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  1. On 4/8/2019 at 8:42 PM, asperity said:

    The man is a politician and therefore lying through his teeth. Pollution levels, even in that there London, are lower than they have ever been and still falling.

    this statement is false but what's new?

  2. Here is a little trick I use when buying clothes.  It would appear that it is a little known fact amongst the aged but shops have things called changing rooms.  I take in a selection of garments I like the look of and,  get this, try them on for size, comfort etc.  If I am happy I buy them , if not I don’t.  You should try it, it’s all the rage and has been since the advent of the clothes shop.

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  3. 18 minutes ago, Evil Sid said:


    (ps i did think your statement at first was to do with the GLBT AYOGOLT education that some schools were adding to the subject matters being taught.):roll:

    Love and tolerance in all it's forms could be learned from.  Beats hate and bigotry everytime.


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  4. 5 hours ago, Evil Sid said:

    The soldiers at the time genuinely believed they were being shot at and retaliated. Innocent people were injured or killed and maybe a few guilty were as well.

    That a soldier can be prosecuted for doing his/her duty does make me wonder why people would now sign up to defend a country that will not defend them.

    I also wonder what the Americans stance is on "friendly fire" incidents. were any of the people involved prosecuted for that or was it filed under "mistakes happen and lessons were learned".

    The problem with urban unrest is that it is difficult to determine the innocent from the guilty when a "terrorist" can lob a brick at a soldier and walk round a corner and become and ordinary citizen in three paces "what me guv naw you must have me mixed up with somebody else".

    All of which can be offered as evidence of mitigating circumstances in a court of Law.  Just  because you are in the armed forces it does not give you the right to impunity or immunity  from prosecution if you break the law.


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  5. 18 hours ago, Dizzy said:

    Charming lol 😂😂  Must admit though at least it would mean I still have a use after I've popped my clogs.  I wonder if my whole body would have to be specially preserved or just my bum cheeks lol. 

    Bit pointless you going to the trouble of parking your bike 'there' though as surely your stabilisers keep your bike upright anyway whenever you get off it 😏

    Oh I outgrew the stabilisers,  hope the new bike fits lol 😳😳😳



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  6. 19 hours ago, Stallard12 said:

    S my wife signed me up for cremation policy, 


    Pity she didn't insure you against imbecility, she would be quids in given your opening sack of semi coherent nonsense.  (p.s.   we aren't all trainee corpses.)


  7. On 3/10/2019 at 11:36 PM, Dizzy said:

    Well that must have been one of the strangest posts I've read on here in a long time Stallard :lol:  I'm not even quite sure where to begin or what the topic is really about :lol:

    As for your opening sentence (Is that the main just of the thread?) .....I haven't invested in a burial plan. 

    I've never even considered it to be honest.  I do see all the adverts on the TV telling us to do it so we don't leave our loved ones to foot the bill when we pop our clogs but I just ignore.  If I did invest in one I'd probably spend the rest of my life worrying that they would go bust and all the money I'd paid in would be lost and have been for nothing.  Not to mention I don't know how long I will live for so say I start paying into one now monthly but live until I'm 95 then I will have paid into it every month for 40 years which I'd imagine is way more than the cost of paying to be buried/cremated.

    I suppose I could just set up a savings account in the bank and put a bit in every month and when my time comes I'm sure it will cover the cost of a cardboard coffin and a hole in the ground or better still a huge bonfire to lie me on top off up at Hill Cliffe.... great views from up there and people would see me burn for miles too....or a home made Viking style ship dropped in the Manchester Ship Canal opposite ours and I could sail off 'lit' into the sunset.   Mmm that could be tricky so it might have to be my sons canoe instead ha ha.

    PJ...you could come and take some photos and 'launch' me :D :lol:;)


    they should bury you at Walton Gardens but leave your backside sticking out,  so I have somewhere to park my bike when I visit ;)

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  8. 8 hours ago, Dizzy said:

    In reply

    1...OK so if it makes you feel better then  'maybe' I was 'unprofessional' in posting my comments to your question and what I said in reply to you on here publicly PJ.  But then again YOU surely know how the forum works as you have been a member for long enough.  For a few years now you have always badmouthed the forum in Public and I never edited your posts or delete them.  Some of yours have even been reported when you do that but I have tended to review and then leave them as we are ALL entitled to an opinion and we all know what you are like lol.
    However I have edited or deleted a few of yours where you went against forum rules and were quite scathing to other members.   Naught you lol.   
    I have always felt sorry for Gary though when you badmouth the forum that HE pays for out of his own pocket for all our enjoyment but hey that's one for him to take up with you not me as I don't work for Gary and this is not my forum.  If he has never pulled you for your scathing comments towards his forum then who am I too.  I am just a volunteer Admin.  Maybe if you have a quiet word he will let you be one too and then you can ban the rest of us who all seem to get on quite nicely despite our differing opinions on debates at times.

    As for my comments to you on here being now  'likely to deter genuine reporting of malicious posts'  I very much doubt that .......

    2... It's a shame how some words historically derived from place or country names are now classed as being offensive.   Yes I do understand how some are now not acceptable but I don't know or understand the reasoning behind them all.  I guess before we know it being called 'white' will become offensive to some too as well.  

    3...Still no idea about the 'Y' word as I didn't have time to google.

    5...Yes I can..when would you like me to start ?

    Addendum 6... Do you get bored easily and trawl the internet for things to moan about or people to rattle lol ?

    in response,

    1.  I wouldn't know anything about my posts being reported as you acted correctly and didn't post the details on the public forum.  You can do the right thing sometimes it seems.

    2.  How dare these folk be offended by words designed and used to denigrate, insult or offend them. The shame is that people still knowingly use them. and are allowed to.

    3.  You have time for long winded excuses though.

    5.(I think 4 comes next but never mind) Any time you wish Dear ;)

    6.  No,  but I am not afraid to point out when someone is out of order, even if there is a good chance the admin will disclose what they shouldn't :D

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