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  1. P J

    Schools ?

    a source of pride and inspiration. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-asia-47609212/new-zealand-shootings-christchurch-students-perform-haka-for-victims
  2. P J

    Bloody Sunday -

    All of which can be offered as evidence of mitigating circumstances in a court of Law. Just because you are in the armed forces it does not give you the right to impunity or immunity from prosecution if you break the law.
  3. P J

    Bloody Sunday -

    you can't just have carte Blanche to shoot people, unarmed people, just because you are in the army, quite the opposite. Soldiers are there to defend us not execute us. A trial is the right thing in my opinion and let justice run its course.
  4. P J

    Champions League miracle.

    And I still wonder why Everton fans are known as the Bitters lol
  5. P J

    Champions League miracle.

    Liverpool don't need a "miracle" to progess, simply a routine 3 -1 win away at Bayern Munich , who incidentally have a far better pedigree in Europe than PSG. lol
  6. P J

    Now - then

    Oh I outgrew the stabilisers, hope the new bike fits lol 😳😳😳
  7. P J

    Now - then

    tell me, how is that working out for you pmsl.
  8. P J

    Now - then

    Pity she didn't insure you against imbecility, she would be quids in given your opening sack of semi coherent nonsense. (p.s. we aren't all trainee corpses.)
  9. P J

    Now - then

    they should bury you at Walton Gardens but leave your backside sticking out, so I have somewhere to park my bike when I visit
  10. P J

    Who would you vote for today?

    very droll, wrong but droll.
  11. P J

    Reported posts.

    in response, 1. I wouldn't know anything about my posts being reported as you acted correctly and didn't post the details on the public forum. You can do the right thing sometimes it seems. 2. How dare these folk be offended by words designed and used to denigrate, insult or offend them. The shame is that people still knowingly use them. and are allowed to. 3. You have time for long winded excuses though. 5.(I think 4 comes next but never mind) Any time you wish Dear 6. No, but I am not afraid to point out when someone is out of order, even if there is a good chance the admin will disclose what they shouldn't
  12. P J

    Who would you vote for today?

    This site is simply a sounding board for one person.
  13. P J

    Reported posts.

    Despite Asperities claims to the contrary, if you use the Y word at a Jewish person, it will almost always cause offence . I seem to recall him being extremely offended when his heritage was mentioned not too long ago. Some people must be easily offended.
  14. P J

    Reported posts.

    1. I made a general enquiry as to the reporting procedures not a specific report about a post, you did that. You should have responded privately. To post what you did publicly is at best unprofessional and is likely to deter genuine reporting of malicious posts 2. Many offensive slurs, including the N word you would never allow, are historically derived from Place/country names. They have, however been bastardised and used to cause offence to the target and are considered offensive racial/ethnic slurs. 3. The Y word is derived from the European Jewish language named Yiddish so by your logic will be perfectly acceptable on here lol. 4. Could you be just a tad more patronising please
  15. P J

    Reported posts.

    p.s. you even apologised to the wrong person for having to remove the ethnic slurs in their post. Why on earth would you apologise to someone for that???