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  1. And I have never seen so many swans on the Sankey Canal so they aren’t eating them as was promised
  2. ….and paying in thousands of pounds more than us British, simply not on. Who do they think they are keeping income tax down and helping us to cope with a rapidly aging population. Bloody arrogant show off forrinners. Great thing is EU migration into the UK is down by a third so lets rejoice at the fall in revenue for the treasury.
  3. Choosy migrants.

    I prefer the Special AKA
  4. Choosy migrants.

    a lot of points o I will address them as best I can. 1. OK PJ so are you saying that every time ANY of us post a topic or make any comment we ALL have to substantiate our words with source links to validate what we are saying? I am saying that if you post a news story and change it beyond recognition to suit a particular viewpoint then when asked where you read this article you should produce a link yes. The alternative is that anyone can post any outlandish, insulting or stupid claim and pass it off a the truth. A link would allow people the chance to formulate an opinion based on the news article and maybe lead to less bickering. Perhaps as admin you should have a word with the person posting fake news and not concentrate on the person calling the lies into question but that's your call. 2. We all interpret what is reported in national and local news differently sometimes that's because of the way things are reported though as some are intentionally worded to cause unrest and debate and we all have our own views too. On this occasion it is not a matter of a difference in interpretation, it is a complete fabrication. A link to the original posters article would avoid a lot of bickering. 3. Twice now you have also mentioned 'better run forums' too...well if you don't like this one and think it's so badly run WHY DO YOU KEEP COMING ON IT and not stick to the 'better run ones?' I do use the better run forums most days but they are specific sites for sport, art and photography. This is the only Warrington forum and as a resident I feel entitled to use it despite all of its shortcomings, which I freely point out, not as a criticism of you but to hopefully improve this place. 4. I feel very sorry for Gary who, as we all know, pays to keep this forum running with money from his own pocket every month just so us 'long timers' can all whinge on it. Maybe you will get your way one day and he will close it down. I imagine Gary knows what he is doing regarding the forum. 5. As for you wanting me to retract the claim that you accused me of racism......non retractable I'm afraid as I explained myself more than once about how I felt....I agree that you didn't actually say directly that I was being racist but your comments and you way you kept on and on made it seem like AND MADE ME FEEL LIKE I WAS being racist...when I wasn't. So you freely admit that I didn't accuse anyone of racism, mention racism, allude to racism yet MY WORDS made you feel like you were being racist? How the hell does that work? The subject in question, in my opinion has nothing to do with racism so this is probably why I never mentioned it. If your feelings about how you think of certain others makes you feel racist then that is a matter for you and your conscience and nothing whatsoever to do with me and I would expect you to retract the accusation.
  5. Choosy migrants.

    That would put me one ahead of you Barnacle Bill
  6. Choosy migrants.

    I’m not interested in victories over him, simply wanted to know if he had read it or made it up. You don’t have to read all I post, or do you? I am not here to entertain you lol
  7. Choosy migrants.

    But aren’t you a self confessed pedant? I merely asked for a source to the story Observer presented as fact. The reason I asked is that his account differed significantly from all the reports of the incident I could find. His refusal to supply a source led us here.
  8. Choosy migrants.

    Are you trying to stifle debate by stopping me having and expressing my opinions? I understand that opposing views can sometimes cause discord when a comfy little echo chamber has been established but that’s called free speech, the same thing many on here hide behind when it suits them.
  9. Choosy migrants.

    If the "decent topics" posted by Observer are not true or embellished or distorted to put a nasty spin on them, am I allowed to point this out or question its veracity or does he have carte blanche to present anything he wishes as fact? On other, better run forums you must present your source of information when asked or the post is removed. And you still haven't retracted your claim that I accused you of racism in the other thread when in fact I had done nothing of the kind and wouldn't as the issue at hand was not one of racism at all ? Instead of descending into schoolyard tactics Observer simply had to post his link to the claims he was making or accept he had posted untruths and all this could have been avoided.
  10. Choosy migrants.

    Go on, I will indulge you, where did I question the Express as a source? To be honest you have claimed every form of media is lying in another thread so a little less of the hypocricy. You have been caught lying again and have to resort to playground nonsense as is your usual tactic. What makes you think I have more than one stalker?
  11. Choosy migrants.

    Oooh I seem to have a new stalker, bravo lol
  12. Choosy migrants.

    So it’s taken you two days to find a link to a completely different story to back up your lies about refusing asylum in Spain . At least now we know that you find anything from the Express an acceptable source of truth, you really couldn’t make it up, well I suppose you do.
  13. Choosy migrants.

    No, if it had been I could make an informed decision, as it stands all the reports I can find on this prove you to be less than honest. If that’s how it is then I’m not surprised you cannot post a link to your source as evidence that you are not simply a liar.
  14. Choosy migrants.

    Ah so you were there in Cueta seeing it all unfold, you should have said earlier to save all the nonsense.
  15. Choosy migrants.

    perhaps you deserve the Hanoi Hilton or better still the Hotel Prora