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  1. sent them a letter below Dear Mr Thompson Are you aware that the Pink ladies do not hold a valid Taxi or PH vehicles licence because they are not plated by the council? I see that you advise them on your web site. As they are breaking the law by not having there vehicles council plated and the law sates they have too. The government and police warn the public not to get into unlicensed vehicle as fact. I would like to fetch this to your attention and ask what your views on this matter are as you know there is no such this as members club the law says that the vehicles should be council plated as you could be putting your readers into a dangers situation. As the council can not one guarantee the public safety of the vehicles they use? I would like to here what you have to say on this matter as I am writing about this issue on Warrington world wide on which this letter will be put on along with your reopens if any I hope that you will soon address this uses ASP Thank you Ste .peacock Have u had a reply yet?
  2. If pink ladies are insolvent they have started up again under a different name and the drivers have to be self employed (Fact) They have not been paid( Fact) It seems to me if the drivers are treated this way what about the customers who are putting money on their accounts, A lot of the drivers have left and do not know if they are going to be paid. My elderley mother uses them a lot and just feels more comfortable with lady drivers, no disrespect to male drivers! The company cannot carry on like this surely they have to be badged, it is a shame as it was a good idea , but i think it is the end for pink ladies!! Sadly
  3. i see on the fornt of the warrington guardian type of dogs i mentioned has attacked a swan, thats other dogs and swans they have attacked god forbid it will be a child next.
  4. The dogs in question are usually white, when i first saw them i thought they were boxers but they are a breed known as american bull dogs
  5. A lady phoned the police but the lad in question just strode off, not bothered also you are scared of making a statement as it is quite a close community and ( everyone knows everyone) i know that is the wrong attitude as it could have quite have easily been a child.
  6. wot breed are these dogs that the male youth of warrington seem to be walking round with and why are they not on the dangerous dog act What i wtnessed today in bridgewater avenue latchford was horrendous, two of these dogs were attacking a large mongrel. The man in question could not get his dogs of that dog even though they were on a lead. It took buckets of water, hitting them with a stick and spraying perfume in their eyes before they eventually stopped. It was heatbreaking to see the defenceless dog. This is not the first time i have seen these type of dogs attacking other dogs. I have my views on why these dogs are so aggresive!!!! I do not know how much the owner is going to have to spend at the vets that is if the dog lives.. That could have so easely been a child then would the lad looked as smug!!!
  7. Why has the council given the go ahead for synergie nightclub to open with a licence to 6 in the morning, when nearly every week somebody is getting stabbed or KILLED on the streets of warrington. Even my son of 21 who goes to town every week says it is a bad idea and is going to lead to more trouble. I would love to know what the police think of this!!! They have enough to deal with over the weekend.
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