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  1. On 2/16/2019 at 12:08 PM, Latchford Locks said:

    Loony Left Agitators with nothing better to do till the next benefit payment is due.

    What benefits are these school children waiting on, or are actually entitled to?  Stupid statement really, lazy and without a grain of actual truth.  Loony Left, you are so 1970's lol


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  2. 38 minutes ago, Latchford Locks said:

    A good white appliance outlet would be well suited to the now empty Homebase store on Riverside retail. A good large catchment area going begging.

    but Homebase couldn't make it work,  why would a fridge shop do any better.   The world is full of people with what they think are great ideas, not many of them have the balls, confidence and courage to try it for themselves, they simply spout away online .  What makes you think a white goods emporium would prosper where others have failed miserably?


  3. 1 hour ago, Evil Sid said:

    After my heart attack I was told to get exercise, not overly strenuous but gentle exercise to get the blood pumping a bit and strengthen the heart. A brisk-ish walk or at least a walk at least once a day. (during summer that is taken care of playing bowls)

    However i do know somebody who, like me, had a heart attack. the first thing he did was get a disabled buggy and now uses that to go everywhere. the only exercise he gets is getting off the buggy to open gates. how long he will last is anybodies guess.

    My point exactly Sid ;)

    There are some septuagenarians and octogenarians at my golf club who regularly walk the course,  some do have powercaddies which take the strain of dragging the bag though but they all seem very spry and have a great time too.

  4. darts and dominos revival to save our village communities lol.  I rest my case.  There were more pubs than were required,  even in Glazebury.  The George and Dragon is doing ok I believe but isn't chocca every day,  so why does the village need two?  

  5. 1 hour ago, Milky said:

    It is the sort of wooly answer you give. 

    The pub was a popular until it was converted to a restaraunt so how about a pub, or a house, or several houses, or apartments or shop, or offices, I have seen all of these converted from pubs. You need to get out more PJ. 


    FFS  isn't this what has been proposed?  I get out plenty thank you, even met up with the protesters last week at the Raven.  Pubs are shutting down all over the country, so are restaurants.   The protest is AGAINST apartments and shops is a gormless proposal.   Did you EVER visit it when it was open?    The Worldwide asked the question regarding use it or lose it.  There are some numpties on here.  You need to think more, or perhaps, on second thoughts, please don't, it's not your forte.


  6. so we have , up to now, suggestions of life imprisonment outside of our own jurisdiction and State sanctioned murder.  Thankfully time seems to have mellowed the crazies on here, when she and her friends left for Syria a poster suggested they should be caged and burned alive in public.   I'm interested to know what her actual crimes are? Whatever they are I am sure there is a law under which she can be prosecuted legally by our courts.


  7. On 2/14/2019 at 7:36 AM, Evil Sid said:


    A half hour shop for me turns into a two hour trek with Mrs sid in tow as every aisle has to be visited at least twice and her haphazard shopping drives me thoughts of either suicide or murder.

    "we need this" some item that is at the far end of the supermarket "oh we need that" something that we passed on the way in to get to the back of the supermarket for the first item.

    Still a slow three mile walk pushing a trolley can be classed as exercise of a sort.🤪

    If you drive to the supermarket, get out of the car into an electric shopping buggy and drive around the supermarket for 3 hours you can pass that off as exercise the same way the Merkins do with golf lol


  8. 4 hours ago, Milky said:

    So they did, but they are still going to build the new Juke and  Qashqai  in the UK and if you talk to the people who work at Nissan they will tell you the real reason they will not make the X- Trail in the UK is because of lack .of capacity.

    When I was involved in courier business one of the regular jobs we had was delivering pharmaceuticals that came into Manchester airport every night from the USA among other things. Now the USA is not in the EU, occasionally there was a delay of an hour or two but there was never ever any disruption

    Phew,  thank heavens everything is honky dory,  after we leave we're all gonna be so rich .

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  9. 3 hours ago, Confused52 said:

    Quite right PJ, that isn't what happened. Nissan pulled out of the model being built anywhere in Europe and pulled it back to Japan because of the way the EU is behaving on Diesel. They have said this quite clearly but a certain kind of person still wants to scaremonger ...

    bollox,  they stated uncertainty over Brexit but don't let that cloud your dogma.  Keep your head firmly buried in the sand, fingers in ears and sing LaLa La all day long




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  10. 16 hours ago, Stallard12 said:

    Yea, that's why they're called Big Mouth Bass, average 6 to 8 lb. and rife ( means a sh**t load) in our local waters.  One of the many things you don't know PJ.

    Whoooooosh !    I know they aren't born that size, ergo there must be small fish too Duh!  They probably overeat and under exercise and get over weight being Amerkin an all.


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