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  1. Nice one Dismayed, or is it Dizzy now? I noticed the commemorative plauque, I supposes that got chucked on the tip along with the rest of the rubble. I distinctly remember being promised, playground features and benches etc made from parts of the old school, so as to leave a continuity with the past. I wonder if the celebration banner will say nearly 100years of educational success and 2 years of abject failure.
  2. Let's twin with Harare, we could swap our for theirs. Present unelected ones excepted of course
  3. They are hand written only as an original, the letters are printed, but like evrything else with the LD's, it is smoke and mirrrors; just want to make the voters think that they have spent hours toiling away writing to each and every one of them personally. Clever, wish I'd thought of that ....NOT!
  4. If the council's claims over lost polling cards is anything to go by, a high percentage of postal votes won't get delivered. They claim that the missing polling cards are the fault of Royal Mail!
  5. Chrissy wrote You obviuosly don't read the stuff we have put out jointly. As far as selling people down the river, I have been totally upfront with the SHARC supporters and the Conservative voters alike. There has been nothing hidden in the campaign, people can clearly see what we stand for. If the good folk of Stockton Heath don't want what is on offer, then they won't buy it. As far as who uses who, then I can only quote from the great Russian political commentator Trotdavski Kolmanschvy...when asked by western journalists what is the differences between capitalism and comm
  6. Chrissy, It didn't work last time, I and the SHARC team felt a new approach was needed. As I say, independence is merely a state of mind. No one is truly independendent in thought, but can be in deed. If I do get elected, the proof of the pudding will be in the eating so to speak. Many people are actually reluctant to vote independent, because they have always voted for one of the major parties, swapping parties in some peoples minds seems more acceptable than voting for an independent who has no party backing. Also, life as an independent in the Town Hall can be very isolated, so
  7. In pre-democratic times, such serious omissions by public employees were dealt with over a wooden block and a very blunt axe. The modern equivalent should apply I'm off now to buy some knitting wool and a deck chair, you will find me sitting outside the town hall, so that I can get a block-side view. No doubt I will be bitterly dissapointed. I love agood Drum Rollllllllllllllllldsh, thud!!
  8. chrissy wrote Exactly, so don't just rubbish those who choose to stand up and be counted, just because is doesn't suit you. You should relish the fact that in a democracy people can do exactly what you suggest. By the way, there are quite a lot of people who will vote Conservative (Tory if you prefer, although I detect some derogatory content in your earlier use of the term). Your party of preference, appear to be very worried about the Stockton Heath seat, and although I know I have a big hill to climb, I am giving it my best shot. It is healthy to have the status-quo chal
  9. No doubt they will put the press release in the news paper that is not World Wide, timed to come out too late on Thursday
  10. The site runs very slow for me, much of the functionallity on the old seems to be disabled in the new, my avatars/pictures have gone, and one of my accounts has changed the display name? None of my equipment, provider or other settings have changed
  11. Robert Mugabe would be impressed Obs, if it were contrived. I suspect this is just another example of WBC SNAFU.
  12. Quite correct, W Angler's have had it, and did so on a renewable basis, and I suspect very good tennants they have been. Now however, they have the rights forever... for a one off payment.
  13. Suppose the point is that you don't really need the SATNAV at all, but if you have one, get one that won't let the thieves get to your front door. Just off to hone my map reading skills now, one needs those so that you can get out of the mess the SATNAV gets you into! :spin:
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