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  1. WBC You're joking!

    Seems to me from the opening post that Bill is something of a parking dunce or a serial offender. Instead of driving into town and parking wherever you deem fit, save yourself some money and stress and get a cab.
  2. Donald's visit -

    Ahhhh I love the stench of gammon roasting 😄
  3. NHS again -

    what is wonderful is that soon the NHS will be awash with cash, I saw it written on a bus lol
  4. WBC You're joking!

    Oh he certainly did, and his mistake was rightly penalised. Man parks inconsiderately and against the rules, man penalised. End of story. Nothing to see here, move along.
  5. WBC You're joking!

    when the op chose to use the services provided by the car park they also agreed to abide by a set of rules. The penalty for not complying were clearly laid out and therefore agreed to by the OP. As the OP was either too ignorant, arrogant or incompetent to comply with said rules the relevant action was taken and no amount of whining can alter the fact that there is no excuse for being unable or unwilling to park between two white lines on an almost empty car park. Had the OP simply parked correctly there would be no ticket and no discussion, simple.
  6. What's the fascination in a cave ?

    I think you are compelled to opine publicly on just about everything lol
  7. WBC You're joking!

    No I’m happy where I am and understand the rules and the reasons we have them. Have you ever considered the consequencies should we all ignore or flout the rules with impunity? For a start you would never find a disabled bay in which to park and not display the blue badge thus earning your justified slap on the wrist. One job you had lol
  8. WBC You're joking!

    or as a lesson in what happens if you can't or won't park properly
  9. Transport cafes

    So people chose to use other places for their food stops rather than the greasy spoons. There are still some roadside cafes dotted about. There is also a glut of caravans and suchlike flogging some pretty ropey cholesterol if that’s your bag
  10. Transport cafes

    Big business didn’t do for them, people choosing to use their offer above that of the greasy spoon led to their closure and if filthy hygiene was a trait I’m not surprised
  11. WBC You're joking!

    A completely empty car park and you still can't get your car in a space properly, no sympathy just poor driving.
  12. Now you have descended into stupidity. In what way is Callands not affected? And at least I don’t have to hide where I am from j
  13. If people don't know about the PDO then they must be living in a bubble of apathy, its been reported on massively at a local level. The library petition saved nothing as no closures were ever 'proposed' simply looked into as one of several possibilities. Which establishment biased reports do you refer to which are removed or archived? I am pretty sure none were ever hidden on the Warrington Worldwide site. During the libraries scare you were extremely vociferous on here trying to get people to turn out for the protest at the town hall. After I asked if you went and you said no as noone at the Town Hall would listen anyway . Apathy? p.s. I disagree with your opinion that the town is declining, I feel it's doing quite the opposite.
  14. The threat comes from the general apathy from the people of this town. Sure you are all prepared to rant on social media but when it comes to the crunch you find excuses rather than acting. You can get thousands to sign online petitions and forums and social media are full of whingers who never took a positive action in the real world in their lives. I saw it with the library protest, which you were very vocal about but made excuses about not attending the Town Hall meeting. You weren't alone, thousands professed support about a dozen turned up. Even the Civic Society threw their hand in a few weeks ago, voting to disband only for them to try to drag is ineffectual arse out of the skip. Moaning online cuts no cloth.