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  1. She is good at that Baz. She ignored what was being said but got a quick soundbite in.
  2. Then surely Gary we should compost all our own green waste and use it in the town to improve our own environment.
  3. Its difficult to find anything he has done even moderatly well Egbert. And as for him likening himself to Heathcliffe what a buffoon, just shows how out of touch with the populace he is.
  4. I'm not certain where to exactly but I was told that all our green waste is taken out of town for composting by a private firm which sells it on.
  5. What we need manufacturers to do is something in between a GWhizz and this beauty. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/2277944/Europe%27s-first-electric-super-car%2C-with-a-top-speed-of-130mph%2C-launched-this-month.html This at least shows that the technologies exist to build proper electic options.
  6. It would be far better to be honest from the outset really, perhaps not a trait that goes hand in glove with career politicians.
  7. In Eddisbury too Paul, she came 3rd there. I am beginning to see a pattern emerging. I wonder did she own flats in Eddisbury and South Shropshire at the time of voting or would that be me being cynical.
  8. Egbert - "I suppose the "can't cook won't cook" women of today" There may be trouble ahead
  9. Surely you don't mean that she doesn't live in Bewsey at all and uses an address of convenience? Whatever next. Mind you it worked for her
  10. Looking at her recent history it seems the Lib/dems are determined to slot in this "golden girl" of theirs and it doesn't matter where it seems. I see she is very keen on growing fruit and veg which is marvelous but perhaps she could let me know where she grows them as her address is a flat in Bewsey
  11. What if we stop feeding politicians as some would consider that a waste of food
  12. P J

    No tickets.

    I will certainly be giving it a go this season Gary. At least its affordable family fun as Prem is now out of the price range of many people especially families. You still see 22 men kicking a ball round for a fraction of the cost.
  13. P J

    No tickets.

    It was better than I expected. I loved the family atmosphere which does not exist in Premiership Football. I have never seen warrington lose at the new stadium, perhaps they should give me a free season ticket
  14. P J

    Cheap Clothes?

    You better believe it!! I know.
  15. P J

    No tickets.

    After spending the morning, well a good part of it, on the phone to the ground we finally got in touch with a person in reception called Michelle. She told me that nobody from the Lottery staff were in but that she would ring me back when they arrived. She called at about 12.45 to tell me that our tickets were at reception ready for us to pick up. They were and we went in and had a great day and I will be going to the next home game too as my daughter loved it. So thank you Michelle you saved the day.
  16. P J

    Cheap Clothes?

    Baz he must have a harder face than the man in the iron mask
  17. Or perhaps a Lib Dem doctor from the Midlands getting in, in Bewsey Baz I'm asking about Westbrook,Callands,Whittle Hall, Kingswood etc. not Bewsey.
  18. "Of course serving as a Parish Councillor is no guarantee that that person will be any good as a Borough Councillor" I would say it is a better indicator than which political party is least/most popular at the time of the elections.
  19. OR in the event that there is no Parish Council, as a member of a Residents Association or some such body. Indeed Peter. and its Borough not town but now I'm being pedantic.
  20. One lives in hope you won't....and it is Borough Council by the way. Of course serving as a Parish Councillor is no guarantee that that person will be any good as a Borough Councillor, very different skill sets are required. Rather like my old business days, I was the Managing Director of a business with a network of depots, I had never managed a depot in my life, yet I turned the business around, because I was able to look at it from a much broader perspective. Interestingly the time committment to be a BC is far far greater than being a PC. you already mentioned the borough/town mistake Paul. I acknowledged my mistake with the good grace with which the critisism was levelled. Are you now going to use this as a beginning to all your posts to me you didn't however offer any explanation as to the complete dirth of Conservative Parish Candidates but a BOROUGH Candidate in each ward.
  21. It wasn't a question of not being bothered. Anyway I don't want to go in to it in detail as the L/Ds will just misquote me and exploit my honesty Paul I hope the Wolves players show as much skill as yourself this afternoon. With such wonderful sidesteps they should batter Wakefield
  22. That of course isn't the reason at all. Actually my understanding is that Parish Councillors can be paid, and indeed in some areas of the country they are. Here in Warrington PJ Parish & Town are in effect one and the same, it is Borough Councillors who are paid. Sorry Paul my mistake on the terminology but thanks for pointing it out. Any idea why no Conservatives stand for Parish in Burtonwood and Westbrook or in Great Sankey North or South but there are always "Borough" candidates. Is it that there are no Conservative supporters locally available and they have to be brought in from elsewhere? Perhaps from Warrington South?
  23. P J

    Haunted Warrington

    You can find some of what you are after here jw. http://www.warrington.cwc.net/legendspage1.html
  24. jw I am certain its not the worst you have heard nor are likely to. It was never meant to be. The general feeling I get is that people have had a gut full of politics and especially politicians and this sadly will tarnish anybody linked with political parties no matter how undeserving ths may be. Re the local elections in Great Sankey South ( and North)I see that not one Conservative representative bothered to stand for Parish which would rule them out as an option for my vote at Town council level. The same thing happened here in Callands where, despite there being 2 uncontested spaces, no Conservatives were standing as ward parish councillors. I can only think that as Parish Councillors recieve no money at all for their work, unlike Town Councillors , it is much less attractive a proposition for a politically ambitious candidate. If I had my way any person wishing to stand for Town Council must have served his local parish council for at least 2 years. This would stop all these political party placements coming in to contest local elections in areas they are neither from nor have ever represented at any level. This way at least the electorate would know that the person they were voting for at Town Council had served them at some level and it would also give the electorate something by which to measure the candidates. It would also prove a level of commitment from all prospective Councillors. It will never happen though
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