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  1. P J


    Whoooooosh ! I know they aren't born that size, ergo there must be small fish too Duh! They probably overeat and under exercise and get over weight being Amerkin an all.
  2. P J


    Wow, Texan fish are mouth sized too
  3. P J

    Don't eat it all at once

    You’ll be fine, just eat the potatoes
  4. P J

    car hire rip off

    I recently hired a limousine for my daughters prom, cost me £300. When it arrived it turned out that the price didn't include a driver. I was furious. All that money and nothing to Chauffeur it. Here all week,
  5. P J

    Liverpool's title chances

    I'm pretty sure you bitter blues care deeply. Strangely the bitter Mancs seem to be even more terrified about Liverpool winning the league. I think thats because Everton fans have become used to being second best. Long way to go but at least its an exciting season.
  6. P J

    Brexit again -

    well that vote seems rather conclusive lol
  7. P J

    Liverpool's title chances

    Considerably higher than his teams chances I would say, he has done a great job, took them from 6th to 6th, bravo.
  8. P J

    Brexit again -

    I absolutely agree 😄
  9. P J

    Light Bulb

    How many Brexiteers does it take to change a lightbulb? One to promise a brighter future and the rest to screw it up.
  10. P J

    Supply chains ?

    But it has to be the fault of the EU as in Observers eyes it is bad, ergo the EU must be to blame.
  11. P J

    Hospital Parking

    How hard is it to check what time you arrive at the car park? It’s not rocket science
  12. P J

    Hospital Parking

    If hospital parking was free across the board you would never get a space as it would be constantly full.
  13. P J

    Why do Governments struggle ?

    Come now surely you can be genuine and fail a test ? Failed and bogus are worlds apart. Surely a man of so many words can understand this?
  14. P J

    Why do Governments struggle ?

    So actual facts and figures once again destroy the bigoted argument against immigrants. Not only are they vital to our industry, public services and service sectors, they are paying in , on average, a damned site more than our indigenous population.
  15. P J

    Why do Governments struggle ?

    There is no such thing as a bogus asylum seeker, anyone can claim asylum anywhere, even you. This may not suit your point of view but it is fact.