feel it can be and should be reduced. At what cost?
  13. Only because fruit and veg are too expensive to chuck at criminals
  14. The museum still has the stocks and an iron maiden Observer. We could reinstate these, what do you think?
  15. The problem may be if he is too tough on crime he may not have any cabinet left
  16. So make it if you don't pay your fine , 2 years in jail.
  17. But you have parents buying the booze for underage drinkers. I feel that recently shops , supermarkets and most pubs are trying to crack down on underage drinking. What if you got a year in jail for being caught drinking underage or a ?1000 fine. Would this help do you think?
  18. My theory is purely anecdotal and impossible to prove but I feel that a learning stage in drinking sensibly has been lost over recent times. When I was 18 I couldn't wait to go for a pint with my Dad. When we went to the local pub we knew or were known by all there and we were taught how to behave respectfully and to respect the effects of alcohol(sometimes a painful lesson ), but learn we did and if we stepped out of line we were put right by people who cared about us. Nowadays some young people bypass this apprenticeship and hurtle headlong into binge drinking and whatever else you call drinking as much as you can as quick as you can in the company of strangers in the town centre. We drank pints of bitter and lager but now there is a preference for treble shots et al. I never drank shorts and very few people did. I still go out to my local pub once a week and there is very rarely any trouble whatsoever and I feel comfortable there. The same sadly cannot be said for town centre pubs . I know not all young people are violent drunks and not all older people are saints and you seem like a very sensible young man but in an alcohol fuelled environment it only takes a couple of idiots to create a tragedy. Like I said I have theories but like most people I do not have a solution.
  19. But as you wish to engage with young people and involve them more telling them that they should pay more for travel, booze etc. will probably alienate them. I wonder is it fair to punish the majority of people who are responsible drinkers by upping prices in order to make alcohol less affordable for young people. I can't see how that would work as your average young person has much more disposable income than say a pensioner or a parent with a mortgage. Would it be fair to put out of reach the price of a few pints for a 70 year old man just to make alcohol dearer for better off young people who do not know how to behave after drink? I have my own theories on why the youth of today seem to struggle to behave when they have been drinking but increasing prices across the board, for me, is not the solution.
  20. Why do you feel students deserve to travel more cheaply than anybody else? Do they not already get discount on a great many things? Do all students need financial help? Could the "student night" cheap booze nights be part of the alcohol problems we face today? I would like to hear your views Jonathan.
  21. Jonathan Council tax in Warrington is slightly below the national average (based on band D). That said I don't think anyone would mind paying less if the service levels remained the same or improved.
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