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    Bewsey Old Hall

    The arguments for and against were extremely well put by both sides. The proposal failed on many levels including the out of character flats to enable the Old Hall development, the security and poor design of the new flats, the absolute lack of community benefit which is a stipulation for enabled development. In fact the proposals failed on so many points that the legal advisor to the Council is to meet with the Dev Committee to accurately record the reasons for refusal, I imagine, to deter the possibility of having to go through the whole process again.
  2. P J

    Bewsey Old Hall

    But the vote was unanimous, not close, not nip and tuck, unanimous. The reason for this is that it is ill concieved, out of character and demands a lot of concessions without any benefits to the people of this town. I spoke to the chap from Urban Splash after the meeting and I don't think he was expecting to appeal given that his design was publically humiliated in what was a very brave and honorable vote against this proposed carbuncle. P.S. you don't happen to live in the lodge do you?
  3. P J

    Bewsey Old Hall

    Breaking news and good news too. Tonight WBC Planning committee voted unanimously to refuse the proposal put by Urban Splash to turn the Old Hall and a good chunk of Sankey Valley Park into Flats. Well done Councillors and you don't hear that very often
  4. You know there's something wrong with the world when it takes longer to rent a patch of dirt from the local council than it does to get a season ticket at Anfield. Thanks for the welcome! Tim At least Liverpool F.C. seem to realise that they need to provide more seats and plans are afoot to build a new stadium. I suppose the difference is they expect to make a profit from this and the Council can only claim to have met their legal obligations whilst at the same time improved folks health,happiness, education and social inclusion and interaction. Not at all as important as cold hard cash
  5. But Tara Dad aren't you working outside the rules to make a living by ignoring the 3 taxi limit. If so aren't you always complaining that Pink Ladies aren't complying with the rule in order to make a living. You can't have it both ways I'm afraid.
  6. Thanks Tim, you lucky so and so If the waiting list was anything like 6 - 18 months it would be not so bad, but over a decade is far too long. Anyway as you say I think we will get there and the town as a whole will be better for it. P.S. Welcome to the forum
  7. We phone the police Geoff and if they do nothing we complain.
  8. Great advice Chrissy. Especially in the light of the Gary Newlove murder.
  9. Hawleys Lane is dreadful. Full of potholes cracks and poor repairs. Then there is the bridge which gets closed if it raind for more than half an hour.
  10. Bewsey born and bred Peter. So as an administrator are you advising me that I can be as offensive as I wish on here but when pulled on it I just pass it off as banter or a jolly jape? i just do not understand the anti scouse thing at all to be honest. Especially not from an otherwise sensible and grown up person.
  11. Now I am confused!!! Who said anything about vermin? you did here 10th post down http://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=12257&start=0 I didn't say that Scousers made that claim. yes you did "and thought it of interest as quite a few keep telling us how pure and honest all Scousers are. " You need to spend more time worrying about your prejudice against the council and the allotments. You obviously are in some form of denial Peter. As for your allotment advice how pathetic, I think I spend quite enough time worrying about them. You are an administrator on this site and as such I would expect a much higher level of behaviour from you
  12. [ PJ. WRONG. I have nothing against Scousers. Worked with them most of my life and thoroughly enjoyed their company. However, during that time, I learnt more from them about entitlements than anyone else. I saw the article in the "Liverpool" Echo, and thought it of interest as quite a few keep telling us how pure and honest all Scousers are. I have also commented in the past about the scroungers of Warrington. As for Hull, I haven't lived or worked there or know anyone that does, so it's difficult to comment. Perhaps you could do it for me. If you have nothing against Scousers why do you compare them to vermin? Predjudice is not nice no matter who it is aimed against and to say that Scousers claim that they are all pure and honest is nonsensicle. As for pigeonholing the people of Hull for you, why on earth would i wish to do that, surely thats your trait not mine.
  13. That is what I am told You don't sound convinced.
  14. Peter why should somebodys place of birth define them as obviously you seem to have a problem with anyone who was born in Liverpool. Surely how a person behaves is more important than where he was born. I notice that Liverpool is second place not first but I am yet to see you have a go at any of the good folk of Hull.
  15. Seems the "Doctor" who promoted this theory is a bit of a chancer to put it mildly. http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2008/jun/28/sciencenews.mobilephones
  16. The cynical may believe that if the Coservatives change the way things are measured they will not be open to comparisons regarding results if they are in charge. Have you considered this Jonathan?
  17. Thanks for the links Paul. No matter what you decide to call the action taken it has to make more land available in order to have any positive effect whatsoever. I know beaurocracy loves desk based paper solutions to problems but in this case the only solution requires land.
  18. I have now read online about the allotment plan in Reading. They have increased the amount of allotments by 70% and are actively encouraging peolple to go on their waiting list which they then try to accomodate by developing more allotments. This sounds a little too good to be true but if Warrington follow suit it would be fantastic. I wil be contacting Cllr Litton to hear what he has to say. Observer you are right about the development of land and we need look no further than Bewsey Old Hall and the "development" of the parkland around the hall which is presently being put through planning to see how biased and short sighted a council can be when it comes to protecting anything which does not turn a profit.
  19. I really wanted to come to the meeting but due to a mini family crisis I was unable to attend. If I had attended I couldn't have done anything anyway. Thanks for the information about your questions. What is the allotment plan which is being considered Paul? Does it involve making enough allotments to satisy demand?
  20. I think they have one of those on The Archers. What are they?
  21. Well done Paul, glad to hear this news. Could you please give me more details of what you asked and what answers if any you recieved? Will there be further discussions? I brought this matter up at our Parish meeting last week and one idea which may have some possibility is getting some of the land at the Omega site given over to Allotments which would be superb. I am also still in the process of trying to find suitable land around the town so if anybody has any suggestions I would be more than happy if you could contact me with details. I will be contacting every councillor in Warrington soon informing them of the facts as I see them and providing them with a copy of the relevent law relating to allotments. I will also be reminding Helen Jones M.P. that she promised me a reply which I still haven't had. I will be sending the six letters to the council next week to invoke the legal side of things and will be meeting a legal firm to discuss the possibility of legal action against the Council should absolutely all else fail. Having said this with enough help and work from council members and members of the public this should not need to be the route taken.
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