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  1. P J

    Champions League miracle.

    Care to give us an update on your opinion of your marvellous new manager ? lol Tough to be positive on the back of a pair of 4 nil thrashings I suppose.
  2. P J

    Murder on our roads ?

    Yet another misleading and fictional opening post. The penalty for causing death by dangerous driving is not a mere slap on the wrist but carries up to 14 years imprisonment. Yet again this prolific thread starter prefers sensationalism over truth. Nothing new
  3. P J

    Pollution Charge

  4. P J

    Brexit dictionary

    well you lot voted for it, you lot should sort it
  5. P J

    Pollution Charge

    Hilarious, are you here all week ?
  6. P J

    Pollution Charge

    Asperity set the goal posts with his use of the phrase " lower than they have ever been and still falling." It is a pretty straight forward claim yet a very erroneous one. Pre-industrialised London would have been far less polluted, but you know that don't you? You are still smarting from previous slap downs which is why you posted lol. Slow hand clap.
  7. P J

    Pollution Charge

    So , by your figures, the world began in 2008. Marvellous. Tell me , what do you reckon the pollution levels were in around 10 bc?
  8. P J

    Brexit dictionary

    I feel I have to thank all the leave voters for turning my country into an international laughing stock, well done.
  9. P J

    Pollution Charge

    this statement is false but what's new?
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