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  1. You won't need a discount, the prices are very reasonable. Once the new market opens access will be a lot easier and I hear there store plans to change the opening hours offering later opening etc.
  2. The carveryis called Get Stuffed and does takeaway or eat in at the food court. It is the leftmost shop. The burger shop is in the corner . Give them a try, they are fab.
  3. Manx Arms

    Hello Algy
  4. Manx Arms

    Ooh did WBC purchase the Packet House?? The problem with this spoof invite Algy is that most posters on here would struggle lifting a toffee hammer let alone a sledgehammer 🤣 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=s0m57ONmw8c
  5. The real ale shack in the old market did really well Sid and has continued that success into the new temporary market, look at it as a sort of Dad crèche The food offerings in the temp market are also much more varied than a greasy spoon ( nothing against a fry up btw) There is a guy at Get Stuffed who does carvery which is lovely, Café at the end of the universe does great burgers, there's Indian, Thai, Chinese, Italian. Dreamshakes do great coffees at great prices compared to the chain coffee houses and there is even a stall selling high quality toasted cheese sandwiches which are really good. The food hall , in my opinion , is a fantastic place to eat and its free parking to boot. pop in today at lunchtime and treat yourself
  6. Can't get the staff -

    its so hard to choose between grilled pineapple or fried egg lol
  7. Can't get the staff -

    I never know how to take this lot??? with the exception of Sid.
  8. Oh dear, skrikes about apparent personal comments and the use of strawmen arguments, yet is perfectly happy to use them willy nilly. At least I won't go bleating to the admin Greyman as some of the more spineless posters do. So back to square one. Isn't the new market development catering for local businesses, shops, bars, cafes and restaurants? What I did love about your last post was the use of the Nicholson character from as good as it gets as your vehicle, I see you as the egomaniacally, messed up and obnoxious partt he played, without the charisma and success of course. Anyway, off to find a local forum in a town I don't live in and slag off their council.
  9. What??? And destroy all that habitat for wildlife and create pollution and landfill??
  10. Priceless, nobody uses the straw man more than yourself, it's your favourite ploy after avoidance.
  11. And I am sure you are aware that every bit of landfill created by these industries is subject to a Landfill Tax?
  12. care to share the figures for air pollution?
  13. Ah I see, vanity projects are only acceptable if they are your vanity projects, things are clearer now thank you and what subject, pray tell, did I raise? 😄
  14. Ever the pedant. The Parr Hall puts on many shows , as Does the Pyramid Arts Centre. I see now the reason behind your obsession about a new theatre, personal selfishness. So sad that local theatre groups have to travel many many miles to Runcorn to stage a show at their venue of choice, other theatre groups design and stage their shows to suit their facilities. What then is rhe Parr Hall? It was a concert hall and now stages a huge variety of shows. Not saying it's the old Vic but it's a good venue. If you are so certain of the demand for a theatre and confident it will be profitable enough to survive, open one in Warrington yourself and don't ask Warrington people to fund your vanity project . I would love a private theatre in the town. Many theatres and most of the best ones are not council owned or funded.
  15. seems we have two posters determined to run the town down, one who doesn't use it and one who lives miles away, figures really.