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  1. 7 hours ago, Gary said:

    Sadly not enough active posters on here to give a true picture these days.

    But in the real world of twitter and facebook where around 1,000 votes were cast on a similar topic, The Independent Group were picking up around 40 per cent of the vote! So just aybe today is Independence day!

    This site is simply a sounding board for one person. 



  2. Despite Asperities claims to the contrary, if you use the Y word at a Jewish person, it will almost always cause offence .  I seem to recall him being extremely offended when his heritage was mentioned not too long ago.  Some people must be easily offended.

  3. 4 hours ago, Dizzy said:


    1.....I added a comment in the status comment box under under the actual report both times.  I presumed wrongly that yot would have been able too see the status of it and my comment.  Also yes they are usually treated as being confidential but seeing as though you posted asking on here I replied to you on here. 

    2.... The reason I didn't take action first time was because when I looked what the word meant it said it was 'shortened from the word Nippon which was the Japanese for Japan'. 

    3.....No I would never allow the N word for black people, I don't know which Y word for Jewish you mean but I will Google so if one ever does appear I know what I'm looking for. 

    4.....the sun's out and its quite a nice day even though a bit cold and breezy.  Why don't you go for a stroll with your camera and take some nice local photos to upload 📸

    1.  I made a general enquiry as to the reporting procedures not a specific report about a post, you did that.  You should have responded privately.  To post what you did publicly is at best unprofessional and is likely to deter genuine reporting of malicious posts

    2. Many offensive slurs, including the N word you would never allow, are historically derived from Place/country names.  They have, however been bastardised and used to cause offence to the target and are considered offensive racial/ethnic slurs.

    3.  The Y word is derived from the European Jewish language named Yiddish so by your logic will be perfectly acceptable on here lol.

    4. Could you be just a tad more patronising please :)

  4. I would have thought something as serious as racial/ethnic comments would at least warrant a response to the complaint to be honest.  You could have contacted me via the private message on here rather than force me to resend the report and ask the question here.  As it was I had no idea whether you had even received the report , which incidentally, are meant to be confidential and in trust  ( lmao)


    Quite how you didnt find the words used offensive is worrying, lets hope that nobody decides to use similar derisory slurs about black or Jewish folk but perhaps  you may decide that the N or Y words are too much for even this place?


  5. 26 minutes ago, Evil Sid said:

    And probably into the 60's as well pj.

    it was a common idea that letting the kids get these diseases would strengthen their immune system against them and similar diseases in the future, the next time such disease went round you had already had it so the effects were lessened. "What does not kill us makes us stronger" sort of thing.

    A bit like having the flu jab to prevent you getting a very bad dose of whatever strain is currently doing the rounds.

    "When i were a lad" :roll: You were sent to school no matter what, short of any major part dropping off, and even then you had to have a note signed by the doctor, three priests and the local police chief to say that you were not fit for school that day.🤥

    Great parenting skills back then lol.  

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  6. 5 hours ago, Milky said:

    No and yes.

    OK PJ why are you so pro developers. What is it that you support the pulling down of a building that stood for hundreds of years, is full of charm and character in favour of putting up breeze block boxes so the developer can make £££££?

    Our MPs, council and Councillors should represent the people who elect them or for who they work, instead time and time again they side with the developers. In case of the cabinet works they subsidized the developer to the tune of over a million pounds plus demolishion costs and no one seems to care. They demolished the old baths and spent millions putting up a crapy single pool instead.


    Go on Milky, show me where I said I favoured demolition of the pub and the construction of breeze Block boxes.  I didn’t did I?  Do you are so concerned about saving this building you couldn’t be bothered going to the protests.  Also,  did you use the place before it closed?   What I am interested in is what you would have the OWNERS do with the place and you suggest an Antique  shop (pmsl)  which you admit you are clueless about.  Hilarious

  7. On 2/20/2019 at 2:28 AM, Milky said:

    I find it interesting how some pub thrive and others die.

    There are many closed pubs in Warrington but over the  years there have been new ones built too, example the one were the Skoda garage is now could not make it yet a brand new pub a few feet away is doing OK. Many like the Stretton Fox get refurbished. Went to the George and Dragon in Greater Budworth a few days  ago and while not packed was busy.

    Go out once a week for a meal usually to a pub although this week was the KFC in Latchford and it is hard finding a pub that sell food that is different from the next one along

    Pubs also do themselves no favours by selling soft drinks at such high prices. 

    My family actually looked into buying a country pub some years ago and what put us off was the huge local rates payable at the time, don't know if it changed now.

    So you are trying?  Were you at either of the protests outside the pub?  Did you file an objection to the proposal with  Council?  Or did you simply whinge on the forum in a pretence of caring?

  8. Now Honda have pulled all production from little Britain, the sight of the pro Brexit Tory MP trying his best to distance the companies decision from Brexit was excruciating.  A little like some of the swivel eyed loons on the forum lol

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  9. 3 hours ago, Observer II said:

    Think we're way past the point of no return now Tex;  historical revisionism is now the norm; and encouraged by the BBC.

    If the Americans make one more Vietnam movie they will most probably win lol

  10. 43 minutes ago, grey_man said:

    Yes. I can see why you would say me posting ten times in 14 months looks like obsession. Especially when you've just had to go back a month to find me saying anything. You really have to try much harder if you want to keep proving that you know everything about everything and are the final arbiter of opinions on every subject. Getting on for seven thousand posts and you're still pulling the same trick. Projection, much?  

    Lies don’t cover your obsession with the council investments.  You don’t agree with them, fine , I get it.  I got the first time and the second and the umpteenth time you obsessively posted about it.  10 posts in 14 months pmsl

  11. 1 hour ago, Milky said:


     As for shops, I have seen antique shops in such location, kitchen showrooms, outdoor activity store all doing ok

    If it is such a viable and obvious money maker, why aren't you opening up an antique shop there?  Possibly because it would be doomed to failure.


  12. 3 minutes ago, Milky said:


    Yes but not recently. 

    No it isn't, what is being proposed is to demolish the current building, unless something changed

    Why is a shop a gormless proposal? 

    there is absolutely no requirement for a shop where thew Raven stands, what would it sell to make it viable?  That is why the idea is gormless, there are major shops and small shops going bust which have massively more footfall than this out of the way former boozer.    So you propose to turn the existing building into several houses without changing the character or appearance or community benefit of the building, in a way that makes fiscal and practical sense?  tell me how because I can't see how.  I fear you haven't thought anything through and are just opining dreams and wishes, if only they counted for anything lol


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