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  1. asp & Peter T, Your's both SPOT ON. Nulab have had 11 years to make their mark, but when their big ideas came to nothing (or worse, THIS), then their core supporters start blaming the party before them. Complete farce!. How far back do we go then, churchill, Cromwell, Neanderthal man??? From where I see things, Frugal, Fiscal & Prudence Brown has had 10 years as chancellor to "turn-around" Maggies wrong-doings and prepare us for the inevitable cycle of recession. We could all see it coming early last year, but that incompetent still encouraged massive lending & spending, even selling off our Gold reserves at far less than their true value. That was around the time he was crowing about how strong our economy now was, thanks to New Labour's policies (NOT maggies legacy). And the idiot is still harping-on about child poverty - what good is a free laptop & broadband for kids in a freezing cold house (not re-possessed yet) with no food???. What about Adult Tax-Payer Poverty? Priorities hmmmmmm. And don't even get me started on the good old "Tough On Crime" pledge - great idea that one with no prisons to shove 'em in. Flood the country with foreign criminals galore, catch & convict a fraction of them, then simply let them go again to rape & pillage our society. I suppose THAT's Maggies fault as well??? Yes, she did have her faults - no body's ever going to be perfect, but at least she had conviction in her policies and stood up to the likes of France & Germany. We've had 11 years of Poodles bowing down to other countries demands, giving away billions in foreign aid, when bodger & badger should have been concentrating on OUR country. If Tony B. Liar had spent less time flying all over the world to sort out other countries' problems, then just maybe he could have come good. Unfortunately, our own country took second place. Sorry folks, this is well & truly down to New Labour. They were claiming total success this time last year, but now it's all gone belly-up it just HAS to be someone else's fault doesn't it? Still, Brown & Darling have feathered their nests by giving the Scotch a better deal, I just wish they'd both hurry back home to reap their rewards. "True Blue" I'm NOT, but there's no better party to turn things around at present. I have seen the pathetic mess that Labour have TWICE created, and therefor have no desire to see it again. We've all got hard times ahead, and I sincerely hope all those who voted them in are happy with their short-sighted choice. Good Luck, you're going to need it!.
  2. Wolfie, yes, any such radio transmitter is illegal for use in the UK without a licence. There is no chance of one being granted for Joe Public. Permission will only be granted for use by law-enforcement agencies, i.e. anti-terror police, to prevent use of mobiles by suspects etc. Then again, isn't Anti-Social Behaviour illegal in the UK???
  3. Geoff, there are basically 2 reasons why you are being bombarded with pop-ups. 1. Your browser is not blocking pop-ups, so simply download and use Mozilla Firefox - a far superior browser to Microsofts I.E. Its built-in pop-up blocker is excellent. It is also more secure for general browsing. 2. You have some malicious spyware / adware on your computer, usually courtesy of visiting an infected/loaded website. This is the most probable cause if you get pop-ups immediately after going on-line. As previously stated, download and run Lavasoft's AD-AWARE, and as a secondary check, use Search & Destroy. Google will fing these immediately. They are both completely free for home use. I've been there a couple of years ago and was literally tearing my hair out. I learnt the hard way, but my PC is now running pop-up, virus and mal-ware free. I'm no PC expert, but I do know enough through trial & error to fix most problems associated with the web. There are many excellent free programs available to keep your PC safe and efficient on-line. DON'T go spending money to correct these minor problems, it can all be rectified TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE.
  4. I don't think the "Mosquito" is an infringement of anyones human rights. It is turned on by a concerned shopkeeper when groups of "nuisance youths" are causing, well, a nuisance!. Once the group has dispersed, the mossy can be turned off again - simple. Unfortunately, the "PC Brigade" seem to jump on every opportunity to suppress the general law-abiding citizen of their own rights. If I had a shop with such problems, I would install one of these without a second thought. Bill, I have also remonstrated with nuisance youths on several occasions, and have been stunned by the confrontational and vindictive responses of their parents. This leaves me in no doubt as to where the real problems stem from!. Keith, A Mobile Phone jammer is widely available, just "do a google" and away you go!. As far as hearing deteriorating after your teens, well, I'm afraid its a fact we all have to accept. It's not that you'll notice any significant changes, but the ear is not able to pick-up the very high frequencies emitted by these "Mosquito" devices after our teenage years have passed. Medical fact, hence the invention and success of the "Mosquito"! Classical music is also deemed to have a similar effect, but not, apparently, as effective as (Sir) Cliff Richard or Barry Manilow tracks (again curtesy of goggle). Sorry if my first post is a little long-winded! Rick
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