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  1. P J

    Manchester Wine Mistake !

    and remember the £4500 price tag is what they knock it out at not what they buy it for
  2. P J

    Manchester Wine Mistake !

    Given all the national publicity, this stunt is money well spent for the proprietors.
  3. Ahmed Gamal Eldin Mohamed Abdel Ghany
  4. P J

    Things are turning nasty

    Would this be a good place to mention all the death threats pro EU MPs have had to endure?
  5. P J

    Which side are you on

    I’m pretty sure David Hockney, for one, would disagree with this, one of this living artists works recently sold for over 90 million dollars. Top 10 Richest Artists Net Worth 2019 Jeff Koons- (Net Worth $200 million) ... David Choe (Net Worth $200 Million) ... Andrew Vicari (Net Worth $142 million) ... Takashi Murakami (Net Worth $92 million) ... Anish Kapoor (Net Worth $85 million) ... Antony Gormley (Net Worth $50 million) ... Gerhard Richter (Net Worth $40 million) ... David Hockney (Net Worth $40 million)
  6. P J

    Getting dafter -

    “much needed professional “ Now, that guff you just typed, try putting a thin sheet of material over your mouth , look into a mirror and say it out loud and see if you can hear yourself speaking . Only you off topic here Mr Whippy
  7. P J

    Which side are you on

    For many centuries artists have glorified war and battles and the slaying of the enemy, going back at least to the ancient Egyptians
  8. P J

    Getting dafter -

    If you were so concerned about the lack of health care staff you wouldn’t be so anti immigration.
  9. P J

    Getting dafter -

    Oh dear, the usual go to having been proven wrong.
  10. P J

    Getting dafter -

    Ps tell me how is this going? lol
  11. P J

    Getting dafter -

    Ever dafter. I just tried it and despite the face covering my friend could hear and understand me perfectly well. In fact he said it made no noticeable difference.
  12. P J

    Getting dafter -

    Tell you what, pull a thin piece of cloth over your face and speak to someone, bet they can hear you. And I bet it doesn’t make your English any worse lol
  13. P J

    Getting dafter -

    Getting dafter. So the doctor , who according to you, couldn’t understand the lady’s poor English, could have if he was able to lip read? Pmsl. You are making that up I suspect, possibly to bolster your one eyed crusade against Muslims.